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Yemeni Survivor Calls for Probe Into U.S. Mercenary Attack

A Yemeni who survived an assassination operation ordered by the United Arab Emirates and led by American mercenaries has spoken out a

Abdullah Suliman Abdullah Daulah, a former journalist, was caught up in the 2015 attempted assassination of Yemeni politician Ansaf Ali Mayo in the southern city of Aden, which was then under the control of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council.bout his campaign on the U.S. government to hold those responsible to account.

American mercenaries working for the Spear Operations Group carried out the mission, in which no one was killed. A 2018 Buzzfeed report detailed how the UAE contracted the Americans in their campaign against "terrorist" targets in Yemen, many of whom were linked to the Islamist Al-Islah political party—a Yemeni affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood organization that is banned in the UAE.

Daubalah—now living in Turkey having fled Yemen via Jordan—is one of two Yemenis calling on American, British and Turkish authorities to arrest the Americans and Emiratis accused of involvement in the covert campaign as well as other war crimes committed in Yemen.

Last week, Daubalah and his lawyers at the London-based Stoke White firm submitted all collected evidence to the U.S. Department of Justice, the Turkish Ministry of Justice and Britain's Metropolitan Police.

They have not yet released the names of those they accuse of wrongdoing, nor the nature of their evidence. Stoke White said Daubalah and the other complainant—Salah Muslem Salem, whose brother was killed in Yemen in 2019—are self-funding their case with no third-party support.

Both the DOJ and the UAE embassy in London declined to comment on the accusations. The UAE embassy in Washington did not reply to Newsweek's phone calls and emails requesting comment.