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Nov 03 22:55

US/China Military partnership is treason, Not symbolic "friendship"

Chinese general on a long march
By Peter J Brown, Nov 3, 2009
The United States and China are warming up - at least symbolically - their military ties ahead of United States President Barack Obama's first official visit to China in mid-November. In late October, General Xu Caihou, the second-highest ranking officer in the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), started a long trip to the US....Xu was also accompanied by General Ma Xiaotian, deputy chief of general staff of the PLA, Lieutenant General Zhao Keshi, commander of the Nanjing Military Area Command, and Rear Admiral Jiang Weilie, chief of staff of East Fleet of the PLA Navy, among others.

Nov 03 22:43

Ellen Brown: Financial Meltdown: Why it Happened and How It Can Be Reversed

Ellen Brown's talk starts at 11:38. Excellent video for understanding the history of our monetary system.

Nov 03 22:19

Another crook

Former Israeli double agent shot dead near Putin's office
Shabtai Kalmanovich, a former Israeli double agent who penetrated Golda Meir's government on behalf of the KGB, has been shot dead in Moscow.

Nov 03 20:53

Al ‘Godfather’ Gore

This is the ultimate insult. Not only is Gore becoming rich off our backs, but he also is front-and-center in pushing policies that will make our lives much more difficult and make the rest of us much poorer.

Nov 03 20:01

Rainbow in the dark: Bright Moon creates stunning arc at night

This rare ghostly picture shows a full lunar rainbow arcing over the countryside in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Rainbows appear when sunlight is reflected from raindrops, but in this case the Sun had set hours before. Instead a particularly bright Moon created the impressive bow.

Nov 03 19:58

Judge rules activist's beliefs on climate change akin to religion

In today's ruling, Mr Justice Michael Burton decided that: "A belief in man-made climate change, and the alleged resulting moral imperatives, is capable if genuinely held, of being a philosophical belief for the purpose of the 2003 Religion and Belief Regulations." Under those regulations it is unlawful to discriminate against a person on the grounds of their religious or philosophical beliefs.

Nov 03 19:14

How Gordon Brown paid West Wing Writers $40,000 for 'tailoring' speech

More wasted taxpayer money...

Nov 03 18:53

Mercury Rising - Autism Spikes, Toxins Suspected

As the national focus on the H1N1 pandemic rages, additional evidence of a more insidious epidemic has emerged, with an all-too-expected shrug from the mainstream media. Results from two federal studies announced in October say parents have a 1-in-100-or-greater chance of having a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since boys are four times more likely to have an ASD, their odds are as high as 1 in 60.

Nov 03 18:44

Obama Appoints Anti-Israel Chuck Hagel as Intelligence Aide

Jewish Republican party officials and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) are among several groups that have called on U.S. President Barack Obama to rescind his appointment of former senator Chuck Hagel as co-chairman of his Intelligence Advisory Board.

Hagel made clear his attitude towards Israel when he spoke at the pro-Arab and self-proclaimed pro-Israel J Street lobby last week. He echoed President Obama’s previous statements that meeting the demand of the Palestinian Authority for a new Arab state within Israel’s current borders “is central, not peripheral, to U.S. vital security interests in combating terrorism.”

He also said that the “special relationship” between the United States and Israel “must not come at the expense of our Arab relationships.”

Nov 03 18:11

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

by Dan Eden

Someone wrote and asked me, "Why are there Israeli- but not Mexican-American Dual Nationals?"

Well, here's my take on this. I'd also like your views and opinions.

Nov 03 17:51

Suspect surrenders, puts hands on squad car — then gets Tased in neck

A Minneapolis man who was Tased by police after surrendering and putting both hands on the hood of a squad car says he wants restitution from the police.

On Monday, Rolando Ruiz's lawyer released dashcam video of an April 30 incident in which Ruiz can be seen with his hands on the hood of a car when a police officer approaches him and Tases him in the neck. Ruiz then falls to the ground, and can be heard screaming in agony as the officer kneels over him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So this is what "to protect and serve" looks like from the standpoint of Minneapolis police!

Nov 03 17:48

GOP health bill would allow insurers to ignore consumer protection laws

A new Republican health reform proposal would allow insurers to bypass consumer protection laws and remove restrictions on rate hikes, according to published reports.

The bill, which caps medical malpractice awards, additionally seeks to increase the use of health savings accounts and would create insurance pools for high-risk individuals.

