What is a “Georgia”? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

What is a “Georgia”?

In a court of law, once you are caught lying, you are through. The judge is no longer listening to you, for you have ruined your credibility in his eyes and you will never regain his trust again. Case closed, you lose.

And so it is with the western corporate media, caught lying once again by trying to pass off film footage of the destroyed Ossetian capital Tskhinvali and claim it was Gori, in Georgia, and a result of Russian bombing. Their history of lying is all too familiar to most: weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Iraq was behind 9-11, Sadaam’s people were throwing babies out of incubators. Now the latest, they are trying to paint Russia as an aggressor, as a country violating international law, knowing full well that both are bald faced lies.

A universal truth is that lies are the beginning of murder. All wars, all genocides, all acts of evil begin with lies.