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Why Did the USS Thresher Sink? Finally, the Navy Is Being Forced to Tell Us

A retired U.S. Navy submarine commander has won a lawsuit forcing the Navy to release its report on what happened to the USS Thresher, a nuclear-powered attack submarine that sank during diving tests in 1963. The loss of the submarine has never been fully explained, and the Navy has never released the report on the sub’s sinking.


It's not the story itself that bothers me...

Tian Shan

but the messenger. In this case: Popular Mechanics, a mouthpiece for the "official" 911 info.

For those of you that remember, Popular Mechanics was very critical to those trying to debunk Popular Mechanics' bs and set the record straight.

Here is an example of Popular Mechanics' factual reporting:


This reviewer (an Amazon Customer) pretty much sums it up:

Amazon Customer
1.0 out of 5 stars Popular Mechanics and its owner Hearst Publications have been in bed with the defense establishment since 1898
Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2017
Format: Paperback
Popular Mechanics is owned by Hearst Publications. The same Hearst Publications that gave us the term "yellow journalism" with their biased pro-war propaganda that steered the US toward war with Spain in 1898. If you look at Popular Mechanics covers for the last 115 or so years, you will see that they have a love affair with over the top billion dollar military gadgets, real and imagined. Would you trust such a business to be fair and impartial with the crime of the century that suddenly and dramatically boosted the need for a large military commitment that has dragged on to this day, even longer than the Vietnam War? Richard Gage and his organization of over 2,800 architects and engineers from around the world take issue with the misleading and dishonest pseudoscience being shamelessly promoted as factual. I am one of the degreed engineers - RPI B.S. Chemical Engineering 1988. Freefall symmetrical collapses into footprints of 3 steel structures, yellow-white molten metal seen pouring out of the South Tower just before collapse, RJ Lee Group finding effectively billions of iron-rich microspheres in the Ground Zero ash, and the great heat damage that occurred at ground level to cars, these are legitimate concerns that should not be brushed aside. The collapses had to have occurred with explosives, yet the government agency NIST did not even test for explosives.

The above is from page link:

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