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Will North Korea Play Nuclear Hide-and-Seek with Trump?

In what would be the most accelerated disarmament program in history, the Trump Administration hopes to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and its ballistic missiles, within a year, John Bolton, the national-security adviser, claimed on “Face the Nation” on Sunday. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to make his third trip to Pyongyang this week, to begin the process, which he told Congress needed to be wrapped up by the end of President Trump’s current term—in two and a half years. Even that time frame is ambitiously fast, given the scope of Kim Jong Un’s vast arsenal and growing indications that North Korea hopes to hide at least some of its weaponry. It has multiple secret facilities, as the Washington Post reported over the weekend. U.S. intelligence is tracking the secret underground Kangsong facility, which may be able to produce twice as much enriched uranium as Yongbyon can. Yongbyon is the country’s only declared nuclear-production site.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This appears to be more of the propaganda put out by those who do not want a peaceful settlement of the North Korean situation, mainly CIA and the Military Industrial Complex. The ringer in the argument is the demand that North Korea surrender its long range ballistic missiles, which they will never do as that would leave them open to attack.