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Pro-Israel Super PAC endorses Joe Biden for president

Democratic Majority for Israel says Biden has a proven record to fight for a strong US-Israeli relationship.

A pro-Israel Democratic super PAC has endorsed Joe Biden for president, underscoring growing antagonism towards Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders among Israel's advocates in the United States.

The endorsement by the Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI) - which is linked to AIPAC - comes a day ahead of a crucial round of primaries, after Biden took the lead in what has become a two-candidate race for the Democratic nomination.

"As senator and vice president, Joe Biden has proven he will fight for Democrats' broad vision for America, including a strong US-Israeli relationship," DMFI president and founder Mark Mellman, who is a prominent AIPAC strategist, said in a statement on Monday.

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Several Israeli and Republican officials had criticised Sanders for skipping the AIPAC conference in Washington earlier this month. The Vermont senator boycotted the event, accusing the pro-Israel organisation of providing a platform for "bigotry".

Biden delivered a video message to the conference in which he emphasised the importance of US-Israeli relations and talked up his pro-Israel credentials. But he also criticised Israel for settlement expansion.

He said it was "dangerous" for support to Israel to become a partisan issue between Democrats and Republicans.

"We can't let anything undermine the partnership that has grown and flourished from the moment of Israel's founding," Biden said in the video.

'Blind support for Israel'
DMFI ran ads attacking Sanders ahead of the early primary states in February, questioning the senator's health and electability without tackling his foreign policy ideas.

Sanders has vowed to condition aid to Israel in order to pressure it to end its abuses against Palestinians and ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, winning the support of many Palestinian groups and activists across the country.

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IF the US government is not careful, it may find itself defending Israel in wars against neighborhood actors, like Iran, which Israel may well generate, understanding that it has the whole support of the nation-state of the US behind it, even if Russia has Iran's back, both geopolitically, and militarily.

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