From Planet Earth to Middle Earth the Ring of Power WILL GO INTO THE FIRE. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

From Planet Earth to Middle Earth the Ring of Power WILL GO INTO THE FIRE.

What I am telling you here, which is the truth, is that the humanity in humanity, worldwide, is a Saving Grace. These are the people who work in the stores and offices you visit. They pass you in the streets. They fix your car and they sell you your car. They attend those sporting events you go to, the concerts and movies. They are your neighbors and they are all HUMAN BEINGS and it is NOT the way that the social influencers and manipulators tell you with their, “If it bleeds it leads.” You get from people what you invest in them and Love overpowers everything, PERIOD.

In the Lord of the Rings, there was that final battle on the Fields of Cormallen. It was called the Battle of the Morannon. The army of The West was greatly outnumbered. Many might have felt they were marching into certain death.

The whole effort of calling out Sauron's legions was to act as a distraction and keep the eye of Sauron away from Mt Doom, where Frodo and Samwise were going to drop the ring, into the molten fires where it had been formed. The short of it is that The Ring went into the lava and was destroyed and AS THAT HAPPENED, the Dark Lord's forces LOST THEIR MINDS and direction. Sauron had put a great deal of his power into The Ring. Game Over. I often think of that moment and how it parallels the state of our times.