Sister & ‘Confidante’ Yo-jong Most Likely to Succeed Kim Jong-un, US Congressional Report Says | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Sister & ‘Confidante’ Yo-jong Most Likely to Succeed Kim Jong-un, US Congressional Report Says

Kim Yo-jong, who has been progressing quickly through the ruling party ranks over the past few years, played a prominent role in her brother's diplomacy being by his side at key state meetings, such as his summits with President Donald Trump in Singapore and Hanoi, Vietnam last year. However, analysts wonder whether a woman could take up the reins of the country, especially without being explicitly blessed by her brother, the report says.

The CRS goes further to note that any power struggle may have major implications for the United States, including on such burning issues as North Korea's nuclear arsenal and the possibility of a confrontation with China that could "alter the fundamental security structure of the region” etc.

Meanwhile, things still look calm from the economic perspective, the report says noting North Korea has shown "few signs of severe economic distress that could trigger a systemic collapse".
It cites experts doubting North Korea's official statistics of no confirmed cases of COVID-19, despite the country sharing a border with China, where the outbreak is believed to have officially started. Whatever the case, the country's health system does not appear to have become overwhelmed, purportedly due to its border closures and other strict measures.

In the latest possible explanation for the North Korean leader’s 20-day (so far) absence from public life, South Korean and US officials assumed Kim Jong-un is not at all ill and could be sheltering from the coronavirus crisis. For instance, South Korea's Unification Minister Kim Yeon-chul suggested that the situation may indeed have something to do with the raging coronavirus crisis, and the leader's absence is thus hardly unusual, while President Trump earlier stressed that all the reports about Kim's poor health are yet unproven.