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"Behind all the finger-pointing there lies a fundamental flaw in the Private Central Bank Debt-Based Currency model the American people have been enslaved to since 1913.

Since all cash in circulation is the proceeds from a loan from the bank at interest, the debt always grows faster than the amount of available money.

The instant that first paper note goes into circulation, more money is owed to the bankers than actually exists, and by design, the debt-subjugated population can never pay off the debt; can never be free of the bankers.

This is why all nations with state banks and value-based currencies come under military attack. Libya is only the most recent example. Qaddafi had a state bank of Libya, no private central banks, and a currency based on gold. Far from a radical idea this is the financial system the United States stated with. Yet state banks and value-based currencies are a threat to the ponzi-scheme banking by which nations are enslaved to the bankers. Thus, they come under attack, and millions of young people are sacrificed to make the world safe for compound interest.

In the not-too-far future, rule by debt-based currency will be seen as devoid of any legitimacy, just as today we see as devoid of legitimacy the concepts of rule by divine right and rule by chattel ownership of ones body." -- Michael Rivero



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November 26, 2016

Nov 26 08:44

Artificial Intelligence and Biotech: Striking a Technological Balance of Power

By Tony Cartalucci

During World War 2, nations desperately raced to harness the atom. The United State ultimately won that race, and during their victory lap – being the sole nation to possess nuclear weapons – used them against their enemy Japan … twice.

Tens of thousands of lives were extinguished in the blink of an eye and Japan, already a defeated nation, submitted absolutely to US hegemony which would prevail both over Japan and most of Asia for nearly a century onward...

Nov 26 07:57

Is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange missing? No “proof of life,” fans say

Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange may have been taken into custody or possibly even killed following an unexpected visit to the Ecuadorian embassy by U.S. Senator John Kerry on Oct. 16,

Nov 26 07:47

These 180 Countries Have a GDP Lower Than the Total U.S. Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt in the United States has never been higher, currently sitting at a touch above $1.3 trillion. With the Spring semester about 5 weeks away, the nation is getting ready to add anywhere from $25-$45 billion to that total.

Nov 26 06:40

Can vaccines be tied into social engineering, artificial intelligence and transhumanism: A Neuro-musculoskeletal specialist MD explains

Before I drop some rather shocking vaccine information on readers relative to Artificial Intelligence [AI] and Transhumanism, and how most of today’s technologies are structured toward programming the human brain/mind to become a part of AI, let me just say that when I studied human nutrition, pregnant women were advised not to take any sort of medications, including aspirin! What’s happened that today, mothers-to-be are shot up with several vaccines?

Nov 26 06:25

Wildfire blamed on 'terror' roars through Israeli city

HAIFA, Israel (AP) — A wildfire roared through parts of Israel's third-largest city on Thursday, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes as the country's leaders raised the possibility that Arab assailants had intentionally set the blaze.

Nov 26 06:13

Seattle to set aside money for undocumented students

The liberal City of Seattle has a major problem with homelessness. Mayor Ed Murray declared a State of Emergency on November 2, 2015. To address the homelessness problem, the city set up safe RV lots for families and individuals living in vehicles. The problem with that? The City didn’t calculate the high costs associated with the program.

Nov 26 06:06

Malicious media onslaught on cultural veracity

Anyone who uses Google for searching knows all too well that the real FAKE NEWS sites are the only ones that appear

Nov 26 05:25

Pay Attention, They Are About to Strip Freedoms by Staging Events... Bill Calls for Charging Protesters with 'Economic Terrorism'

Rather than working to abolish some of the thousands of illogical, irrational laws in the United States criminalizing ordinary, mundane behavior, one legislator dreamed up yet another means to give us a criminal record — “economic terrorism.”

Nov 26 05:06

The annual Budget Games begin: Trump vs. Congress to control spending

Alexander Bolton of The Hill kicks off serious coverage of the Trump administration with “Deficits could stand in the way of Trump’s agenda“.

November 25, 2016

Nov 25 22:00

Steven Seagal receives Russian passport

Vladimir Putin has expressed his hopes for improving relations between Moscow and Washington as he personally granted a Russian passport to Hollywood star Steven Seagal.

'I want to congratulate you and express the hope that this is another, albeit small, gesture and it might be a sign of the gradual normalisation of relations between our countries,' the Russia president said to the US actor and director as the document was handed over.

'Spasibo bolshoye,' replied Seagal (thank you very much).

Nov 25 21:56

'I hope you die!' Hillary Clinton loyalists lash out at the only person in Chappaqua to back Trump - a 63-year old scout leader, Little League coach and pillar of the community for three decades

He's been a respected scout leader, little league coach and all-round pillar of the community for nearly three decades.

And yet retiree John Nadler now finds himself a virtual outcast - all because he's the only person in Hillary Clinton's hometown to throw his weight behind Donald Trump.

Nov 25 20:55

It's Official: Jill Stein Files Petition For Wisconsin Recount

It's official, the Wisconsin Election Commission just confirmed that a recount petition has been filed by Jill Stein just ahead of the 5pm deadline.

The petition is posted with the article and the BEX regarding Russian hackers is cited.

Nov 25 20:31

Breaking News on the War on Cash: Now Spain

India, Uruguay, Australia and now Spain. The Minister of Finance and Public Service, Cristóbal Montoro has reportedly just announced “anticipated measures in order to ‘reduce the use of cash.’

Nov 25 20:07

Awwww…mainstream media upset by all the retired military generals that Donald Trump is considering for his cabinet

On Thanksgiving Day, the Associated Press published a story raising eyebrows at president-elect Donald Trump for meeting too many retired generals about positions in his nascent administration.

Nov 25 19:18

Fake News Ruse: Establishment Declares War on Alternative Media

The effort to shut down the alternative media following the election victory of Donald Trump is kicking into high gear. On November 16 PolitiFact declared it would “fight back against fake news” and produced a hit list of alternative media sites. Blacklisted News is included on a list compiled by a site created specifically to target alternative media the establishment wants eliminated.

Nov 25 19:17

Australia ceases multimillion-dollar donations to controversial Clinton family charities

AUSTRALIA has finally ceased pouring millions of dollars into accounts linked to Hillary Clinton’s charities.

Which begs the question: Why were we donating to them in the first place?

The federal government confirmed to news.com.au it has not renewed any of its partnerships with the scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation, effectively ending 10 years of taxpayer-funded contributions worth more than $88 million.

