‘NY Times’ covers up annexation plan scheme to ‘denationalize’ 350,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

‘NY Times’ covers up annexation plan scheme to ‘denationalize’ 350,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel

The U.S. mainstream media, with the New York Times in the lead, is covering up a shocking feature of the Netanyahu/Trump annexation plan that would strip 350,000 to 400,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel of their citizenship. The “denationalization” proposal is a crime against humanity, but the American press is ignoring it.

Thabet Abu Rass lives in the affected area, a predominately Palestinian part of northeast Israel known as “The Triangle,” where he heads an organization devoted to promoting peace between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens. Here’s how he translated the denationalization proposal:

Just imagine if today Donald Trump would tell Hispanic Americans living in the southwest, in territories annexed to the United States from Mexico in the 19th century, that they are Mexican citizens now and no longer American citizens. . . That is exactly what they are trying to do to us.

Abu Rass’s comments appeared in the independent Israeli daily Haaretz, as part of an excellent report by Judy Maltz. She visited The Triangle, and listened to him and other Palestinian Israelis talk about their fears. Eyed Amer, a high school principal, explains that “there is no contradiction between identifying as Palestinian and being a proud holder of Israeli citizenship.”

Amer says:

"You can be proud of your ethnicity and religion, and still want to be Israeli — even if you don’t necessarily identify with all the symbols of the state."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To those who have been following the Israeli/Palestinian struggle for some time now, it should come as absolutely zero shock, that Israel essentially gets everything out of the alleged "deal of the century", while Palestinians get nothing, except more marginalization.