Rep. John Boehner is calling the bill "The Affordable Health Care for America Act."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We would expect nothing less from Boehner, considering the money he has received from both the pharmaceutical industry and health insurance industry, as reported here:


Nov 03 17:27

UN, “war crimes”, Poor, poor Israel!

This is the story that just keeps giving. Reuters was reporting this morning that some of the Arab delegates started circulating a resolution that would require the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, to bring the U.N. sanctioned Goldstone Report “alleging war crimes in the Gaza Strip before the Security Council”...

Nov 03 17:09

Selection of Videos Showing Fascist Take-over of U.S. by Military/Industrial/Oil/Central Banking Complex

The following selection of videos speak volumes
1. 9-11 being an inside job;
2. the secret, insidious power of private central
banks, like the Federal Reserve Bank and the
Bank of England;
3. how the military/industrial/oil/international
banking complex with the support of the Bush
Family and the CIA has planned and orchestrated
a silent fascist takeover of this country by gaining
control of the courts, media, electronic voting
machines and the Executive Branch and by selling
a fake war on terror by the perpetration of 9-11.

Nov 03 15:37

Estulin: G-20 Meeting in Scotland this Week about Dumping U.S. Dollar

Best-selling author Daniel Estulin states that the key issue to be discussed this week at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, being held in St. Andrews, Scotland, is how to bring down the present world financial system through dumping the US dollar.

Nov 03 15:36

Has Baxter International released a biological weapon?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... or did they just drop a test tube?

Nov 03 15:36

Senate Bill Would Give President Obama Authority to Pull the Plug on Your Internet

CNET News has obtained a summary of a proposal from Senators Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) that would create an Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor, part of the Executive Office of the President. That office would receive the power to disconnect, if it believes they’re at risk of a cyberattack, “critical” computer networks from the Internet.

Nov 03 15:06

As GOP Holds Up Unemployment Extension, Nearly 200,000 Lose Their Benefits

In the world outside the Senate, time is money; inside it, time is everything. Senate Republicans are taking full advantage of that reality, using every parliamentary device at their disposal to slow down an extension of unemployment insurance benefits -- even after Democrats added billions for big business to sweeten the pot.

The saga is a cast study both in the difficulty of passing even popular legislation in the Senate and the lengths to which the GOP is going to slow down the process.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But boy does Congress get unified when it comes to Israel!

Nov 03 15:04

India dumps dollars for IMF gold - is China next in line?

The IMF announcement yesterday that it had sold virtually half of its planned 403.3 tonnes of gold, destined to increase its resources for lending to low-income countries, to India came as something of a surprise to the market. Not perhaps that a Central Bank had made the purchase, but the hard money had been on China to do so, not India.

Nov 03 15:02

Oil Companies Support Global Warming Alarmists, Not Skeptics

A common charge leveled against global warming skeptics is that they are on the payroll of transnational oil companies, when in fact the opposite is true, oil companies are amongst the biggest promoters of climate change propaganda, emphasized recently by Exxon Mobil’s call for a global carbon tax.

Nov 03 15:01

The Deaths of Four Ukraine Doctors Raising Suspicions of a Cover-Up in The Ukraine

The above comments describe the death of four health care workers (HCWs) at two sites in western Ukraine. The government website shows a total of 53 deaths (see map), which is quite low if four HCWs have already died. HCW are trained in methods to minimize infections from parents, and they are likely to get prompt medical attention, yet four have already died. These numbers add to the confusion in Ukraine.

Initial reports denied the outbreak was due to H1N1 even though there was virtually no seasonal flu circulating in Europe (or North America). The explosion in cases of acute respiratory illness (ARI), in view of the exploding H1N1 pandemic throughout the northern hemisphere, would signal involvement in the cases in Ukraine.

Nov 03 14:51

U.S. settles suit with Muslims in post-9/11 abuse

The U.S. government will pay $1.26 million to five Muslim men detained for months without charges after the September 11 attacks who sued for unlawful imprisonment and abuse, their lawyers said on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After they pay their lawyers, the actual settlement will just about cover minimum wage for their term of imprisonment.

This settlement is an insult. It does not even come close to punishing the government for their illegal actions. At best it is "shut up and go away" money.

Nov 03 14:47


The Obama administration is now recruiting college students that will not only get paid for knocking on doors but will “earn college credits” while advocating for change. It’s called ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA (OFA) and could be a part of Obama’s young and educated civilian army.

Nov 03 14:46

Zale Reports $190 Million Loss

Zale Corporation reported they incurred a net loss of $189.5 million for the fiscal year ended July 31st, compared to a net loss from continuing operations of $6.5 million in fiscal year 2008.

