When Will America’s Crime Spree in Afghanistan End? “Punitive Raids” under the Cloak of “Humanitarian” Warfare | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

When Will America’s Crime Spree in Afghanistan End? “Punitive Raids” under the Cloak of “Humanitarian” Warfare

At the beginning of the year The Intercept published a lengthy article straightforwardly titled “The Crimes of the SEAL Team 6.” The article tells little about the heroism or professionalism of the servicemen of the American special forces unit SEAL Team 6, which Hollywood and bestselling authors are so fond of. The Intercept took the courage to investigate the darker side of war – crimes that are being routinely committed by US servicemen. The investigation into SEAL Team 6 was conducted for two years and included 18 interviews with former and current soldiers and officers of the unit. The Intercept article is somewhat reminiscent of The New York Times piece on the same topic published back in 2015.

Under the pretext of taking DNA samples, according to the Intercept, the soldiers of SEAL Team 6 practically removed scalps of Afghans fighters during their first deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The foreign fighters who suffered these V-shaped wounds were either killed in battle and later shot at close range or finished off while dying. Among members of SEAL Team 6, this practice of desecrating enemy casualties was called “canoeing.”

No investigation of those barbaric practices of the SEAL Team 6 has ever been conducted, so no serviceman has ever received any form of official punishment for these offenses. The worst that has ever happened to soldiers engaged in such inhumane practices was a transfer to another unit without any measure preventing them from returning to SEAL Team 6.

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IF, in fact these charges are true, this is appalling.

And yet, 16 years on, the Taliban is still gaining territory in Afghanistan, as I posted earlier today.

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