As ISIS Bears Down On Oil Riches, Libya Makes Last Ditch Effort To Form Government | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

As ISIS Bears Down On Oil Riches, Libya Makes Last Ditch Effort To Form Government

Early last month, we outlined the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Libya, which was transformed into a lawless wasteland in the wake of NATO-backed efforts to topple Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The fractured government makes protecting the state’s oil infrastructure virtually impossible in the face of an increasingly aggressive ISIS assault. Fighters loyal to Ibrahim Jadhran - the shady militia leader who effectively controls Libya’s oil exports - are fighting to secure the country’s crude, but ISIS is set to overrun them and even if they weren’t there are very real questions about where Jadhran’s loyalties lie.

Russian airstrikes in Syria and an increasingly capable Iraqi military have made Libya look more attractive to ISIS. There’s little in the way of airstrikes, the government is completely incapable of defending itself, and vast stores of oil are there for the taking. It’s against this backdrop that the US and Britain are considering a ground operation as part of an effort to “stabilize” the country, which is ironic because it was NATO that destabilized the country in the first place.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ever notice that recently, when NATO, the UK, and the US go in to, allegedly "stabilize" a region (AKA, control its natural resources, and make sure those resources are sold in specifically Western currencies), the situation goes from bad to completely awful?!?

Take a look at Afghanistan, and the fact that some military analysts say we will be there "for at least another 50 years?!?

I rest my case.