Nov 25 19:10

Life’s Too Short to Lose Your Head in a Walmart Parking Lot at 3 A.M.

No, whatever money I would save isn’t worth the lifetime of bad karma I’d provoke fighting for a space in the mall parking lot.

Nov 25 19:07

The problems of the Italian banks continue

Monte Dei Paschi: Estimated EUR 13 Bln In Liabilities That Could Be Hit Under Bail In Rules – RTRS

Nov 25 19:05

Using fake news against opposing views

What worries me the most about fake news, isn’t that it’s fake, it’s that it’s being used by the left to try to silence opposing views.

Nov 25 19:01

Washington’s $35 trillion “Debt Bomb” Is Going to Blow

Nov 25 18:37

Cash Crackdown Escalates: India May Impose 60% Tax On "Unaccounted" Deposits, Curbs On Gold Holdings

The scrambling Indian government is taking even more aggressive steps to part savers with their allegedly "laundered" cash, and according to overnight news, the latest proposal is to levy close to 60% income tax on unaccounted deposits in banks above a threshold post demonetisation of high-denomination currency notes. Concurrently, the Indian government may also impose curbs on domestic holdings of gold as the war against "black money" escalates.

Nov 25 18:34

When Money Dies - India's Demonetization Is A "Massive Man-Made Disaster"

India faces a highly uncertain future. A vicious cycle has been set into motion by Modi and it will not end well. Unpredictable problems and unintended consequences are bound to surface incessantly. If Modi comes under sufficient pressure, he could easily go to war with nuclear-armed Pakistan

Modi, in his permament search for personal glorification could easily impose a state of emergency or martial law. This is in fact extremely likely, perhaps even inevitable, for the so-called intellectuals will beg for it.

As we have said previously: this will go down in the history books as one of the most naïve, least thought through policy decisions ever, a massive man-made disaster.

Nov 25 18:33

Trump Victory Signals Repudiation Of Clintonian Politics

Bhaskar Sunkara and Paul Jay discuss the consequences of the election for the Democrats and the possibility of a reinvigorated Sanders-like insurgency in 2018.

Nov 25 18:32

British Citizens Can Stop UK's Departure From EU: Tony Blair

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says British citizens can stop the country’s departure from the European Union (EU) if they want to since Brexit is not etched in stone.

In an interview with the New Statesman on Thursday, Blair said Brexit “can be stopped if the British people decide that, having seen what it means, the pain-gain cost-benefit analysis doesn’t stack up.”

Nov 25 18:31

Farage To Meet Trump Camp Again As He Plans ‘Permanent Move’ To US

UKIP’s Nigel Farage is reportedly planning to travel to the US next month to meet with Donald Trump’s transition team, having already been the first British politician to meet the president-elect after his shock victory.

Nov 25 18:24

Trump Bypasses Media With Direct YouTube/Twitter Distribution As Feud With Mainstream Outlets Rages

“Every incoming president has basic, generally agreed upon rules of the road. The Trump team has decided they’ll blow up and the road and build a new one."

Nov 25 18:24

Exclusive: Jack Cashill shows jaw-dropping stats about elites' voting, donating

Thank you, Lord, for the reprieve!
Exclusive: Jack Cashill shows jaw-dropping stats about elites' voting, donating

Whether we deserve it or not, we have been granted a stay of execution. Barack Obama had promised to fundamentally transform America. If Hillary Clinton had won the election, the deed would have been all but done.

We would have lost the Supreme Court for at least a generation. Political correctness would have been fully sanctioned, the military fully sissified and the economy put largely under the government’s thumb.

Happily, that has not happened. Why it did not happen will have political scientists scratching their heads for years to come. The stars seemed so perfectly aligned to elect Hillary Clinton.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/thank-you-lord-for-the-reprieve/#JlluTZUb7o...

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/thank-you-lord-for-the-reprieve/#JlluTZUb7o...

Nov 25 18:22

The Mysterious Case Of Jill Stein's Surging Recount Costs

So, with nearly $5mm raised so far, the question is no longer whether recounts will occur in WI, MI and PA but just how much Jill Stein will be able to drain from the pockets of disaffected Hillary supporters to fund her long-shot efforts.

All that said, here is Jill Stein admitting to CNN that she has absolutely no evidence of election hacking....even though she asks that you please keep sending your money anyway.

Jill Stein: "We don't know" if the election was stolen, but it was a "hack-riddled election" https://t.co/yxsdKzEsVg https://t.co/7y9Obwtpyo

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) November 25, 2016

Nov 25 18:19

Office Depot Caught Selling 'Fixes' for Non-Existent PC Problems

The retailer will no longer use PC Health Check following reports that it was recommending costly fixes for non-existent problems. The Seattle-based KIRO 7 news team recently took a pile of brand-new computers to six Office Depot locations around Portland, Ore. Technicians at four shops claimed the PCs showed "symptoms of malware," and offered to sell repair and protection services for up to $180.

KIRO 7 brought the same computers to local security company IOActive, where experts found no malicious software—let alone any symptoms.

Nov 25 16:41

Jason Chaffetz Brutally Stomps Moronic BLM Stooge "You Are Ridiculous"

Jason Chaffetz takes this guy to the cleaners

Nov 25 16:41

Trump Bans ‘Nonesense’ NASA Climate Change Research

Donald Trump plans to ban all climate change research conducted by Nasa as part of a no-nonsense approach to “politicized science”, his senior adviser has said.

Nov 25 16:36

Canada Buys New F-18s After Canceling Its Order for the F-35

The Canadian government has announced plans to acquire F/A-18E/F Super Hornet multi-role fighters. Ottawa wants to secure a modest number of the jets until it decides on a real replacement for its current fleet of legacy Hornet fighters—which won't be the F-35.

Nov 25 16:33

Locky ransomware uses decoy image files to ambush Facebook, LinkedIn accounts

A low-tech but cunning malware program is worrying security researchers after it started spreading rapidly in the past week through a new attack vector: by forcibly exploiting vulnerabilities in Facebook and LinkedIn.

According to the Israeli security firm Check Point, security flaws in the two social networks allow a maliciously coded image file to download itself to a user's computer. Users who notice the download, and who then access the file, cause malicious code to install "Locky" ransomware onto their computers.

Nov 25 16:31

Android Malware Used to Hack and Steal a Tesla Car

By infecting a Tesla owner's phone with Android malware, a car thief can hack and then steal a Tesla car, security researchers have revealed this week.

