Norwegian Businessman Alleges Entrepreneurs Get 'Pressed' to Spy on Russia | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Norwegian Businessman Alleges Entrepreneurs Get 'Pressed' to Spy on Russia

A Norwegian executive, who was arrested in Russia and expelled from the country for a decade over suspicions of espionage, has claimed that Norway's intelligence service has a habit of recruiting businessmen to become informants in Russia, which, he suggested, has a negative effect on bilateral relations.

Atle Berge, the director of the concrete manufacturer Ølen Betong, who was arrested by Russia's security service FSB and banned from the country for 10 years, has accused the Norwegian intelligence service (E-tjenesten) for corrupting his business in the neighbor country, national broadcaster NRK reported.

Berge claimed having been approached by E-tjenesten alongside fellow co-workers. Although he claimed to have declined the offer, which, by his own admission, involved "a certain pressure," he was nevertheless expelled from Russia.

"When E-tjenesten contacted me a couple of years earlier, I refused. But it seemed as if the FSB had knowledge of it nonetheless, as was the case with others related to the company" Berge told NRK, calling the Russian service "well-informed."