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A Marijuana Bud A Day Keeps The Stroke Away

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As it turns out, the claim that an aspirin a day helps avoid a heart attack is not true. It helps only if you are already recovering from a heart attack, but does nothing for people who are healthy (although it obviously brings huge profits to the aspirin companies). Now a recent peer-reviewed study showed that daily aspirin increases the occurrence of certain cancers. Thanks to the snake-oil salesmen for THAT one!

So now it turns out that smoking Marijuana (illegal) might actually be better for your heart than aspirin (legal and taxable).

As a side note, we all known that alcohol (legal and taxable) destroys brain cells while smoking Marijuana (illegal) has been shown in laboratory tests to stimulate the growth of new brain cells, illustrated when Cheech Marin, a lifelong admitted pot smoker, trounced the straight-laced Anderson Cooper in Celebrity Jeopardy.

So why is Marijuana illegal? Because when you grow it in your back yard you don;t pay tax on it, and a population of people smoking marijuana, growing their brains, and getting smarter is of no use at all to the money-junkies, who prefer you so brain dead you cannot see the Wall Street frauds or challenge the lies used to send your children to war.


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Einstein according to this theory.

Our drug policy promotes the


Our drug policy promotes the most deadly and addictive drugs, alcohol and tobacco, while it uses violence to deter the use of safe and non-addictive drugs like marijuana.

To date millions of people are dead in the U.S. alone as a result of this policy.

So what do our leaders do? Why of course, they resort to further acts of violence in order to see it remain in place.

Another FACT...


Cannabis has not directly killed one human in human history! You would have to consume approximately 1500 pounds in ten mi nutes to die from ingesting pot.
Now, alcohol: kills THOUSANDS of people DAILY.

Ever heard of juicing cannabis?


Apparently if you juice it, it has NO psychoactive power, and up to 400 times the cancer fighting power. Of course it takes a lot more to juice it, so it only has medical benefits if people can grow massive quantities of it. When examined closely, one can spot the lie of "legal" states now. They can have enough to get high but not enough to really get full benefit of the MOST BENEFICIAL PLANT OUR CREATOR GAVE US.

Watch Carl Miller's "Know You're Constitution." It is what you are looking for.




Talk about hittin.....

Ethan Allen and...

the nail on the head!

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