Twitter goes all-in for the vaccine deep state | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Twitter goes all-in for the vaccine deep state

Telling the truth about vaccines on Twitter, if you don’t get immediately shadowbanned or deplatformed for doing so, could land you, your account, and all of your tweeted content in Jack Dorsey’s digital "misinformation" bin, according to disturbing new reports.

The far-Left social media platform is reportedly launching a new ministry of propaganda "feature" that aims to stop Twitter users from sharing posts, videos, or other information that in any way suggests that vaccines aren’t 100 percent safe and effective all the time like the government claims.

In the very near future, when a search for information about vaccines is performed on Twitter, the platform will apparently be tuned to bring up only "approved" content claiming that vaccines are a perfect miracle medicine. However, should a vaccine query somehow pull up information that runs contrary to this, such as data showing that the MMR vaccine doesn’t even work, then Twitter will automatically mark such content as "misinformation."