Western Airstrikes in Libya to Fight ISIL 'Intrusive and Neocolonial' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Western Airstrikes in Libya to Fight ISIL 'Intrusive and Neocolonial'

Western military intervention in Libya to stop its seizure by Daesh militants would be perceived as "intrusive and neocolonial", according to Dr Arturo Varvelli, Head of Terrorism and Research Fellow at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies, as he told Sputnik it could instead strengthen Daesh’s control. "The lack of clarity on the objectives of the possible mission […whether it is] containing Daesh, state-building, protection of Tripoli, or whatever — is a serious mistake," Dr Varvelli told Sputnik, adding that quashing Daesh is not possible with airstrikes alone — "as recent incursions in Syria and Iraq demonstrate" - and could ultimately make the militants stronger, sputnik reported. "An external intervention could help Daesh in Libya to enlarge the cooperation with other radical groups — ISIL could then become stronger," Dr Varvelli told Sputnik. The US and France have been pushing for military intervention following a meeting in Paris during which Italy also agreed to consider involvement. Britain has not confirmed reports that it is ready to send in 1,000 troops. While according to London newspaper The Sunday Times, a team of British military and intelligence officers have undertaken a secret reconnaissance mission to Libya. The reconnaissance mission, according to The Sunday Times, is comprised of six RAF officers, MI6 operatives, UK Foreign Office diplomats and US and French military personnel who flew into an airbase in eastern Libya...