NY Cops Break Into Marine Vets Home And Taser Him To Death | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

NY Cops Break Into Marine Vets Home And Taser Him To Death

Four months after the NYPD broke into the house of a marine veteran and tased him to death a grand jury is finally expected to deliberate criminal charges.


Four months it took...


A "Grand" Jury huh? They can't be that cheap - only a grand? Well come to think of it - our legal system - not all of them - perhaps 99.9% - judges, lawyers, cops - you know the usual suspects making a living on this horribly corrupt in-justice system will do their best to cover up yet another murder.

What else is new? But hope springs eternal right?

The "justice" system is in bed with the "corrections system" - another corporate taxpayer-fed war-on-rights profiteer. If you think I'm full of it and being a bit mean here - look up the Ciaveralla situation up in Pennsylvania - where the on-the-take robed-ones were locking up KIDS to enrich their buddies in the incarceration business. Ruined lots of lives. What always puzzled me about it - was why in the hell the FBI ever DID go after them? I figure somebody didn't make a payment to the FBI somewhere along the way - and - you know what happens when you don't pay the protection money.

All speculation of course - but that sit up in PA is for real - and you can bet your ass it is going on right now.

So for now - cops - lock and load - it's still a free-fire-zone here in America. You still have a free get-out-of jail free card - don't worry. So far I haven't seen much in the guts department with our legal system.

Citizens - keep your heads down! Remember - DON'T EVER CALL THE COPS!