Revenues were $1.78 billion in 2009 compared to $2.14 billion for 2008, a decrease of 16.8%.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You cannot eat a diamond.

Nov 03 14:45

Settlers force Palestinians out of East Jerusalem home

Rioting settlers forced a Palestinian family from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah out of their home on Tuesday, after the district court denied the residents' appeal to remain on the premises.

Shortly after the verdict was passed dozens of settlers stormed into the house with hired security guards, and demanded that the family vacate immediately.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 03 14:43

EU reform treaty passes last test

The president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, has signed the EU's Lisbon Treaty, the final step in the charter's ratification.

Nov 03 14:34

NAMAW Submits Goldstone Report to International Criminal Court

Whereas such actions on the part of the Secretary of State, and/or the US Ambassador would be unfortunate, our concern is that even if by some chance the Goldstone Report does reach the UN Security Council, the US will use its veto to prevent the Security Council from referring the report to the International Criminal Court, thereby preventing the initiation of an investigation into the allegations made in the report, as required by article 53 of the Rome Statute.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US Congress and the United Nations have just been rendered irrelevant to this matter.

Those wishing to contact the Prosecutor's Office at the ICC to urge that action be taken on the Goldstone Report can reach them at

Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

or sent by email to otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int ,
or sent by facsimile to +31 70 515 8555.

Nov 03 14:33

US needs Israel like a fish needs a bicycle

Strategically, Israel is obviously a huge burden for the US, making relations with Muslim or Arab nations much harder, and undermining any attempt to portray American intervention in, say, Iraq or Afghanistan, as beneficent rather than predatory. It’s a big drain on the Treasury, as Israel consumes a vast amount of military and non-military aid.

Nov 03 14:31


Anyone listening to Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas these days would think the man is a paragon of democracy and liberty. Abbas, who has remained at the helm of the PA despite the expiration of his term in office, has been exhorting Palestinians to prepare for “presidential and legislative elections” which he called a “constitutional imperative.”

However, a deeper look into Abbas’s behaviors at home shows that the PA Chairman is not really interested in holding true, free and honest elections. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Nov 03 14:25

Madoff Accountant Pleads Guilty To Fraud

David Friehling, the former accountant to convicted Ponzi-scheme operator Bernard Madoff, pleaded guilty to fraud and other charges Tuesday in connection with his auditing work for Madoff's firm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's all the fault of the gentiles!" -- Ruth Madoff

Nov 03 14:24

Author Says G-20 Meeting in Scotland this Week about Dumping U.S. Dollar

Best-selling author Daniel Estulin states that the key issue to be discussed this week at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, being held in St. Andrews, Scotland, is how to bring down the present world financial system through dumping the US dollar. Estulin first reported on this initiative as being deliberated at the most recent Bilderberg meeting held in Greece in May 2009. Estulin says that the success or failure of this callous plan hinges on the ability of the US and UK representatives to convince the Russian, the Chinese and other national governments to go along with their scheme.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are two possibilities here.

1. The wrecking of your lives is intentional by design of the government.

2. The wrecking of your lives in accidental by incompetency of the government.

Either way, you are screwed and the government is to blame.

Details no longer matter.

Nov 03 14:18

The universe is beige

After studying the colour of light emitted by 200,000 galaxies scientists have combined them to produce the colour, they have dubbed 'cosmic latte'.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And for this they get paid?????

Nov 03 13:59

Will Fed.Government’s Proposed Mandatory Health Insurance Work?

The Government’s proposed mandatory health insurance has been the headline of most news media and on most American’s minds these past months. But, there have been many reports, studies and surveys that show Americans will most likely “not comply” with the mandate of health insurance as reported by the Insurance Research Council.

Most Americans are concerned about how the government office will enforce such a mandate as “regulation is only as good as enforcement.” Also reported in the recent studies of the Insurance Research Council is that some people are “simply irresponsible and look to others to buy their insurance.”

Nov 03 12:25

Find out who is benefited by Swine flu!

Yes, there is a conspiracy. This is it.

Find out who is benefited by Swine flu!