Nov 25 16:26

Football sex abuse scandal: Top clubs 'made secret payments to keep victims quiet'

Top football clubs made secret payments to buy the silence of young players sexually abused by coaches, The Telegraph can disclose, as the growing scandal threatened to engulf the sport.

A well-placed source said a number of clubs, including at least one Premier League team, had paid compensation to footballers but only after victims had signed confidentiality agreements so strict that along with their families and lawyers they are banned from saying publicly if the cases even existed.

The revelation will fuel concern that the national game has covered up historic sexual abuse for years.

Nov 25 15:52

Lancet study on statins was 'fundamentally flawed', critics say

A major Lancet study which backed the safety of statins was “fundamentally flawed” and underestimated the side-effects of the heart drugs, a group of medics has said.


Lead author Dr Malhotra said “Decades of misinformation on cholesterol and the gross exaggeration of statin benefits with downplaying of side effects has likely led to the overmedication of millions of people across the world.”

“The lack of transparency in the prescription of statins is just one symptom of a broken system of healthcare where finance based medicine has trumped independent evidence and what is most important for patients.”

Nov 25 15:52

Trey Gowdy's Thoughts On Obamacare Costing Americans Jobs

Trey Gowdy hates the affordable health care act "obamacare" is costing americans jobs!

Nov 25 15:51

How to DELETE yourself from the internet - website lets you log off permanently with one click

Nov 25 15:49

Erdogan warns Europe that Turkey could open migrant gates

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan threatened on Friday to unleash a new wave of migrants on Europe after lawmakers there voted for a temporary halt to Turkey's EU membership negotiations, but behind the fighting talk, neither side wants a collapse in ties.

Nov 25 15:40

Instead Of Black Friday Materialism, Thanksgiving Weekend Should Be A Time To Live, Laugh And Love

We have become a nation that is entirely consumed by greed. The average American has the television on approximately five hours a day, and that means that we are being endlessly exposed to commercials that are telling us to buy stuff.

Nov 25 15:33

Stein Files Official WI Election Petition – Recount Expected To Start Next Week

The Wisconsin Elections Commission announces Jill Stein has officially filed and expects to begin the election vote recount next week.

Nov 25 15:07

Syrian Air Force denies bombing Turkish Army in east Aleppo

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (5:45 A.M.) - A high-ranking official from the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAYF) told Al-Masdar on Thursday night that their fighter jets did not bomb the Turkish Army in east Aleppo.

"No Syrian or Russian aircraft bombed the Turkish Army near Al-Bab on November 23rd - all reports claiming otherwise are lies," the official confirmed to Al-Masdar on Thursday.

Nov 25 14:57

The 2016 Black Friday Video Hall of Shame

Every year, people across the country begin the season of holiday joy by pushing, shoving, and trampling their fellow man for a toaster and this year has been no exception. Seriously, America. Nothing says dignity and civility like coming to blows over a pack of toilet paper. Here's this year's Video Hall of Shame.

Nov 25 14:26

Taxpayers Footing Bill For Unused $85M 'Ghost Hotel' In Afghanistan

More outstanding stewardship of U.S. taxpayer dollars...


Nov 25 13:50

Make America Great Again is already happening

Donald Trump ran on the theme “Make America Great Again” (MAGA).

It’s still 55 days before his inauguration as President of the United States of America. Amazingly, MAGA is already happ

Nov 25 13:49

China tests hypersonic missile, smash targets 300 MILES away

We are too blame for this advancement by china, we have been giving them our intellectual property for decades and they have been stealing it openly.

Nov 25 13:28

Knock-Knock! Russian Special Forces Raid House, Find ISIS Flag, Weapons And Ammo

Russian Special Forces conduct an anti-terrorist operation in the city of Nazran. Two officers and two militants were killed during the raid.

Nov 25 13:24

Pentagon Plans to Invest Billions in Undersea Drone Network

By Nicholas West

Despite ongoing evidence of colossal economic waste and manifest ineptitude by the Pentagon’s network of defense contractors, it isn’t stopping their commitment to spending many more billions of taxpayer money. Moreover, their plans are becoming even more long-range, saddling future generations with even more debt to service.

Their latest brainchild, according to a report in the Washington Post is an undersea network of drones and drone launch “pods” that will cover the 7 seas with patrol and defense capabilities...

Nov 25 13:11

'Oops, I think those parts are known!' CNN 'accidentally airs 30 minutes of hardcore porn in Boston area instead of Anthony Bourdain's show'

CNN accidentally aired a half hour of porn instead of Anthony Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' - spicing up Thanksgiving night in the Boston area, a viewer has claimed.

The viewer posted several photos of her screen on Twitter, showing how she was expecting to tune in for Bourdain's travelogue but was met with explicit images of porn star Riley Quinn instead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know CNN's ratings are in the toilet, but I seriously don't think this will help much! :)

This was actually another Pizzagate-style hoax to discredit the Independent Media.

Nov 25 13:10

War Has Broken Out in North Dakota

he situation in North Dakota at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline has degenerated into what can now only fairly be described as a war zone.

The escalating assaults on unarmed protesters by heavily armed, fully militarized police units have transformed the Dakota Access Pipeline construction site into a battlefield.

Scores of people have been injured and medics are struggling to evacuate the injured to area medical facilities for treatment. The scene is one of constant clashes and assaults by North Dakota military police attempting to drive Native American protesters away from the pipeline construction site.

A flashpoint on the Backwater Bridge was the scene of an intense six-hour engagement between “Water Defender” protesters and Morton County, North Dakota, sheriff’s personnel.

Nov 25 13:09

The ‘Cult’ of Climate Change (née Global Warming)

Global warming has become a religion.

This is the opinion of Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever , Prof. Richard Lindzen, and many others. Climate change alarmism has a surprising number of attributes of a medieval or even ancient religion. Nevertheless, real religions have some pre-requisites, like a tradition spanning at least few generations. So the proper name for climate alarmism is a cult. And these are the telltale attributes:

Nov 25 13:08

Washington Post Names Drudge, Zero Hedge, & Ron Paul As Anti-Clinton "Sophisticated Russian Propaganda Tools"

Citing "two teams of independent researchers" (who surely have a substantial libel litigation provision) who found "Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery... echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal," the Jeff Bezos-owned website names Drudge, Zero Hedge, and The Ron Paul Institute and countless other outlets among the "useful idiots" that true American patriots should be wary of.

