US-NATO Plans for a New War in Libya | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US-NATO Plans for a New War in Libya

Five years after NATO’s Libya war, Italy, the EU and the US are in the advanced stages of preparations for the next military intervention. The Western imperialist powers want to establish their own military bases in Libya in order to control the country’s massive sources of oil and natural gas, and secure an important gateway to Africa.

For months, the North African country has seen a secret build-up of American, British, French and Italian agents and officers, while reconnaissance and armed drones controlled from Sigonella in Sicily have conducted surveillance missions and air strikes in Libya.

Last week, the EU and US moved forward with the installation of their puppet regime in Tripoli. The designated government leader, Fayiz as-Sarraj, left his exile in Tunisia on Wednesday by ship and arrived in the Libyan capital at the head of a nine-member-strong government delegation. As-Sarraj is a front man built up by German UN negotiator Martin Kobler, and has been tasked with demanding an official military intervention at the United Nations as soon as possible against ISIS forces in Libya.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It amazes me; when outside military intervention creates an even worse situation than existed before such intervention, what does NATO and the US want to do?!?


I would politely like to remind both US and NATO leadership that doing the same thing, in the same way, yet expecting a different outcome, is a very classic definition of insanity.