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Media: The cause of the crash A321 was an explosion in the engine

As a result of decoding the black box is installed cause of the collapse of the Airbus A321. These flight recorders confirm the technical failure in the airplane. Namely, that there was a fire in the engine, which led to the explosion. He writes about this edition of the Egyptian Almasryalyoum.

Causes of fire in the engine is now installed by experts. Also, citing an anonymous source in the Prosecutor General of Egypt publication reports that the version of the attack on the plane finally rejected.

Today it became known first data obtained after the decoding of the flight recorders Airbus A321. Preliminary analysis of the contents of the black boxes showed that pilots in the conversation were no reports of technical malfunctions on board.

The collapse of the liner Airbus A321 took place on October 31 in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula. On board were 224 people, of which 217 - the passengers. Including the ship was more than 20 children, the youngest of whom was only ten months. None of the passengers and crew survived.

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Well, that seems to settle that!

The lesson to take away from this tragedy is how many people, governments, and corporate media institutions tried to wave these bloody shirts for their own political agendas. Keep this in mind when the next big story breaks!