Nov 25 13:03

Anti-Trump Rioters calling for a Race War

Anti-Trump rioters are calling for a race war as the media pushes the false narrative Trump is collaborating with white supremacists to start a holocaust.

Nov 25 12:54

Brit Who Joined Kurdish Peshmerga To Fight ISIS Returns To Police ‘Harassment’

A Scottish volunteer who fought Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) with Kurdish Peshmerga forces for more than two years says he has been the subject of an intrusive police investigation “bordering on harassment” since returning home last week.

Nov 25 12:52

Up For Debate: New Breed Of Politicians Push NATO Survival Into Brink

People across Europe also took to the streets to voice their anger over the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Nov 25 12:51

Mexican Cement Company Offers To Build Trump His Wall

A leading Mexican cement manufacturer has offered to help President-elect Donald Trump build his more than 1,000 mile long “big, beautiful, powerful’ wall along the US-Mexican southern border.

“We can’t be choosy,” Enrique Escalante, Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua (GCC) said in an interview with Reuters. “We’re an important producer in that area and we have to respect our clients on both sides of the border.”

Nov 25 12:31

Black Friday Idiots Compilations

Nov 25 12:26

Trump appoints Fox News analyst as deputy NatSec adviser

President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Fox News analyst KT McFarland to serve as deputy national security advisor to General Michael Flynn. Campaign finance lawyer Donald McGhan was reportedly chosen as White House counsel.

She was on Henry Kissinger’s national security staff during the Nixon administration, and worked for Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger from 1982 to 1985, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and sits on the board of the Jamestown Foundation, a think-tank focused on China, Russia, Eurasia, and global terrorism.

Not too friendly towards Russia.

Nov 25 12:12

Jill Stein has just raised more money in 24 hours for her WI, MI, and PA recount initiative than she did for her entire 2016 presidential campaign.

Let that sink in. Where is this money coming from, because it sure isn’t her supporters!

Nov 25 11:35


Two college students intent on drawing attention to President-elect Donald Trump’s alleged racism engaged in their own idiotic brand of racism Saturday by smearing racist graffiti on the wall of Griffin Hall at Williams College in Massachusetts.

Nov 25 11:32

Kiev to hold missile-firing exercise over Crimea, where civil aviation performs flights - Moscow

kraine has made a unilateral decision to organize missile-firing exercises over Crimea, in the sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation, Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviatsiya reported. Missiles will be fired in regions where civil and state aviation flights run.
Kiev’s move breaches a number of international laws and agreements, Rosaviatsiya said, adding that not only will the military exercise invade Russian territory, but the plans also had not been coordinated with Moscow.

Ukraine released an aviation notification on Thursday, activating "dangerous zones" in all flight levels near Crimea and the city of Simferopol for December 1 and 2, the agency reported. It added that the “dangerous” areas included airspace above open sea which is in Russia's area of responsibility, and over Russian territorial waters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

December 1 and 2 happen next week, folks; this is about as confrontational as it gets!

Remember when we have mentioned, on this site, that some in this government hate Trump so intently that they want to jinn up a war between the US and Russia even before Trump takes the Oath of Office in January?!?

This may well be the start of such a war.

I will be watching very intensely to see Russia's reaction to these drills.

Nov 25 11:25

'Golden Era': China's Global Triumphant March Prompts Panic in West

China's investment in the US has surpassed America's investment into China, the Beijing-based Center for China and Globalization's latest report highlights. However, China's global expansion has prompted growing concerns in the West which is yet to reconcile itself with the reality of its fading economic influence in the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To anyone paying attention, this...is a very big deal.

Nov 25 11:19

Richard Charnin: Predicted Trump Win on 11/7, Claims Trump Won Popular Vote

It is a FACT: the Reported vote is NEVER equal to the True Vote. The pundits always brainwash the public into assuming that the Reported vote represents True voter intent.

The National Exit Poll is always forced to match the Reported vote.

The True Vote Model (Scenario 1) uses Gallup Party-ID: 40I-32D-28R.
Trump leads Clinton by 2.18 million votes: 45.7-44.0%. How many of the Other 10.3% voted for Jill Stein? Surely more than 1%. Probably close to 5%. (It's likely that Killary stole Stein's votes.)

PA True Vote Model
Trump wins 48.6-47.7% (54,000 vote margin)
Trump wins Independents: 62-32%
Party ID: 39.1D -29.2R -31.7I

WI True Vote Model
Trump wins 48.0-46.5% (45,000 vote margin)
Trump wins Independents: 53-32%
Party ID: 41.0D -31.1R -21.9I (derived from Gallup)

MI True Vote Model
(reported vote shares with True Vote Model Party-ID)
Trump wins 47.7-47.5% (10,000 votes)
MI Party-ID: 42.0D-33.5R-34.5I (derived from Gallup)
Gallup National party affiliation survey: 40I-32D-28R

2016 Election Fraud Quiz
True or False (ALL True)
1 The Democrats stole the primary from Bernie
2 The GOP primary was virtually fraud-free
3 Plausible: Clinton would try to steal the presidential election
4 Implausible: Clinton’s CA margin is 5.8% higher than Obama in 2012
5 Voters were disenfranchised in the primaries
6 Millions of voters were disenfranchised in the election
7 Millions of illegals voted (see Link1, Link2)
8 The Reported Vote is never equal to the True Vote due to Election Fraud
9 The MSM is for Hillary although she is under criminal investigation
10 Bernie’s crowds were nearly 100X larger than Clinton
11 Trump’s crowds were nearly 100X larger than Clinton
12 Exit pollster Edison Research works for the National Election Pool
13 Unadjusted exit polls proved election fraud since 1988
14 The MSM covered up 2000, 2004 elections and 2016 primary fraud
15 The MSM disparaged exit polls as conspiracy theory- until 2016
16 Corporate media pollsters rigged the pre-election polls for HRC
17 Corporate Media pollsters may have rigged the exit polls for HRC
18 The MSM never mentions the “third rail”: rigged voting machines
19 The MSM has focused strictly on voter disenfranchisement
20 Party ID (9 pre-election polls): 29 Ind, 39 Dem, 32 Rep ( Election Model)
21 Party ID National Exit Poll: 31 Ind, 36 Dem, 33 Rep
22 Party ID Gallup voter affiliation survey: 40 Ind, 32 Dem, 28 Rep
23 Trump led Independents in 9 pre-election polls: 44-34% (Election Model)
24 Trump leads Independents in the National Exit Poll by just 46-42%
25 Fraction Magic used to flip votes on central tabulators
26 Virtually all reported DRE vote flipping was Trump to HRC
27 The DNC not calling for a FULL audit indicates Trump won
28 Jill Stein must have exceeded 1% of the national vote

