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United Arab Forces? A wish Al-Sisi may come to regret

In a recent interview with Daily News Egypt Libyan Minister of Media, Culture and Antiquities Omar El Gawairi said that “supporting the Libyan army” is the only solution to get out of the current crisis in Libya, continuing that “we’ll push for joint Arab defence… [it is] one of the most important steps” to be stressed upon in the upcoming summit.

But at a time when the Arab world is wracked by even more division, void and turmoil than usual, the possibility of nations lining up under one uniform is far from a straightforward affair.

Libya, a nation still unresolved from the last large-scale foreign intervention, would be a priority for deployment. Whilst strikes on IS-affiliated groups would be first, the main struggle between the Arab League-supported Tobruk government and the Islamist Libya Dawn could divide unified Arab forces before they even entered. The majority of the league’s states are rallying round the internationally-recognised Tobruk government but it is believed that Qatar, like with its support of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, is backing the other team. A report in the British Daily Telegraph claimed to have documented the transfer of weapons from the Gulf state to the rebel forces in Tripoli. Sudan too is believed to be supporting the Libya Dawn militants. Suggesting that any consensus of the Arab League on intervention might be hard to come by. Indeed following Egypt’s airstrikes, disapproving comments from Qatar ultimately led to a recall of its ambassador to Egypt.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Al-Sisi, who first let out the call for a united Arab force(in Yemen), may have to bite the bullet: forget the idea altogether or sign-up to an intervention that could see him working alongside Brotherhood offshoots, the very groups that he claims to want the help of a united Arab Force to fight against.