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Top Israeli official: A nuclear Iran would endanger world stability

"Iran is not just a challenge for Israel. I believe it is a challenge for the whole world," Barak said in a speech in Washington. "I can hardly think of a stable world order with a nuclear Iran."

Barak said he doubts that Iran is "crazy" enough -- he used the Yiddish word "meshugah" -- to launch a nuclear attack against Israel, but warned the existence of a nuclear-armed Iran could endanger the region, disrupt oil supplies and empower Iran's terrorist allies.

"I don't think the Iranians, even if they got the bomb, are going to drop it in the neighborhood," Barak said. "They fully understand what might follow -- they are radical but not total 'meshugah.' They have a quite sophisticated decision-making process and they understand realities."

Iran maintains it is interested in nuclear development only for power-generation and other civilian uses. But Barak said all countries must reject what he called "the verbal gymnastics" Iran uses to justify its nuclear research.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ehud Barack is essentially admitting that even if Iran had nuclear weapon, they are not going to use it in an offensive role.

Hence, the only "threat" from Iran, and one that Israel is willing to throw away American lives to prevent, is that a nuclear Iran would be safe from attack by Israel, and would break Israel's current nuclear monopoly in the Mideast.

And that to me is a really stupid reason to see your children blown to bloody bits.