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Feb 06 21:42

Feds Seize Two More Banks

What Friday would be complete without a bank failure (or two)?

Federal regulators shut down a bank in Southern California and another in the Atlanta area today, bringing the number of U.S. failures this year to eight in almost as many weeks. This is the 33rd collapse since the depression began.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. announced that Ga.-based FirstBank Financial Services and Calif.-based Alliance Bank have been seized.

Feb 06 20:51

Former US justice secretary: Israeli war on Gaza genocide

Former US secretary of justice Ramsey Clark has accused Israel of waging a war of genocide against the Gaza Strip and of killing women, children and old people without any differentiation.

Feb 06 20:43

Dog Bleeds to Death After “Routine” Microchip Implant Procedure

“I wasn’t in favor of getting Charlie chipped, but it was the law,” said Lori Ginsberg, citing a Los Angeles county ordinance that requires all dog owners to chip their dogs once they reach four months of age.

Feb 06 20:38

What The "Stimulus" Debate Teaches Us

The man has demonstrated a frightening lack of intelligence during his first days holding the honorary title "president of the United States". He thinks redistribution of consumption - in the amount of nearly one trillion fiat dollars - will "stimulate" the economy, and that failure to do this will unleash "catastrophe." It's one thing not to understand the basic tenets of economics, but to publicly stomp your feet when others refuse to ignore reality and embrace your false beliefs can only be interpreted as a lack of basic intellectual capacity.

Feb 06 20:30

We or Me?

When you breakdown the logic behind a Liberal persons argument on any subject, they base the correctness of their argument upon what is best for the whole of "mankind". Conservatives, on the other hand, base the correctness of their argument upon what is best for the individual. Both sides can make good cases. The conservative logic of "me first" may sound bad to a liberal, but is that only because a liberal is a "we first" person?

Feb 06 19:57

Motherhood, and, fatherhood too! Nothing Wrong with this Either!

FOX News | Thur- February 5, 2009

Girl Says Mother Allowed Father to Rape, Impregnate Sister

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — The older sister of a girl allegedly molested and impregnated four times by their father said Thursday their mother allowed the abuse and should face more than a child-endangerment charge.

The 47-year-old mother was allowed to miss a scheduled court appearance Thursday; a preliminary hearing was set for March 5. Her public defender, Angela Weatherford, declined to comment on the case.

Her husband, also 47, faces charges including second-degree murder in the death of a boy born in November 2006. The infant is believed to have died months later after not receiving medical treatment for pneumonia.

Feb 06 19:26

Russia allows transit of US military supplies

Russia granted transit rights Friday to non-lethal U.S. military supplies headed to Afghanistan but only after apparently pressuring a former Soviet state to close an air base leased to the Americans.

Feb 06 18:53

Gore to Children: Question Your Parents' Climate Beliefs as We Questioned Segregation

Imagine this – a former high-ranking and well-respected government official telling your children that they know something you don’t. Is this Cold War-era Soviet Union? Nope. It’s Maryland, and the official is former Vice President Al Gore.

In audio aired on the Feb. 4 “Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Gore was advising school children on the eve of the inauguration of President Barack Obama, presumably at the University of Maryland Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference. He said that it’s up to them to question their parents on conventional wisdom in order to overcome the challenges of modern America, one of them being global warming.

Feb 06 18:43

Warning over 'surveillance state'

Electronic surveillance and collection of personal data are "pervasive" in British society and threaten to undermine democracy, peers have warned.

CCTV cameras and the DNA database were two examples of threats to privacy, the Lords constitution committee said.

It called for compensation for people subject to illegal surveillance.

The government said CCTV and DNA were "essential" to fight crime but campaign group Liberty said abuses of power mean "even the innocent have a lot to fear".

Feb 06 14:07

Now that Kyrgyzstan has kicked out the US, should Uzbekistan also refuse a US base?

98% (2115 votes)
2% (51 votes)
Total votes: 2166
Feb 06 13:30

Amended Journal of 9/11 Studies Paper: Additional Non-Pilot Control Capabilities of 9/11 Planes

Included in this update of a Journal of 9/11 Studies publication is information pertaining to aspects of Performance Based Navigation systems in place prior to September 11, 2001, that can allow for highly precise GPS-based auto-pilot guidance of the Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft allegedly overtaken by foreign hijack pilots that day. Included is a GPS guided auto-pilot alternative explanation for the 330 degree descending turn performed by American Airlines flight 77 prior to its reported impact with the Pentagon building.

Feb 06 12:47

Obama Calls Delay on Stimulus Bill ‘Inexcusable’ | Says his pen ready NOW to sign MORTGAGE ON FUTURE!

