Trump better choice by far – Alan Sabrosky | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump better choice by far – Alan Sabrosky

Cold War Climate to intensify under Clinton, and to ameliorate under Trump.

Q. As an American, Alan, how can you be enthusiastic about America’s choices of US Presidential candidates in 2016?

A. I do not know how anyone except Israel can be enthusiastic about a “choice” (such as it is) between Trump and Clinton internationally. The major difference is that Trump will likely be less inclined to be an interventionist militarily, and to attack Iran on Israel’s behalf, than Clinton. Domestically, Trump would be a great improvement over Obama now and Clinton after 2016, and the changes in the US internally under a Trump presidency make him the better choice by far – and even internationally, if Netanyahu & AIPAC tried their usual brow-beating routine on a President Trump, he would likely brow-beat back and give them some very rude surprises. He may be a modern Andrew Jackson – a bully who threw temper tantrums at the drop of a hat (his hat), but a very strong president (and of course, a decent general).