Nov 25 11:17

Caught On Tape: Multiple Fights Break Out Among "Black Friday Zombies"

It's Thanksgiving, which means that media commentator Mark Dice is back to his annual tradition of shaming the "Black Friday Zombie" shoppers lined up by the hundreds at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other Box Box retailers. In his characteristic style, he urges viewers to "have a look at these parasitic consumers who can't wait to buy more flatscreen televisions, tablets, and toasters, while they go deeper into credit card debt." As the video below shows, there was not even the faintest reaction to Dice's public shaming.

Nov 25 11:16

Japan Releases Instructions for Citizens in Case of Nuclear War with North Korea

JAPANESE people are bracing themselves for nuclear attack with chilling advise on what to do if Kim Jong-un presses the red button.

For the first time since North Korea began a series of nuke tests, people in Japan are being issued with terrifying instruction on how to deal with nuclear war.

A downloadable pamphlet is now available on the island nation’s civil defence website.

Called “Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism,” it outlines emergency measures in the event North Korean missiles are fired at the country.

It bears similarities to the creepy Protect and Survive documents issued in Britain and Northern Ireland during the early 1980s following the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan.

Like the UK’s booklet it give top-tips on how to avoid being fried and radiated.

It urges people to take shelter indoors behind thick walls to avoid blast injuries but also radiation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The timing of the release of such information by any government is never accidental. But I have to ask: why is this info being disseminated now?!?

Is the Japanese government concerned about an "accidental" nuclear strike because of the historical failure of North Korea's missile guidance systems?!?

Traditionally, the big problem for the North Korean military and scientists have had with their missiles, has been that of guidance.

I have a hard time believing that this has been miraculously "cured" since North Korea's last underground nuclear test last September.

That being said, I think we may be in for at least another missile test, or underground nuclear test...or perhaps both, from North Korea, and soon.

Kim Jung-Un appears to be using these tests as "leverage" against the US, South Korea, and Japan, after seeing what happened with the P5+1 agreement with Iran.

What Kim Jung-Un wants is a true peace treaty to replace the armistice which has existed between North and South Korea for the last 60 years, with guarantees on trade, in exchange for stopping his nuclear weapons program.

And the sooner the US can cajole China into sitting down at the table to make such negotiations happen, the better.

Of course, that will not happen now until Trump is President, looking at the horrific gaffe Obama pulled that last time he was at the G20 meeting in China, where he excoriated China about its actions in the South China Sea.

G20: Obama warns Beijing against South China Sea aggression

Nov 25 10:52

The polar vortex is shifting — and it's bad news for winter on the East Coast

Climate change has hit the Arctic worse than ever over the past few years, but that doesn't mean the Northern Hemisphere will be experiencing a mild winter this year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 25 10:50

UK Politician Offers To Help May Govt. Mend Fences With Trump

British politician Nigel Farage, who US President-elect Donald Trump has said would be great as the UK’s ambassador to Washington, has offered to help the government of Prime Minister Theresa May to mend fences with the incoming Trump administration.

Nov 25 10:50

Hundreds Of Porn Sites Run Out Of 1 Sleepy English Town

Consett, a sleepy town nestled in the English countryside near the Pennines, is apparently the home of hundreds of porn websites. Sheepish locals say they had no idea.

More than 400 of Consett’s residents work as directors of shell companies for online businesses, which, to the locals’ surprise, sell anything from diet pills to hardcore porn.

Nov 25 10:40

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Is Taking Top Aides And Associates Of Governor Andrew Cuomo To Trial. THE CLINTON FOUNDATION Will Be Next!

US Attorney for the State Of New York, Preet Bhahara, a mild mannered but vicious prosecutor has been given the green light to take Governor Andrew Cuomo's top aides and associates to trial for corruption.

Nov 25 10:39

Child Labor' Attack on Trump Education Pick Is the Dumbest Thing You'll Read Today

President-elect Trump announced on Wednesday that billionaire Republican donor Betsy DeVos, a school choice activist, was his pick to head the Department of Education. The left immediately commenced a collective tantrum over the school choice issue—the New York Times shrieking in a headline that she has "steered money from public schools"—and promptly declared DeVos unfit for the position based on that single issue.

Alana Horowitz Satlin, the assignment editor at Huffington Post, is also concerned about that issue, but in a breathless essay on Thursday, she also informed readers of an even more egregious sin in DeVos's past—something so fearful that it would irrevocably endanger the children of America. Betsy DeVos, you see, supports child labor. That's right. It says so right there at the Huffington Post under the headline "Group Funded By Trump’s Education Secretary Pick: ‘Bring Back Child Labor'":

Nov 25 10:35

Gilad Atzmon "Trump's White Identity Politics Divide And Rule In Same Way As Left Identity Politics!

Nov 25 10:21

Jill Stein says she'll file for recounts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as she racks up $4.5m from donors, but says she needs $2.5m MORE to push for Michigan and pay legal fees - and can't promise states will approve filings

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has now raised $4.5million in crowdfunded money - $2.5million more than her initial goal - but she says she needs a total of $7million to fund her proposed election recount.

Stein set up the fund on her website Wednesday after experts said it was possible that hackers had artificially lowered Hillary Clinton's counts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.


But Stein says even with that money, she can't promise that a recount will go ahead.
'We cannot guarantee a recount will happen in any of these states we are targeting,' she wrote. 'We can only pledge we will demand recounts in those states.'

Nov 25 10:14

Turkey’s “Unofficial” Invasion: Syrian Airforce Responds by Targeting Turkish Ground Forces in Northern Aleppo

Last night, the Syrian Air Force delivered air strikes on the Turkish Armed Forces near the ISIS controlled town of al-Bab in northern Syria, according to local sources in the Aleppo province.

The Turkish military confirmed that three Turkish soldiers and 10 others wounded (one of them seriously)were as result of an air strikes thought to be carried by the Syrian military. The wounded soldiers were taken to the hospital in the Turkish province of Gaziantep, bordering Syria.