New York Times Online | DAVID M. HERSZENHORN | Fri- Feb 6, 2009

WASHINGTON — Prodded by President Obama’s reaction to yet another dismal economic report on Friday, the Senate resumed its efforts to reach an accord on his economic stimulus plan, with Democrats calling for quick action and Republicans arguing against what they described as wasteful spending.

"The situation could not be more serious." said Obama.

And Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, said the numbers being talked about show that each of the 3 million to 4 million jobs President Obama has said he wanted to create would cost more than $900,000 each. “The American people are figuring it out,” Mr. McCain said. “This is not a stimulus bill; it is a spending bill.”

Feb 06 09:23

Video - Gainsville Fla. Mayor and Commissoners get a 9/11 update.

Gators911Truth.org members, Harold Saive, Eduardo Arenas Reyes and Bob Tuskin took their allotted 3 minutes each to update the commission and community on recent progress on the biggest unsolved crime in American History.

Each Commissioner and the City manager were given a copy of the letter to the FBI, a copy of the response from the FBI's Michael J. Heimbach and a video DVD containing the evidence submitted to the FBI. "9/11:BLUEPRINT FOR TRUTH" by Architect, Richard Gage, AIA.



Feb 06 08:59

Smoking Pot: Horrors! Gasp! Unbelievable! I am Outraged!

The horrified response from the media, and people in general, is yet another fine example of the wussified wimps that people have become. No one ever stops to question how it is that marijuana became illegal while much more potent drugs - nicotine and alcohol (and rubber-stamped prescription drugs) - are entirely legal.

Feb 06 08:58

Unemployment rate jumps to 7.6%

The Labor Department reported that the US unemployment rate jumped to 7.6% and nonfarm payrolls fell by the largest amount in 34 years.
Nonfarm payrolls dropped by a seasonally adjusted 598,000 in January, after a revised loss of 577,000 in December.
January marked the largest payroll loss since December 1974, according to a survey of workplaces. Payrolls fell by 597,000 in November.

Feb 06 08:00

State employee: I get $93,803 for no work

His work agenda involves placing his feet up on his desk, staring out his office window and counting cars on the New York State Thruway. He arrives at 7:30 a.m., leaves at 3:30 p.m., sees no one and talks to no one.

He never does any work. It's been this way for Hinton for most of this decade.

Feb 06 07:11

David Brooks says it's the The Gang System

New York Times Online Opinion | David Brooks | Fri- Feb 6, 2009

The substance of the legislation set up the polarized debate that followed. Liberal interest groups were happy. Conservative Republicans were united in opposition. But something interesting happened this week. The momentum of the debate was set by moderates. Conservative protests wouldn’t have amounted to much without nagging moderate unease.

Moderate economists looked at the package and complained about the vast parts that don’t even pretend to stimulate. Education reformers took a look at the education section and noted that the huge amount of money is not leveraged to produce any real reform.

Feb 06 06:46

Octuplets mum wanted huge family | and damn the world!

BBC News | Fri- Feb 6, 2009 | (with video)

Octuplets mother on NBC's Today programme

A Californian single mother of six who recently gave birth to octuplets has spoken for the first time about her desire to have a "huge" family.

In excerpts from a TV interview yet to be broadcast, Nadya Suleman said she wanted to make up for the loneliness she felt growing up as an only child.

Feb 06 06:26

Beware Of Latest Scheme Targeting Social Networking Sites

Last week, Bryan Rutberg's Facebook page fell into the wrong hands and a strange message appeared.

"It changed to "BRYAN IS IN URGENT NEED OF HELP!", all caps, exclamation point," Rutberg said. "I guess that is the way the scammer set the table for reaching out to my friends."

Rutberg couldn't access his own account because a hacker changed the password and was posing as Bryan.

That hacker was chatting by instant message with the friends listed on Bryan's Facebook page, telling them a harrowing story.

"The story was I'm stuck here in London," Rutberg said. "I was on vacation at a resort. We were held up at gunpoint and now I have no way to get back home. Please send money."

Feb 06 06:17

UK Spends Billions On High Tech IDs, Has No Way To Read Them [Brilliant]

Kudos to the British government for spending the equivalent of .6 billion US on a biometric National Identity Card program without budgeting for a single card reader. Truly, they operate like a finely-tuned machine.

Basically, they are set to roll out these cards to government officials and then on to private citizens as a way for the authorities to to protect identities and safeguard borders—but not a single police station, border entry point, or job center has a reader capable of extracting information from the card’s biometric chip.

Feb 06 00:03

Fidel Castro demands unconditional return of Guantanamo

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has demanded the United States unconditionally return the Guantanamo Bay military base to Cuba in an article published on the CubaDebate website.