Nov 03 10:40

Criminal Rothschilds How International Central Bankers Control

"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none." ~ Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschilds wife

I am one of those who do not believe the national debt is a national blessing... it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country
Andrew Jackson, Letter to L. H. Coleman of Warrenton, N.C., 29 April 1824

Nov 03 10:35

Why Iranians Love and Loathe Ahmadinejad and Think Nuclear Technology's Their Right

Why Iranians Love and Loathe Ahmadinejad and Think Nuclear Technology's Their Right
By Hooman Majd, AlterNet
Posted on December 18, 2008, Printed on December 18, 2008

Edito's note: Hooman Majd describes himself as one of the few people in the world who is both fully Iranian and completely American. Majd, raised in the U.S., is a distant relative of former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami, and his ability to navigate between American and Iranian culture as an insider gives him a unique perspective on two countries in conflict.

Nov 03 10:20

Arab anger as Hillary Clinton backs Israel on settlements

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, sought to deflect the anger and disappointment of pro-western Arab states today after backing Israel's position that it did not need to freeze settlement activity as a prelude to resuming peace talks with the Palestinians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the real goal is to provoke a war with somebody, you do everything you can to piss them off first!

Nov 03 09:37

Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth sequel stresses spiritual argument on climate

Al's Gore's much-anticipated sequel to An Inconvenent Truth is published today, with an admission that facts alone will not persuade Americans to act on global warming and that appealing to their spiritual side is the way forward.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, as the "science" behind global warming collapses, Saint Al or the Gore is turning it into a new religion!

Nov 03 09:34

Jews take over Jerusalem house from Palestinians

Jews took over another house in Arab East Jerusalem on Tuesday in what Palestinians say is a systematic campaign to drive them out and strengthen Israel's hold on all of Jerusalem.

The house, built 10 years ago by the al-Kurd family, is the seventh this year to be awarded to Jewish settlers following legal battles in the Israeli courts, where the Palestinians say a fair hearing is impossible to obtain.

Nov 03 09:33

Congresswoman Fears Health Care Bill More Dangerous Than Any Terrorist

They [The American People] fear for the future of our country. What they’re talking about is that they fear for our freedoms and they fear for the principles that formed this country and have always been the basis on which we’ve operated. I share that fear and I believe that they should be fearful.

And, I believe that the greatest fear that we all should have to our freedom comes from this room and what may happen later this week in terms of a tax increase bill masquerading as a health care bill.

Nov 03 09:33

iHacked: jailbroken iPhones compromised, $5 ransom demanded

Yesterday, a “Your iPhone’s been hacked because it’s really insecure! Please visit doiop.com/iHacked and secure your phone right now!” message popped up on the screens of a large number of automatically exploited Dutch iPhone users, demanding $4.95 for instructions on how to secure their iPhones and remove the message from appearing at startup.

Nov 03 09:22


The 1977 Bressler Report, even without the concealed studies, clearly revealed fraud. Searle deleted what they didn't want FDA to see, even excised the brain tumors from rats, and put them back in the study. After death they resurrected them on paper.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Link fixed

Nov 03 09:14

Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth sequel program recruits world religions for holy war on changing climate

“I’ve done a Christian [-based] training program; I have a Muslim training program and a Jewish training program coming up, also a Hindu program coming up. I trained 200 Christian ministers and lay leaders here in Nashville in a version of the slide show that is filled with scriptural references. It’s probably my favourite version, but I don’t use it very often because it can come off as proselytising.”

Nobel winner adapts fact-based message to reach those who believe they have a moral duty to protect the planet in Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

Nov 03 08:37

A little Gotter and a Little Dammerung

I heard some talk about who was responsible for the Baghdad bombing. It was obvious that they knew nothing but that didn’t stop the speculation, which was all about the usual suspects, meaning whatever that means. Watching the news I came to one dominant conclusion. The news is the information mouthpiece for a world wide criminal organization whose intention is disinformation and the persecution and slander of the competition. The people working for them know that they are working for a criminal organization. In former times it might not have been so clear cut but it is now.

Nov 03 08:29

UKRAINE - Rival: PM using flue scare for politics

The government overreacted to an outbreak of the swine flu in Ukraine to give competitive advantage to Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko at the next presidential election, a Tymoshenko rival charged Monday.

The panic triggered by the government’s decision to declare the outbreak a major threat, has served to overshadow recent scandals involving Tymoshenko loyalists, Arseniy Yatseniuk, the No. 3 most popular presidential candidate, said.

“This is in fact part of the political campaign,” Yatseniuk said in an interview with ICTV. “The main thing is to get the presidential office. All efforts and resources have been thrown for this.”

