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Libya: We’re About To Return to the Crime Scene

So what exactly is going on in Libya since we took out Ghadafi? Think Iraq, Syria, Somalia – or, perhaps, a Mad Max movie. The “government” in the East is lorded over by Gen. Khalifa Hifter, a CIA creation, who defected to the West after botching Libya’s invasion of Chad and was domiciled in Falls Church, Virginia, for years – conveniently close to CIA headquarters in Langley – waiting for his Big Comeback. It came when Hillary Clinton’s State Department and Samantha Power teamed up with National Security honcho Susan Rice and the three of them prevailed on President Obama to approve US intervention in Libya. Hifter returned to his homeland, had his chief rival, Abdul Fattah Younis, killed, and – backed by Egypt, the Saudis, and the United Arab Emirates – seized power in the eastern province, what used to be the independent state of Cyrenaica.

The western Tripoli-centered “government,” supported by Turkey and Qatar, consists of a collection of Islamist militias and ostensible “liberals” known as “Libya Dawn.” Their biggest point of unity is opposition to Gen. Hifter, whose brutality under the Ghadafi regime has not been forgotten. They also insist on the imposition of Sharia law, which is why they’ve attracted support from groups like Ansar al-Sharia, responsible for the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

The Times quotes Ben Fishman, “a former top National Security Council official” on North Africa affairs:

“On ISIS in Libya, we have to be more assertive. We have to increase bombing of ISIS while we are working to support the new unity government.”

In other words, we have to set the two rival governments against each other so we have a pretext to intervene in the name of the “war on terrorism.” Uncle Sam creates a problem, and then intervenes to “solve” it. That’s the story of Libya since the fall of Ghadafi. And the same can be said of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

The United States has no business intervening in Libya – no more than a criminal who returns to the scene of his crime to “make things right.” Unfortunately, there is as yet no means to jail the criminals responsible for the destruction of Libyan society, but the least we can hope for is that the US Congress will prevent them from repeating their crimes.

Is it a coincidence that the so-called Islamic State has prospered in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and now Afghanistan? What do all these nations have in common? Yes, that’s right: these are all countries that fell victim to the regime-changers. And then, as night follows day, the dreaded Terrorist Threat arose like the desert sun.