U.S. State Department Tied To Child Trafficking Operation With Billionaire Epstein (Video) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

U.S. State Department Tied To Child Trafficking Operation With Billionaire Epstein (Video)

Evidence has emerged that the U.S. State Department is tied to a child trafficking operation involving Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to internet detectives, one of Epstein’s aircraft which was linked to the trafficking of underage girls is actually owned and operated by the U.S. State Department.

Many Americans are still in the dark, and actually take whatever Snopes or Wikipedia says as the Gospel, which means they are most likely of the mistaken belief that #Pizzagate is nothing more than a debunked "conspiracy theory" masquerading as “fake news.” In response to the claim that the ‘Podesta e-mails leaked by Wikileaks reveal the existence of a secret society of pedophiles operating through a pizza place loosely connected to Clinton associate David Brock, Snopes declared the claim was false. Wikipedia says that Pizzagate is nothing more than a debunked conspiracy theory that emerged during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle.

In a very disturbing post titled, "Globalist Are Pedophiles" - Practices and Beliefs, I wrote about Billionaire financier and Bill Clinton best bud Jeffrey Epstein, who spent 13 months in prison and home detention for solicitation and procurement of minors for prostitution at a place known as “orgy island.” The article below has uncovered another Epstein connection. First, in the video below, I review just a few of the relevant but and largely ignored emails by said "fact checkers." Also, for your reference, the emails are linked directly to the source so there is no confusion about where the material I am discussing comes from, and no cries of "conspiracy theory."

Susan Sandler to John Podesta in Wikileaks Email #55433

-- “The realtor found a handkerchief. I think it has a map that seems PIZZA-RELATED.”

Sandler Foundation to John Podesta in Wikileaks Email #50332

-- “Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on Cheese than on Pasta?”

Cheryl Mills To Hillary Clinton in Wikileaks Email #14333

-- “I will be sacrificing a CHICKEN in the backyard to MOLOCH…”

The video below also reviews how Jeffrey Epstein is tied not only to Bill Clinton during what has amounted to multiple trips to “orgy island,” but now his helicopter has been discovered to somehow share a tail number with a State Department plane used by a private military company (Dyncorp), for “counter-insurgency” and “counter-narcotics” operations in Colombia.

TAKE NOTE: The emails above are incontrovertible fact, and Snopes never goes near them. Why? Because Snopes is on the take…