Nov 03 08:28

Gore’s Dual Role: Advocate and Investor

Silver Spring Networks is a foot soldier in the global green energy revolution Mr. Gore hopes to lead. Few people have been as vocal about the urgency of global warming and the need to reinvent the way the world produces and consumes energy. And few have put as much money behind their advocacy as Mr. Gore and are as well positioned to profit from this green transformation, if and when it comes.

Nov 03 08:27

Ace investigative reporter dead - said to be suicide...

Peter Shellem, an investigative reporter at The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa., who was known for digging up evidence that helped release wrongly convicted prisoners, died Oct. 24 of an apparent suicide. He was 49.

An obituary in The New York Times Sunday stated Shellem's son, Philip, had confirmed his death and said it was a suicide. But the story said the coroner's office had not confirmed revealed a cause.

Nov 03 08:24

Tone-deaf Unisys official on why cloud computing rocks

Here's Richard Marcello of Unisys extolling one of what he sees as the virtues of cloud computing yesterday at the Cloud Computing Conference and Expo in Santa Clara:

"We were able to eliminate a whole bunch of actually U.S.-based jobs and kind of replace them with two folks out of India."

Those actually U.S.-based jobs presumably were held by actual Americans trying to feed actual U.S.-based families.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And Richard's bragging about this?

Nov 03 08:22

Child porn fears scupper airport ‘nude X-ray’ scans

Airport security chiefs have been banned from subjecting children to a controversial new X-ray scanner that produces ‘naked’ pictures of passengers because of legal warnings the images may break child pornography laws.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The useful idiots begin to eat each other.

Nov 03 08:21


Who was it that said that ‘white man speaks with forked tongue’? ….. Shouldn’t it be ‘white Madam’?

Nov 03 08:20


We enjoyed summer weather in Jerusalem until about a week ago. The days were hot, the evenings were cool…. but not cold. There wasn’t a sign of rain. This literally changed overnight as cold winds and rain turned the clock into winter mode.

That’s when the Israeli authorities decided to destroy the tent that an evicted family was living in.

Nov 03 08:19

Eco-employee wins bid to appeal

His solicitor, Shah Qureshi, said: "Essentially what the judgment says is that a belief in man-made climate change and the alleged resulting moral imperative is capable of being a philosophical belief and is therefore protected by the 2003 religion or belief regulations."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, climate change isn't science, it is religion.

Therefore, under the First Amendment, there can be no taxpayer support for Saint Al of the Gore's church!


Nov 03 08:16

Rattling the Cage: Some victims we are

So let's decide: Who was the victim of Operation Cast Lead, them or us?

No question - us. We Israelis were the victims and we still are. In fact, our victimhood is getting worse by the day. The Goldstone report was the real war crime. The Goldstone report, the UN debates, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Red Cross, B'Tselem, the traitorous soldiers of Breaking the Silence and the Rabin Academy - those were the true crimes against humanity. This is what's meant by "war is hell."

It is we who've been going through hell from the war in Gaza. It is we who've been suffering.

Gazans? Suffering? What's everybody talking about?

We let them eat, don't we?

Nov 03 08:15

Everyone Knows What Happened in Gaza

That the Israel of Benjamin Netanyahu has chosen to conduct an international campaign against Justice Goldstone and his report need not surprise us. Israel refused to cooperate with the UN investigation; long before its conclusions were published, Netanyahu had set in motion a campaign to deny and denigrate them. More dispiriting, and of greater political consequence, is the pitiful and humiliating response of the Obama Administration. The "fierce urgency of now" apparently required that Washington join Tel Aviv in discrediting the Goldstone Report, and with it the UN inquiry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Danged Goldstone Deniers!

Nov 03 08:13

Cut Wall Street Out! Own Your Own Bank How States Can Finance Their Own Recovery

Pouring money into the private banking system has only fixed the economy for bankers and the wealthy; it has not done much to address either the fundamental problem of unemployment or the debt trap so many Americans find themselves in.

Nov 03 08:10

Opium, Rape and the American Way

War banishes the just and the decent to the margins of society. And the weapons of war do not separate the innocent and the damned. An aerial drone is our version of an improvised explosive device. An iron fragmentation bomb is our answer to a suicide bomb. A burst from a belt-fed machine gun causes the same terror and bloodshed among civilians no matter who pulls the trigger.

Nov 03 08:07

Bankruptcy Filings to Match Divorce Filings in 2009: 1.5 Million. 35.8 Million Americans on Food Stamps - 11 Percent of the Population. The 5 Indicators of the Misery Index.

It is a sobering fact that in 2009, there will be as many people filing for bankruptcy as those filing for a divorce. We are on track to seeing an average of nearly 5,900 bankruptcy filings a day for 2009.

