US senators vote to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US senators vote to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia

The US Senate has voted to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, dealing a blow to Donald Trump who had approved the deals in an emergency declaration without congressional oversight.

In three separate votes, senators approved 22 resolutions on Thursday in an attempt to stop the transfer of more than $8bn in weapons to the two Gulf countries amid the ongoing war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The vote was 53-45 on two resolutions to block the sales of precision-guided munitions, some of which would be produced in Saudi Arabia. Twenty other resolutions passed in a single 51-45 vote.

Trump drew bipartisan criticism from lawmakers late last month when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared the administration's plans to bypass Congress and force the arms sales to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, citing tensions with Iran.

Lawmakers quickly introduced the bills to disapprove the sales. After clearing the Senate, the resolutions still need to be approved by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives before reaching the president's desk.