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U.S. Control of Alexandroupolis Port Will Not Help to Protect Greece from Turkey

The Greek Private Asset Utilization Fund (HRADF) will sell a 67% stake of Alexandroupolis Port in northern Greece near the border with Turkey and Bulgaria. Two American companies are believed to be interested in the deal. Selling a port of strategic importance to U.S. companies, coupled with the availability of the facility for U.S. and NATO troops, is raising many questions in Greece. The Mediterranean country remains only one in two countries surveyed in NATO where the civilian population is not in favor of the alliance and only 36% of Greeks view the U.S. favourably. An announcement issued by HRADF emphasized that the bid consisted of two phases – “in the first phase, interested parties are invited to express their intention to participate before 5:00 pm on October 2, 2020.”

It is worth noting that the signing of a new defense agreement between Athens and Washington in October 2019 gave the Americans freedom to use the country’s seaport infrastructure. In fact, the U.S. announced its interests in the Alexandroupolis Port as far back as September 2019.

Although the Greek leadership knows that Washington has traditionally appeased Turkey at the expense of Greek security and interests, they are still willing to sacrifice one of their most strategic assets with the hope that it will stem Turkish aggression on Greece. Earlier this week, Turkish Member of Paliament Metin Külünk, who belongs to the ruling Justice and Development Party and went to the same youth movement as Erdo?an, went to Twitter to announce Turkey’s future conquest of Greece’s eastern Aegean islands and the mainland region where Alexandroupolis Port is located, accompanied with a map of “Greater Turkey.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Greater Turkey"?!?!?

Where is NATO in all this?!? this must be settled peacefully, through negotiations, or all hell is about to break loose, both in Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Because if they allow this Turkish madness to continue, it will mean the utter death of NATO.

Greece will defend every one of their possession in the Eastern Aegian islands to the blood of their last soldier on the field; and if the Turks do not understand that, they are out of their collective minds.