Nov 03 08:04

Bullets are speeding faster out of gun shops in U.S.

In a year of job losses, foreclosures and bag lunches, Americans have spent record-breaking amounts of money on guns and ammunition. The most obvious sign of their demand: empty ammunition shelves.

Nov 03 07:59

Ayn Rand’s Revenge

In Ayn Rand’s libertarian epic “Atlas Shrugged,” Galt, an inventor disgusted by creeping American collectivism, leads the country’s capitalists on a retributive strike. “We have granted you everything you demanded of us, we who had always been the givers, but have only now understood it,” Galt lectures the “looters” and “moochers” who make up the populace. “We have no demands to present you, no terms to bargain about, no compromise to reach. You have nothing to offer us. We do not need you.”

Nov 03 07:57

MPs' expenses: David Wilshire compares treatment of politicians to Jews in Nazi Germany

David Wilshire, the disgraced Conservative MP, has compared the treatment of politicians over their expense claims to the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now you are just being plain silly!

Nov 03 07:56

White House Quietly Working To Weaken Investor Protection

The White House is quietly working to undercut a key post-Enron reform, significantly weakening protection for everyday investors and threatening the administration's image as a champion for financial regulatory reform.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been telling Democratic members of the House Financial Services Committee that he supports amending the Investor Protection Act of 2009 -- a bill designed to beef up protection for investors -- in order to exempt small businesses from a requirement in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that mandates audits of internal controls. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was enacted in 2002 in the wake of accounting scandals at Enron and Worldcom that rocked investors and damaged confidence in the markets.

Nov 03 07:55

The silence about vaccine deaths in media is due to the confidential contracts with the vaccine manufacturers.

If you can read French, you will discover at http://www.lepoint2.com/sons/pdf/vaccin-H1N1%20medias.pdf that the maker of PandemRix, that is used in Sweden, passed a secret contract, the same in every European country, which specified a "Green List" of what the government MAY communicate (hardly anything!) and the "Red List" of what may absolutely NOT be made public, like intermediary results of the side effects that appear in the studies of the controversial squalene (and thiomersal) adjuvantated PandemRix until they have been sanitized by Glaxo Smith Kline researchers, and published by GSK themselves.

Nov 03 07:53

One million homes in Britain are empty

The number of UK homes standing empty has hit one million, the highest ever level, a charity has revealed. The Empty Homes Agency reported that more than one in 20 properties have been unoccupied for six months or more, a figure described as "shocking" by homelessness charities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Let them stay at the Hilton, BWAH HAA HAA HAA HAA" -- His Royal Highnessnessnessnes

Nov 03 07:46

FOX News arguing over H1N1 vaccine

Nov 03 07:44

Operation Health Freedom: Peter Schiff

Nov 03 07:38

Hang 'Em High!

"They" are a small sliver of the American population, the get-rich-quick crowd from the East Side of Manhattan and similar places. The last twenty years witnessed a great shift of money upwards, to a smaller and smaller pack of greedy beasts. While the majority of Americans lost the ability to send their children to universities, these fat cats bought themselves villas in Florida and houses in Tel Aviv. Worse, they spent their billions buying up the media in order to subvert American democracy and send American soldiers to fight wars in far-away places. A big part of the stolen money was siphoned off to Israel, where apartment prices went through the roof and are still rising.


Nov 03 07:31

Social Decay in America: The 'I Didn't Do It' Culture

“The gap between our citizens and our Government has never been so wide. The people are looking for honest answers, not easy answers; clear leadership, not false claims and evasiveness and politics as usual..What you see too often in Washington and elsewhere around the country is a system of government that seems incapable of action. You see a Congress twisted and pulled in every direction by hundreds of well financed and powerful special interests. You see every extreme position defended to the last vote, almost to the last breath by one unyielding group or another.

Nov 03 07:30

Jonathan May, Economic Hitman

Jonathan May formerly worked for the International Monetary Fund in England. In the early 1980s he came to America with a plan to release Americans from debt to the banking system by employing the same "credit creating" system used by international banking. The law governing this system is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). May was initially successful. Eventually, however, he was targeted and imprisoned by the banking system.

Nov 03 07:25

Rack 'em and Screw 'em, Boys!

What is more frightening -- that the C.I.A. got its jollies by torturing, even murdering human beings in its secret sodomy frat-houses -- or that the F.B.I. took one look, fled the scene and remained silent for years?