Ankara added that the attack occurred at around 3:30 am (0030 GMT) in the course of the Turkish-led military operation (code-named Operation Euphrates Shield) in the area of al-Bab.

At the same, non-official Turkish and Syrian sources said that the attack resulted in killing over 5 Turkish soldiers and wounding of 16 others.
Meanwhile, intense fighting is ongoing between Turkey-led forces and Kurdish YPG forces in the province of Aleppo.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder as to what the odds are of direct Turkish/Russian military confrontation in Syria, should things get very nasty very quickly here.

And at that point, what will the US government and military do?!?

Nov 25 10:09


Nov 25 10:09

Crimes against Humanity: Ninety Percent of Gaza Has No Clean Drinking Water

Ninety percent of Gaza has no safe drinking water and by 2020, none of the water in the blockaded enclave will be usable if nothing is done, the World Bank said this week.

This was not always the case. As recently as the late 1990s, tap water in Gaza was safe to drink, World Bank Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist Adnan Ghosheh said in his statement on the World Bank website this week. But since then, so much water has been pumped from the natural aquifer underneath Gaza that seawater has seeped in, spoiling the water and making it too salty for drinking.

Gaza’s nearly 2 million residents, therefore, rely on about 150 water truck operators selling desalinated filtered drinking water. However, “It’s more expensive and not an improved source of water, according to our definitions of water clean enough to drink,” Ghosheh said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Access to clean water is a basic human right; withholding or denying it, is tantamount to a war crime, courtesy of the Israelis, against the Palestinians.

Nov 25 10:07

The numbers are in: Trump wins Michigan by 10,704

In the closest race for president in Michigan's history, Republican Donald Trump is hanging on to a 10,704-vote win over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Michigan Secretary of State posted results Wednesday that were submitted by the state's 83 county clerks on Tuesday after the votes were reviewed and certified by each county.

Before that compiled count, Trump held a 13,107-vote lead over Clinton. But after each county certified its results, the lead shrunk to 10,704, with the biggest chunk coming from Wayne County, which showed that Clinton had gotten 565 more votes than originally tallied by the county.

Nov 25 10:00

Surprise! Switzerland STILL world’s richest country and US second at $345K per person!

A drop in millionaires in Switzerland this year has failed to significantly dent the country’s impressive wealth, as a report by Credit Suisse declares it the richest country in the world yet again.

Nov 25 09:58

FLASHBACK: Pedophiles Run the Government and No One Gives a Damn - BFP Roundtable

Published on Oct 22, 2015SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=1668

Today on the BFP Roundtable James Corbett talks to Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins and Wayne Madsen about the Hastert scandal and cover up, the history and context of this story, and the remarkable lack of public interest in the case.

Nov 25 09:58

China: Xinjiang residents told to turn in passports

All residents in China's largely Muslim region of Xinjiang must hand in their passports to local police stations for "examination and management", according to Global Times, a state-funded newspaper .

"Anyone who needs the passport must apply to the police station," an anonymous police officer in Aksu prefecture told the paper on Thursday, adding that the policy had been implemented throughout Xinjiang.

The Global Times article followed numerous reports of tightened passport controls in cities across the region.

In June, local state-run media reported that the mostly Kazakh residents of a Xinjiang border district had to give police DNA samples, fingerprints, voiceprints and a "three-dimensional image" in order to apply for certain travel documents, including passports.

A Xinjiang official told the Global Times that the new tightening of policy was intended to maintain social order in the region.

Nov 25 09:57

Breaking: SOROS BOT Funding Stein Recount At Steady Rate $160k Per Hour

According to the post a donations to Jill Stein’s election recount campaign are being made at a steady rate of $160,000 on the hour every hour of the day.

The constant rate of donation, 24 hours a day, suggest that a computer program is being used to post the donations as opposed to real people making grassroots donation.

However, the donations are being reported as grassroots donations from a myriad of online supporters to help her verify the integrity of the election.

However, if real individuals are in fact making the actual donations they rate of the donations should drop over night when internet traffic is low.

Nov 25 09:45

"Netflix tax" may be coming soon to your bill

The Pasadena city council has been taking heat for weeks, after announcing a 9.4 percent tax on streaming video.

They’re calling it a utility, so it can be taxed like water and electricity.

“My constituents do not want this tax,” Tyron Hampton said. “Even if it is just a couple of dollars. It is being taxed twice.”

Pasadena City Councilman Tyron Hampton says the surprise tax was designed to make up for lost tax revenue from people getting rid of cable TV and home phones.

Nov 25 09:41

Media Finally Admit They Have a Credibility Problem, Face Industry-Wide Trust Crisis

Several top reporters at establishment media outlets are finally admitting, more than two weeks after the election, that their industry has a credibility problem and has much work to do to regain the trust of their readers in the wake of Republican Donald J. Trump’s landslide electoral college victory over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Nov 25 09:37

West Aims to Revise Nuclear Deal With Iran Ahead of Trump Inauguration

While the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran has been in place for almost a year now, and the only real compliance questions center around the US not following through on all the pledged lifting of sanctions they were supposed to do, officials now say the Obama Administration and the rest of the West are pushing to add even more restrictions on Iran.

It’s not so much that there’s a technical justification for any of these new restrictions. Rather, officials say the goal is to even further limit Iran’s civilian nuclear program before US President-elect Donald Trump takes office, in hopes that it will eliminate any excuse he has to scrap the pact.

Though Trump campaigned on the idea of ripping up the Iran deal if elected, though since then his aides have said the focus will be on strict enforcement of the pact. This enforcement strategy is also being advocated by Republicans and the Israeli leadership, both of whom previously opposed the deal on any terms.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Scrapping the pact may well ultimately lead to war with both Iran AND Russia; this would be a truly lousy outcome, and not something President-elect Trump should even be thinking about right now.

Forget for a moment, that a US-led, Israeli-enabled invasion of Iran would definitely put us absolutely on the wrong side of history here; unfortunately, right now, the US military doesn't have the weaponry; the money; the troop strength; or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a war with Russia.

Nov 25 09:35

The Road to Recovery: Global Epocalypse Inevitable According to Trump’s Chief and World’s Largest Failing Bank

The financial end of the world in economic apocalypse is here. A funny thing happened on the road to recovery: Trump’s chief strategist admitted his view of the Trumpian future looks like the Great Depression.

