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Putin’s Plan To Take Control Of The Middle East

Russia makes deals. We kill people. The US will become isolated politically and economically by it's stupid and murderous policies. The American people will suffer tremendously and already are due to our criminal and stupid leadership.

Having secured pivotal economic and political influence in recent months with Iraq (both north and south), Syria, Iran (and by dint of this, the rest of the countries constituting the Shia arc of power, including Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen), Russia appears to be in the process of ‘completing the set’. Last week saw a range of done deals and hints at more secretive deals that point to Russia taking full advantage of the power vacuum created in the Middle East by U.S.

Moscow’s approach to Saudi pulls on all the strings available, even involving Putin’s first visit to Saudi Arabia in over a decade earlier this month. A particularly sensitive issue for Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is that no one with even half a brain voluntary wants to take part in his omni-toxic Aramco initial public offering (IPO). Cue Russia, which has an altogether more complex agenda: last week saw the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the enormously clever Kirill Dmitriev, say (without laughing) that a number of Russian investors were interested in the Aramco IPO.