Nov 03 07:23

Housing Vacancy Rate Hits New Record: Media Don't Notice

You would think that an industry that almost completely missed an $8 trillion housing bubble would be trying to do a better job in reporting on the housing market: But that does not appear to be the case. The Census Bureau reported that the number of vacant units hit a new record high yesterday and it appears that no one noticed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like the questions surrounding 9-11, or the lies about Saddam's nooks, the media has been ORDERED to not report the economic bad news.

We talked about this on yesterday's radio show.

Nov 03 07:22

Victory (for a crooked, corrupt and discredited government)

The election in Afghanistan has turned into a disaster for all who promoted it. Hamid Karzai has been declared re-elected as President of the country for the next five years though his allies inside and outside Afghanistan know that he owes his success to open fraud. Instead of increasing his government's legitimacy, the poll has further de-legitimised it.

Nov 03 07:20

Cheyenne records snowiest October on record

As of the end of the day on October 29th, the total snowfall recorded at the National Weather Service office in Cheyenne, WY for the month of October reached 28.0 inches. This sets a new record for the most snowfall ever recorded in Cheyenne for the month of October. The previous record was 23.1 inches which was measured in October of 1906.

The following information is the top 5 snowiest Octobers since 1850.

Rank Snow Year

Nov 03 07:18

Arrest of Jewish terrorist raises questions

Teitel is also charged with planting several explosive devices in 2006 and 2007 directed at Arabs, Christians and police; sending a bomb hidden in a Purim gift basket to a messianic Jewish family that left a 15-year-old boy seriously injured; and planting a pipe bomb in 2008 near the Jerusalem home of Zeev Sternhell, a prominent left-wing academic.

Some Israeli commentators suggested that had Teitel limited his attacks to Palestinians, Israeli authorities would have left the investigations into the attacks on Palestinians grow cold.

“Teitel’s fatal error was turning on other Jews,” Ha’aretz columnist Gideon Levy wrote Monday. “Had he been satisfied with acts of murder against the Palestinian population, he would never have been caught.”

Nov 03 07:18

Storm brought record snowfall to Fort Collins in October

The storm that slammed Fort Collins on Wednesday and today is officially one for the record books.

The storm's 21.1-inch accumulation is the largest snowfall ever recorded in the city in October.

Records kept at CSU show that the previous record was 20 inches.

Nov 03 07:14

Goldman left foreign investors holding the subprime bag

In all, Goldman sold more than $57 billion in risky mortgage-backed securities during a 14-month period in 2006 and 2007, including nearly $39 billion issued from mortgages it purchased. Meanwhile, the firm peddled billions of dollars in complex deals, many of them tied to subprime mortgages, in the Caymans and other offshore locations.

Many of those securities later soured, but the sales allowed Goldman to become the only major U.S. investment bank to escape the brunt of the subprime meltdown.

Nov 03 07:10

Districts see growing number of homeless students

After school, they don't play sports or dance with the cheerleading squad. Instead, they head to the emergency shelter at the Salvation Army with their mother.

"I don't really like staying here, because you have to bring all your stuff and it's humiliating," Stoudemire said as she sat with other children. "And it's hard at school too, because people don't really know what you are going through."

The sisters are among the 15 children who stay at the shelter on Fifth Street at night and attend classes in the school district during the day.

As the recession continues to take a toll on families, area school districts are seeing growing numbers of homeless students.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But we can spend record amounts of money on war and Wall Street and Israel.

Nov 03 07:07

Twenty reasons why vitamin D is better than a swine flu vaccine

The news is out: Vitamin D is better than the swine flu vaccine at halting H1N1 infections. In fact, without vitamin D, chances are that a vaccine won't generate much of an immune response in the first place.

That's because vitamin D is essential for healthy, active immune function. That's just one of the reasons smart people are choosing vitamin D instead of the swine flu vaccine. Here are nineteen more reasons:

Nov 03 07:05

Clive James isn't a climate change sceptic, he's a sucker - but this may be the reason

There is no point in denying it: we're losing. Climate change denial is spreading like a contagious disease. It exists in a sphere that cannot be reached by evidence or reasoned argument; any attempt to draw attention to scientific findings is greeted with furious invective. This sphere is expanding with astonishing speed.

Is this a surprise?

Nov 03 06:49

Al Gore Set To Become First “Carbon Billionaire”

The New York Times has lifted the lid on how Al Gore stands to benefit to the tune of billions of dollars if the carbon tax proposals he is pushing come to fruition in the United States, while documenting how he has already lined his pockets on the back of exaggerated fearmongering about global warming.

