Why Giving Birth To A Monarch Was A Queen’s Darkest Hour | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Why Giving Birth To A Monarch Was A Queen’s Darkest Hour

When Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth a few years ago to the newest members of the English monarchy, public curiosity about her experience was boundless. The tabloids and papers were filled with speculation about her birthing process, her health risks, and her physical recovery. It would seem the act of delivering a child had placed her, at least momentarily, back on earth with the mere mortals who brought their children into the world in precisely the same way. And while this was likely comforting on some level, royal observers seemed to long for nothing more than a glimpse of the golden aura surrounding her moment of delivery. But sadly for them, modernity and pragmatism had robbed the mystique from the entire process, making it all rather anticlimactic. It would seem the young royals had greeted their precious new bundle much like any average citizen— in a clean and well-lit room with just a few medical attendants nearby. There were no royal horns to announce the event, no courtiers whispering behind bejeweled hands, and no loyal subjects angling for a better look. Kate and Willaim simply went home.