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Why don’t the Egyptian people revolt?

The civilian opposition elites abroad, backed by groups in the community with an Islamic background, complain about the flatness and stagnation of the Egyptian people, and their unwillingness to change their bitter reality. Some intellectuals have begun searching in history for proof of their foolishness, sometimes twisting the facts to prove the validity of their opinions.

These opposition elites do not feel guilty as they blame their sins on the people. They are the ones who lost the revolution, dancing in front of Al-Sisi’s empty election committees. They are the ones who sold their dignity to support the tyrant in exchange for a humble meal. These accusations only indicate some elites’ lack of knowledge regarding the nature, history, and psyche of the people on whose behalf they speak.

The truth is that these elites have overlooked several matters:



A previous


A previous prime minister of Egypt (I think it was Nuqrashi Pasha) - in the days when it was still a monarchy (late 1940s) - was asked if he were afraid of a coup d'etat while he would be out of the country replied that "the Egyptian people are slaves to whomever rules them".

Am fear a thug buaidh air fhèin, thug e buaidh air nàmhaid.
He who conquers himself, conquers an enemy.

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