The World Economic Forum is totally supporting all of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aka Technocracy. Here is an A to Z analysis of each SDG and what they really mean.Please take time to read through each point, listen to each short video and then share as widely as possible. Also note that this article introduces new TN contributor, Jacob Nordangård, PhD from Sweden. ? TN Editor

A week before World Economic Forum’s 2020 meeting, the report Unlocking Technology for the Global Goals was released by WEF’s Global Future Council Working Group on 4IR for Global Public Goods. The report, written in collaboration with the audit and consulting firm PwC, reviews how the advanced technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will contribute to meeting the objectives of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The work is part of WEF’s new initiative Frontier 2030, led by Danish Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen (who also contributed to Klaus Schwab’s book Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution). Noteworthy is that six of the seven main authors of the report are women. Big Mother coming to our rescue?

The world, if all goes according to plan, is to be completely transformed over the course of a decade. Just like Maurice Strong at the first Stockholm Conference in 1972, the United Nations claims that we have “only ten years” to save the world, and both the UN and WEF have dubbed the next ten years the Decade of Action.

This campaign is very well coordinated and includes governments, international organisations, and representatives of “civil society”. Also onboard are the big tech giants who all see great opportunities for profit (read: tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars) in “saving and improving the world”. All according to WEF’s principle of Public-Private Partnership (originating with Mussolini, implemented in Sweden, and successfully propagated internationally by David Rockefeller).

The United Nation’s 17 Global Goals give a blueprint for what we globally and collectively must do if we are to end extreme poverty, protect our natural environment, revert climate change and create a more sustainable, equal and prosperous future for all. (Unlocking Technology for the Global Goals)

So, what is this technological solution all about?

The report gives an overview on how 4IR could help reach the 17 SDGs. This is a plan that promises Utopia but offers only Technocracy as a solution, with no other options available.

The report presents a technocratic society where the whole world is to be controlled and governed with the help of AI, satellites, robotics, drones, the Internet of Things, and with artificial food on the menu. A global digital panopticon where all human activities are to be recorded, analysed, and corrected with the help of Social Credits – yes, even here in the West!

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is now openly displayed as a powerful weapon against the masses with a digital god (AI) who will judge and control us in real time. This is the ultimate form of social engineering and a serious threat to the freedom of humanity.

In this vision, man is also meant to be altered to become something other than a human being.

It is conceivable, on the other hand, that geocybernetics will follow completely different (or complementary) courses that lie more in the realm of social management. Here the demographic issue overrides other themes: Is there an optimal number of human beings to be supported by the ecosphere ? What is the right mix of condensing people in cities and dispersing them across landscapes? (Hans Joachim Schellnhuber).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is, again, a brave new world, protecting the elites, and the already monied, at the expense of ordinary working people just trying to barely survive; think the brilliant film, "Elysium", and you are quite there.

This is not a world in which I, and probably most of my more intelligent brothers and sisters, will not want to live; and those in power who think they will tether us to technology, to make it impossible to escape, have completely forgotten the power of the human will, when it is focused on survival, and ultimate thriving.

And that... is the monstrously hubristic problem with such a system.