Biggest obstacle to Trump dealing with North Korea is his political foes at home | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Biggest obstacle to Trump dealing with North Korea is his political foes at home

One can envisage a media campaign being whipped up over the coming months for Trump to resume military exercises on the Korean Peninsula as a way to demonstrate “support for our allies” in the face of “North Korean aggression”.

This, ironically, underscores why Trump and Kim need to work closely together to implement a reciprocal peace deal. If North Korea delivers on its commitment to begin a measurable disarmament process and Trump reciprocates with security guarantees then the entire process can move forward with success.

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in has a crucial role to play too. President Moon is dedicated to a comprehensive peace settlement between the two divided Koreas and the eventual denuclearization of the peninsula. The South Korea leader is well aware that the North needs and deserves security guarantees.

It can be expected therefore that the South Korean leadership will back Trump in his prudent call for dropping the war games.

Any objective observer can readily understand that the only way to reach a sustainable peace settlement is for all sides to stand down the antagonisms.

It is only a conceited American notion that its forces are somehow “defensive” and “benign”. If there is to be a constructive engagement for peace then the US side must listen to what North Korea’s grievances are. A major grievance is the intimidation from US forces operating on a massive scale along its borders.