Nov 03 05:55

Video: Geithner “Burned Billions,” Shafted Taxpayers on CIT Loan, Prof. Bill Black Says

In this video Black discusses why CIT had to file bankruptcy and he gives reasons for why the government shouldn’t have loaned $2.3 billion to the company. He also gives examples of how rampant accounting fraud is throughout the U.S. financial system...

Nov 03 05:35

One Flu Over the Ukraine's Nest

I have seen a number of Internet postings on the Ukrainian epidemic and, even, a few UTube videos already. I have heard the story developing since last week from correspondents of mine in Ukraine who have been witnessing things first hand. School and public offices have all been closed.

So far, the worst of this outbreak is in Western Ukraine, in and around the city of Lviv, but a few hundred kilometers to the East, in the capital city of Kiev, nearly half the people now stalk the streets wearing surgical masks. It would be an understatement to say that the people of Ukraine are moving into full panic mode. I can see why. So should you. I will explain why in a moment.

Nov 03 05:24

Videos on 9-11 Being an Inside Job

I find it so unbelievable that even well-informed journalists still think that Bush is just incompetent and that 9/11 was coincidental to allow Bush to attack Afghanistan and Iraq and establish a strong base for fascism in this country.
If you look at the people that Bush hired you will see that they have been waiting for the right moment to implement their plans which have been in place for at least 30 years. Bush appointed 32 Israeli dual citizens to his administration, mostly in foreign affairs and Middle Eastern affairs posts.
There has been a plan in place to militarily take over the oil in the Middle East for over 30 years.

Nov 03 05:20

Obama Is a Pawn of the New World Order

Obama Is a Pawn of the New World Order

It is obvious from Obama's appointments to positions regarding foreign relations that part of the deal with the "powers that be" is that he continue to promote the "fake war against terror", the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to secure the oil and natural gas resources and the continued stealing of the remaining resources of this country by the Federal Reserve Bank.

Nov 03 05:11

The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Lies

The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Lies

Gordon Duff Salem-News.com

How long have we watered the Tree of Deceit with the blood of patriots?

(CINCINNATI, Ohio) - In John Farmers book:The Ground Truth: The Story Behind Americas Defense on 9/11, the author builds the inescapably convincing case that the official version... is almost entirely untrue...

The 9/11 Commission now tells us that the official version of 9/11 was based on false testimony and documents and is almost entirely untrue. The details of this massive cover-up are carefully outlined in a book by John Farmer, who was the Senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission.

Nov 03 05:04

Top 10 Americans for monetary reform: #3: President Andrew Jackson

Top 10 Americans for monetary reform: #3: President Andrew Jackson

We hold these Truths to be self-evident

The financial crisis in America today could be over almost instantaneously through monetary reform. Monetary reform is a fundamental shift in how America creates money. The shift is from a Robber Baron-era design of banks creating credit to lend to us at interest and ever-increasing debt, to our community (government) creating it for the direct payment of public goods and services. The benefits of monetary reform are conservatively $1 TRILLION every year, the end of the national debt, and full employment.

Nov 03 04:59

Media Lies And The War Drive Against Iran

Media Lies And The War Drive Against Iran

By John Pilger

14 October, 2009

In 2001, the London Observer published a series of reports claiming an “Iraqi connection” to al-Qaeda, even describing the base in Iraq where the training of terrorists took place and a facility where anthrax was being made as a weapon of mass destruction.

It was all false.

Supplied by US intelligence and Iraqi exiles, planted stories in the British and US media helped then-US president George Bush and then-British prime minister Tony Blair launch an illegal invasion that has caused, according to the most recent study, 1.3 million deaths.

Nov 03 01:07

Ukraine doctors say it's pneumonic plague

Yushchenko called on to help Ukraine: Unknown virus is killing people
Publication time: 1 November 2009, 23:39
In last 24 hours, an unknown virus (presumed pneumonic plague) infected another 37 thousand and killed 12 more people. The authorities deny that this is pneumonic plague, and insist that people die from influenza, pneumonia and ARI....but doctors say on the basis of clinical data and the rapidity of the epidemic, that it is pneumonic plague...According to unofficial data, "in Ukraine over the past week about 1500 people have already died. As noted by some doctors, the reason - pneumonic plague. High temperatures from the first day, a burning sensation in the chest, the desire to drink cold and nausea - all of these symptoms are frightening. People die within few days.