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The Mass Atrocities We Allow and Pay For

We are now advised that 250 more American troops are being sent to Syria solely to "advise and assist" the Syrian "people." Translated from propaganda, this means that our military forces in Syria will be increased to a total of.... well, who really knows, and not to include in-country CIA and armed American "contract employees," or the raiding air crews from carriers and nearby land bases. Nor can we be certain which side of the several shooting and gassing each other will our advisers and assisters be "helping."

Seems to me we've heard this song before. Korea comes to mind, and especially Viet Nam, from where 60,000 of our ultimate force in excess of half-a-million "advisers and assistants" were sent back home in wooden crates before we retreated to leave that land to its natives and their conquering masters.

But Syria now becomes only the most recent of our assistance programs in another hemisphere and two seas from our beaches. As a matter of fact a former Secretary of State (putatively our chief Peace Officer) left a trail of destruction and slaughter in her trouser footfalls across North Africa and the Middle East in her endeavors to "advise and assist" the native peoples. And she now campaigns to be our President, i.e. the Commander-in-Chief-of-All-Advisers-and-Assisters.