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Scott Adams: All the “Ridiculous Bullsh*t” in the News Today

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Adam Schiff has spent 2 years destabilizing America
Ironically, Schiff is a more likely Russian asset than POTUSCouldn’t ANY DC politician be hoax-connected to Russia?
Mueller DID make a decision about obstruction
Betsy DeVos Special Olympics budget cut, POTUS will override it
President Trump is now a savior of the Special Olympics
“Ridiculous bullshit” was a high impact persuasion phrase
Van Jones hired to help with prison reform movement
Few things benefit the economy more than employment
Few things benefit employment like education, trade or college
Payoff for investing in education, exceeds the cost
Marie Harf was pushing the “fine people” hoax yesterday on FOX
Why didn’t Martha MacCallum call her on that BS?
Is it true that drug prices haven’t gone up in last year? Huge if true
Cancer specialist on WhenHub Interface app, available
Specializes in finding, suggesting trial programs for patients
North Korea talks “sticking point”
Issue: How to get rid of their nuclear programs without doing that
Solution: Redirect to safer Gen IV nuclear power development
Practical solution Chairman Kim saves face and also complies
North Korea could HELP America by developing Gen IV
Jussie Smollett nominated by NAACP for an image award