US to spend $50 million on media in Pakistan | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US to spend $50 million on media in Pakistan

The Obama administration plans to spend nearly $50 million on Pakistani media this year to reverse anti-American sentiments and raise awareness of projects aimed at improving quality of life, confirms a Washington insider.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

50 million for Pakistani media?!?!?

Are these people barking mad?!?

What would really help turn Pakistani public opinion around would be the immediate cessation of US drone attacks, which kill scores of innocent people; women, children, the elderly, and the medically infirm.

No media in the world can undo the damage, physically, mentally, or spiritually, to those who are left behind to mourn the losses of people they loved.

We should be using that money for education, food, medicine, and assisting the Pakistani government in improving their infrastructure to the point where people begin to see their government in a transformational process wherein that government can actually serve the needs of its people better.

Of course, that use of these funds would be logical.

And these days, logic and American foreign policy only have the most tenuous of relationships in the best of times.