Toxic Feminism Has Now Infected Yet Another Lucrative Industry | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Toxic Feminism Has Now Infected Yet Another Lucrative Industry

Social justice is creeping into the world of Young Adult book publishing as intersectional feminists position themselves as censors and the arbiters of acceptable content. It poses a danger to the lucrative industry that spawned Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, and innumerable others.

In the world of YA fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy, mobs of social justice culture cops have taken to bullying authors and publishers whom they deem “problematic,” which may affect the creative output—as well as the bottom line—of independent writers.

In an in-depth feature for Vulture, Kat Rosenfield highlighted the bullying controversy surrounding Laurie Forest’s debut fantasy novel “The Black Witch,” which is under fire for racist content. Reception for the novel had been widely positive prior to its release, but a 9,000-word review from Shauna Sinyard, a blogger and self-described “queer author assistant for hire” (in her now-deleted Twitter profile) killed the hype when it gained traction through social media.