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Secret Emails Reveal Clinton Knowingly Lied in Press Conference

In newly released emails from when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton sent business-related emails to her staffers. Not only do these new emails prove that Ms. Clinton used her private email address to conduct business, which she vehemently denied two weeks ago, but it also proves that she lied about whether her employees used private email.

The emails, obtained by the House committee investigating the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, show Mrs. Clinton emailing aides about whether she would survive the firestorm surrounding the attack and her perceived responsibility.

“Did we survive the day?” she wrote to a top adviser.

The person, who is currently unknown, responded, “Survive, yes.” Both emails were on private accounts.

These emails specifically debunk two of Clinton’s most ardent defenses two weeks ago. First, she stated that she never talked about government-related business when using her email. Second, she said that she only emailed people on their .gov accounts. These are both lies.