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The Real Abu Ghraib Scandal 

I have, over the course of many months and many columns, contended that the POW torture scandals at Abu Ghraib, as well as the ones in Guantanamo, were symptomatic of extensive across-the-board changes in American military policy. And those changes could only have been planned, engineered and initiated from the highest levels within our government.

The proof of this assertion is simple: two-star Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller was specifically transferred to Abu Ghraib to institute Guantanamo torture methods and transferred to the theater command of three-star Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. The head of Army intelligence in Iraq is Maj. Gen. Keith Alexander who is one-star Brig. Gen Janis Karpinski's biggest critic. Massive disruption of military management occurred when intelligence-oriented elements of the military invaded the domain of what normally constituted military police functions. Karpinski is an MP General. Additionally, these military police functions pertain to combatant enemy soldiers, not randomly rounded-up Iraqi civilians.

As usual, the government creates an untenable situation, which spirals out of control, and then offers as justification and reason for its failure the fact that they were caught up in an untenable situation. The latest evidence of this is the report from the 9-11 Commission. The reason the government couldn't protect US on 9-11 is because of the protection system the government had in place.