"President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

"President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"

Everyone else in the world knows that the unstable and corrupt Saakashvili, who proclaims democracy and runs a police state, would not have taken on Russia by attacking South Ossetia unless given the go-ahead by Washington.

The purpose of the Georgian attack on the Russian population of South Ossetia is twofold:

To convince Europeans that their action in delaying Georgia’s NATO membership is the cause of “the Russian aggression” and that to save Georgia from conquest Georgia must be given NATO membership.

To ethnically cleanse South Ossetia of its Russian population. Two thousand Russian civilians were targeted and killed by the US-equipped and trained Georgian Army, and tens of thousands fled into Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, the members of this administration felt that they don't have quite enough blood on their hands with the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, so they green-lit Georgia to move forward this little escapade.

And what is perhaps the most despicable part of this whole situation is that congress, plumped up financially with their defense department investments, has been the criminal enabler of a completely corrupt regime.

They refuse to impeach Bush and Cheney because no matter who wins or loses on the geopolitical stage (including our own vets who have been sickened and killed because of their exposure to depleted uranium weapons), congress members win!