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U.N. Sanctions Cut North Korea’s Trade Volume in Half

A report published Friday by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), an organization funded by the government of South Korea, showed that North Korea’s trade volume was cut in half during 2018, evidently as a result of sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council.
The KOTRA report showed North Korea’s trade volume falling to $2.84 billion in 2018, a 48.8 percent decline from the previous year. Exports fell by a dizzying 86.3 percent, imports declined 31.2 percent, and the North Korean trade deficit rose by 17.5 percent.

The Korea Times cited the specific U.N. Security Council resolutions that appeared to deflate North Korea’s trade volume so sharply, saying:

Resolution 2371, which took effect in August 2017, bans U.N. member nations from importing North Korean coal, iron ore and seafood. Resolution 2375, which came into force a month later, bans purchasing textiles from North Korea and selling natural gas condensates and liquids to the regime. Resolution 2397 in December also bans selling industrial machinery and vessels.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yikes; considering the degree to which these US sanctions have crippled North Korea's economy, can one blame its leadership, for being not terribly talkative about peace and denuclearization right now?!?

And as adding more salt into the wound, Secretary Mike Pompeo has just completely disregarded North Korea's charges regarding more military drills with South Korea: Pompeo rejects North Korean charges on Military Drills

The article goes on to state: "North Korea’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday Trump had reaffirmed in a meeting with Kim last month that joint exercises would be halted and the U.S. decision to forge ahead with them was “clearly a breach” of the two leaders’ agreements at a summit in Singapore last year.

The spokesman said this was putting a resumption of nuclear talks with the United States at risk and the ministry said Washington’s pattern of “unilaterally reneging on its commitments” was leading Pyongyang to reconsider its commitment to discontinue tests of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles."

Mr. President, you have GOT to seriously understand what you want here, and allow that to stand, looking at how some "good faith efforts" on the part of the US government might make this doable.

The only alternative here, is war with North Korea, which would most probably pull in China as well; not a great option.


israel is trying its best...

Tian Shan

to get the stupid American goyim in some deep doo-doo with Iran.

China and N. Korea have been buds for a long time, and China won't sit idle as N. Korea is attacked by a foreign nation--especially America.

On the West Lake, in Hangzhou, there stands a statue.
(Yes, the same Hangzhou where the three stooges got busted for stealing sun glasses in Nov. 2017.)

When I was there I took a photo of this same statue and the plaque below it, which reads:

"Statue of the Chinese People's Volunteers"
(Chinese text followed by English)
"A statue was set up at the lakeside in 1954 to memorize [sic*] the Chinese people's volunteers that assisted Korea to resist American invasion.

* Probably meant memorialize.

Must be a reason why it's in English.


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