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New York Met Returns Stolen Golden Coffin to Egypt

In New York, authorities, have announced the return of a stolen gold coffin to Egypt. The coffin was fraudulently sold to the New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Its repatriation is another example of the growing international efforts to combat the black market in antiquities.

The coffin, which is in the shape of a mummy, is 6-foot-long (2 meters) and is skillfully made from wood and metal, being covered in sheets of gold. It belonged to a priest by the name of Nedjemankh and dates back to the first century BC when Egypt was ruled by the Ptolemaic Dynasty . He was a senior priest of the ram-god Heryshef of Herakleopolis. The coffin no longer contains the mummy of the priest.


Merry England


If the British Museum returned all stolen loot to the rightful owner it would be barren.

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