South Korean Protest Against US Ambassador | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

South Korean Protest Against US Ambassador

The developments linked to the dispute between Seoul and Washington about sharing defense costs became an indirect reason for the hype surrounding the US Ambassador to South Korea, Harry B. Harris. Some far left politicians even demanded that he be deemed persona non grata.

Harry B. Harris was born in Japan. He became the first Asian American to head the US Pacific Command (USPACOM) and also the highest-ranking member of the American military of Japanese descent. Hence, his appointment immediately caused an uproar among Korean nationalists. After all, not only did the Japanese oppress them but now they were going to be the ones conveying orders from Washington to Seoul.

In reality, the appointment of a hardliner with a military background should be linked with the fact that Harry B. Harris replaced Mark Lippert in his post. The latter’s diplomatic efforts included traveling around South Korea, giving children Korean names and exuding friendliness. However, in the end, there was an incident on 5 March 2015, when yet another “professional” Korean patriot (the head of a non-governmental organization affiliated with one of the ministries) tried to cut Mark Lippert’s face with a knife in protest of US policies. The former Ambassador to the ROK had cuts on his face and arms, and needed more than 80 stitches.