Nov 25 09:29

Syrian Rebels Show Off New Anti-Aircraft Missiles

After months of the US assisting weapons smuggling to rebels in Syria but also trying to keep anti-aircraft missiles out of the country, the US-backed rebels in the south, including Ansar al-Islam forces have issued a video of their fighters parading around with anti-aircraft weapons.

The weapons shown in the video were 9k32 Strela-2 missiles, a Soviet design from the late 1960s which remains a popular shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft missile across the world. It is unclear where the rebels got them, but they claimed to have a “good number” of them.

Saudi Arabia has been keen to get anti-aircraft missiles into the hands of rebels for years, but had so far been blocked by the US. It is possible they were finally able to do so, and while the Saudis aren’t themselves users of that particular design of missiles, they are common enough on the export market.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if President Obama "greenlit" this in the closing days of his administration, to keep the war in Syria continuing against the Al-Assad government.

Nov 25 09:24

Democratic presidential electors revolt against Trump

At least a half-dozen Democratic electors have signed onto an attempt to block Donald Trump from winning an Electoral College majority, an effort designed not only to deny Trump the presidency but also to undermine the legitimacy of the institution.

The presidential electors, mostly former Bernie Sanders supporters who hail from Washington state and Colorado, are now lobbying their Republican counterparts in other states to reject their oaths — and in some cases, state law — to vote against Trump when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Have the tar warmed up and the chickens plucked ... just in case.

Nov 25 09:23

US Soldier Killed in North Syria IED

The small, if not always totally certain number of US ground troops in Syria has meant they’ve mostly remained off the front lines, embedded with the Kurdish YPG. The first death among US soldiers in the country was reported today near Kurdish-held Ayn Issa, north of Raqqa.

The soldier was wounded in an IED blast near Ayn Issa, and did not survive. Centcom confirmed the incident but did not offer any particular details on what the soldier was doing at the time. Kurdish forces are advancing southward from Ayn Issa toward Raqqa, however.

While the first US military death in Syria, it’s also the second death in as many months in anti-ISIS offensives, with another soldier killed near northern Iraq’s city of Mosul. In similar fashion, that soldier was killed in a roadside bomb while embedded with Kurdish troops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What the hell is the US government doing, sending ground troops into Syria?!?

It is a blatant violation of Syrian national sovereignty, not to mention that the duly elected Al-Assad government has not invited the US government for help to get rid of the jihadists, battling his regime.

And of course, the reality that the US government has trained and funded many of these jihadists (the "moderate" guys, right?!?) is not helping the situation.

I have to wonder if our troops are in Syria to assassinate the heads of those units the US supported and trained, in order to regime-change Damascus, before they can blab to the world about who they really work for?!?

Nov 25 09:20

China's smog-sucking vacuum tower is actually working - " the air around the tower is in fact 55% cleaner than it was before" - " locals referred to his tower as a “clean air temple”"

Over the last 41 days, the Smog Free Tower has busily scrubbed 30 million m3 of air, according to Studio Roosegaarde. That’s equal to the volume of 10 Beijing National Stadiums. Studio Roosegaarde reports that locals referred to his tower as a “clean air temple,” drawing comparisons to China’s famed pagodas.

Nov 25 09:20

It's Over: Volkswagen Says It Will Never Sell Another Diesel in the U.S.

Finally ending over a year’s worth of speculation, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess has confirmed the brand will never again offer a diesel-powered car in the United States. The company isn’t allowed to sell oil-burning engines here, but many believed it would give the technology another shot in a couple of years’ time.

Nov 25 09:19

Why Israel is Burning?

Israel’s rural landscape is saturated with pine trees. These trees are new to the region. The pine trees were introduced to the Palestinians landscape in the early 1930s by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in an attempt to ‘reclaim the land’ . By 1935, JNF had planted 1.7 million trees over a total area of 1,750 acres. Over fifty years, the JNF planted over 260 million trees largely on confiscated Palestinian land. It did it all in a desperate attempt to hide the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages and their history.

Along the years the JNF performed a crude attempt to eliminate Palestinian civilisation and past but it also tried to make Palestine look like Europe. The Palestinian natural forest was eradicated. Similarly the olive trees were uprooted. The pine trees took their place. On the southern part of mount Carmel the Israelis named an area as ‘Little Switzerland’. By now, there is not much left of “Little Switzerland.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 25 09:16


How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up

Nov 25 09:14

The Entire [Corporate] Warmongering Media is Fake

If the Trump phenomena showed anything, it showed the consensus reality the mainstream media attempted to create concerning Hillary’s certain victory, as well as the consensus reality erected for decades, is not omnipotent. In fact, the earliest days of mass print media were erected on a famous fraud known as the “Great Moon Hoax” of 1835 – something researcher Chris Kendall has long called attention to – wherein the “educated,” “elite” widely accepted the mainstream publications’ claim bat people inhabited the lunar surface. In our day, a similar hoax still reigns, as mainstream media is literally as credible as Weekly World News’ Bat Boy story.

Nov 25 09:13

Winter really IS coming: 'Siberian snow theory' predicts an early and brutal cold season for the US

The United States could be in for a long, cold winter as snow cover in Siberia reaches its highest point for this time of year in decades, the father of the ‘Siberian Snow Theory’ has warned.

Snow cover in Siberia is sometimes used to predict winter weather in the US, and MIT climatologist Judah Cohen claims this year’s conditions are a ‘textbook situation,’ Bloomberg reports.

It’s thought that more snow in northern Eurasia signals the frigid temperatures set to hit the regions below.

And while the cold blast could strike anywhere among North America, Asia, or Europe, the expert warns the US may get hit harder than forecasters are expecting.

Nov 25 09:13

Royal Navy’s hi-tech destroyer breaks down in NATO wargame, towed back to port

One of the Royal Navy’s cutting edge Type 45 destroyers had to be humiliatingly towed back to port just two days after setting off to take part in NATO exercises.
The HMS Duncan is believed to have suffered total propulsion failure, forcing it back into Plymouth harbor on Wednesday, according to the Telegraph.

Nov 25 09:12

‘France isn’t multicultural’: Flash poll finds Francois Fillon wins primary debate with Alain Juppé

The candidates were at odds over the identity of France, with Fillon emphasizing that “France isn’t a multicultural nation. When you come to someone’s house, by courtesy, you don’t take over.”

Juppé said that it is rich diversity that makes France special, and that the nation should celebrate it.

