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Remember When Obama Supported A Border Wall?

There really is no limit to the mainstream media’s support for the far-left’s hypocrisy, or their use of a double standard when it comes to covering the Democrats… none.

For months we’ve heard all about how the “integrity of our democracy” was under siege by “thugs” like Vladimir Putin, while no one has been talking how “thugs” like Barack Obama and Jey Johnson were using the Department of Homeland Security’s computer systems to try and hack into several states’ election systems AFTER the voting had taken place, but BEFORE results were certified. Yeah, good luck explaining that one. Thankfully, as of January 17th, the Inspector General of the DHS, John Roth, was cleared to being his investigation into the matter.

There has also been no talk in the mainstream media about how “thugs” like George Soros have spent tens of millions of dollars chipping away at the “integrity of our democracy,” most recently when he backed over 50 of the anti-Trump protests at the inauguration. As recently as yesterday, the mainstream media helped Chuck Schumer tell a nice fairy tale to the American people, not once bothering to fact check anything thing he was saying is his otherwise lovely fairy tale. The lies and misdirection never stop…

So, why should Americans believe the mainstream media will cover Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall along our southern border be any differently? Answer: They shouldn't. The following video and articles afterward reveal some shocking facts about the wall you can be sure you won’t get from the mainstream media…