Scott Adams: TDS, Dopamine, Climate Crazies, Russian Interference, Bernie | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: TDS, Dopamine, Climate Crazies, Russian Interference, Bernie

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President Trump’s criticism of Chris Cuomo and his reply
Cuomo acknowledged a lot of the really good stuff happening
Then he implied 50% approval rating is Trump’s fault
Without all the fake news, President Trump’s approval would be 75%
Today, the news industry creates the news
Crazy Bernie has become the voice of reason
Bernie’s more concerned about issues than impeachment
He says impeachment efforts would STRENGTHEN Trump
Glen Greenwald’s tweets on Mueller report continue to impress
Glen is correcting deceptively reported fake news by the press
Glen is a liberal that sees his side ignoring, spinning the truth
Really DUMB things I hear on social media
CO2 is plant food…and studies show the world is “greening”
Plants are responding to increased food supply availability
The concept of “too much” seems lost on many people
A little warming may not an issue, unlimited warming…issue
“More CO2 in the past” is the most debunked claim in climate change
“Smoking gun” climategate emails, there’s simply no intent
12,000 Boy Scouts were VICTIMS of sexual abuse
Those are the known victims, how many don’t we know about?
Transgenders in sports and fairness concerns
Sports by design and intention, creates mostly losers
Chairman Kim visits Putin in Russia
I have a feeling this could be a good, important peace step
If US, China, Russia pledge to protect NK, they don’t need nukes
People sometimes believe I’m trolling when they disagree
I’m not, I believe the opinions I express
Weird explanations for things is a tell for Cognitive Dissonance
Cog-Dis is how our human brains reject things we can’t accept