Regime Change wars have no basis in International Law. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Regime Change wars have no basis in International Law.

A Syrian checkpoint denied entry to a US patrol near the village of Kherbet Ammo in al-Qamishli. The patrol consisted of 5 armored personnel carriers. When the US patrol threatened that they will pass by force, a group of local citizens opened machine-gun fire against the US patrol. When the US soldiers opened fire against the Syrian citizens, the SAA's checkpoint members deployed defensively and opened fire to cover the civilians in the area.

The case: the US troops came under attack by stones and small arms fire, private citizens using their household guns. In retaliation, the US military bombed residential areas, killing civilians and wounding others, as you see from the hospital photo caption. Civilians are allowed to fight the occupation with arms under the Geneva Convention. The US military in response should have backed off, found a safe place to retreat to, their base, and should never have sent planes to bomb civilians. I count today as one of the darkest chapters of the US occupation of Syria.” (2)