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Report: Israel asks US to put return of Syria envoy on hold

Israel has approached the US Administration and asked that it put on hold plans to send an American ambassador to Damascus, the London-based Sharq al-Awsat reported Saturday.

Israel submitted the request in the wake of the warm welcome accorded to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his recent Damascus visit, the newspaper's reporter in Israel said, quoting sources close to the government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the US holds up the appointment of an envoy to Syria, it will be demonstrated yet again what absolute control Israel has over US foreign policy, and this will be seen as a sign of weakness on the part of the US by the Arab world.

And what precisely did Assad And Ahmadinejad do which has Israel so worked up?!?

As reported on 25 February 2010 in:

Following the breathless, almost apoplectic headline which read:

"Syria and Iran defy Clinton in show of unity"

And when you finally get down to the actual business at hand, what precisely did these Middle Eastern leaders actually do?

"President Bashar al-Assad and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad signed a bilateral deal to remove travel visas and attended a Muslim ceremony in the Syrian capital."

Wow, encouragement of mutual travel and trade, and attending a worship service!

No wonder Israel's leadership is terrified: countries in the Middle East can actually cooperate!

This is Israel's worst nightmare: all the countries in the Middle East developing trade, peaceful relationships, and speaking with one peaceful, unified voice demanding the establishment a viable Palestinian state.