Nov 25 09:11

BEX ALERT - French people sacrifice their own interests to help Putin win the world?

The Western media is attempting to reduce France's byzantine Presidential campaign to a contest of who is the most "pro-Russian." This fits a recent trend, which infantilizes political coverage.

Nov 25 09:11

Well that's not going to terrify Putin! Royal Navy £1bn warship is towed back into port with 'technical issues' just two days after setting off to sea

HMS Duncan was among a group of four NATO ships that visited HM Naval Base Devonport at the weekend.

The fleet left on Monday and had been due to set sail to a European port after it completed its training exercises off the Plymouth coast.

But local residents spotted the Type 45 frigate being towed across the Sound at about 11.30am on Wednesday.

Raymond Wergan, 85, of Plymouth, Devon, who captured these pictures of the vessel, said it appeared entirely powerless.

Nov 25 09:08

Meet the Obama voters who came out for Trump

Dan Nainan, 35, is the son of Japanese and Indian immigrants. He lives in Manhattan where he works as a comedian. In 2008 and 2012, he enthusiastically voted for Barack Obama, citing the Affordable Care Act and Obama's support of marriage equality as major pluses. Last Tuesday, he voted for Donald J. Trump.

A week out from the election of Donald Trump, the standard narrative around his surprise win looks something like this: Hillary Clinton's campaign failed to energize the young, diverse coalition that supported Obama, while Trump brought out surprise numbers of white, working class folks. Yet, while there are a host of complicated explanations for Clinton's loss, it can't be entirely explained by which side best rallied its base: some Obama voters crossed the aisle for Donald Trump.

Nov 25 09:06

Trump the Great — Paul Craig Roberts

Liberals, progressives, and the left-wing (to the extent that one still exists) are aligning with the corrupt oligarchy against president-elect Trump and the American people.

They are busy at work trying to generate hysteria over Trump’s “authoritarian personality and followers.” In other words, the message is: here come the fascists.

Liberals and progressives wailed and whined about “an all white male cabinet,” only to be made fools by Trump’s appointment of a black male and two women, one a minority and one a Trump critic.

The oligarchs are organizing their liberal progressive front groups to disrupt Trump’s inauguration in an effort to continue the attempt to delegitimize Trump the way the paid Maidan protesters were used in Kiev to delegitimize the elected Ukrainian government.

Nov 25 09:05


On the morning of July 18, we were met by DPR Prosecutor General office representatives with two cars to take us to the site. Although at that time Ukraine prosecutor’s office still function and DPR MVD entities were not yet formed. While in transit, I got a call from Col. Goncharov who wanted to learn where we were? “Where are you?” he asked insistently. I, naturally, told him about the route we were taking, together with DPR colleagues, toward Rassypnoye and Grabovo to the crash site, where Ukraine’s Emercom was already beginning to function. Goncharov then categorically ordered me to return, citing orders he received from Ukraine MVD not to inspect the crash site.

Nov 25 09:04

Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say

The flood of “fake news” this election season got support from a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign that created and spread misleading articles online with the goal of punishing Democrat Hillary Clinton, helping Republican Donald Trump and undermining faith in American democracy, say independent researchers who tracked the operation.

Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery — including thousands of botnets, teams of paid human “trolls,” and networks of websites and social-media accounts — echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal hiding potentially fatal health problems and preparing to hand control of the nation to a shadowy cabal of global financiers. The effort also sought to heighten the appearance of international tensions and promote fear of looming hostilities with nuclear-armed Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears that the "Hysterical Hillaristas" are pathologically incapable of understanding why Clinton lost the election, so in a last gasp of desperation, have decided to blame Russia, rather than take any responsibility for her criminal history; her temperament; her corruption; her smug sense of entitlement; her having stolen the nomination from Bernie Sanders, by any means necessary; and an absolute void of meaningful policies introduced, coupled with a lack of a good ground game, particularly in the swing states, with which her campaign was run.

Both the government and the presstitute media have lost the trust of the people of this country, by lying consistently, and saying one thing, but doing another; Russia has had nothing to do with that, thank you very much.

Fake news has been very much the "stock in trade" for the presstitute media for some time, and people have grown tired of it. Remember those headlines about Saddam Hussein allegedly having "weapons of mass destruction" and Syria's al-Assad allegedly gassing his own people?!?

These were all proven to be lies, fabricated for the purpose of "selling" the American public more wars and more taxes to support those wars.

That is why people interested in what is really happening in this world are flocking to the independent media, because they understand that they have a better chance of getting the straight story at sites like WRH than they ever would at the New York Times, which appears to have fallen into the gutter of blame-game, pseudo-journalism, from which, apparently, it cannot extricate itself.

When Karl Marx made the observation that "All wars are economic", he was absolutely correct. Wars are not about glory, and honor, and "preserving the American way of life", whatever that may be. Wars are about obtaining and exploiting resources in other countries, to which the US government has no moral right, then making sure they are controlled by American-approved corporations, and sold in US dollars; ultimately, it is just that simple.

And the reality here is that those Congressional representatives who "comfort" bereaved families when a family's loved one has been killed or maimed for life in one of the US government's "military misadventures", can't say to the grieving family, "I'm sorry you lost your loved one, but hey; the US government now controls Iraq's oil, and the oil is sold only in US dollars; isn't that great?!?"

The outrage such a statement would generate, multiplied by every US military member dead or maimed, when the reality of why their loved ones died or got maimed for life sunk in, would cause an exponential outpouring of fury against this government, when enough families realize that they lost the person they loved ...ultimately for corporate profit.

So, if the American government and corporate press want to regain the trust of the American people, just start taking responsibility for your actions, and stop lying to the American people; it is just that simple.

The Post's attempt to blame Russia for Clinton's failure to win the presidency is an after-the-fact verbal tantrum for not having gotten its way, and appears both churlish, and childish.

And my polite suggestion to the Post would be: if you ever wish to be relevant to Americans again, grow up, get over it, and try telling the truth. You may be pleasantly surprised by an uptick in readership if you do so.

Nov 25 09:04

Revealed: The 48 organisations that can see your entire online browsing history, even if you delete it

The police, NHS and the tax man will now be able to hack into your phones and check your browsing history after the Snoopers' Charter was passed by Parliament last week.

The bill, officially called the Investigatory Powers Bill, forces electronic data to be stored by internet providers for 12 months, which can be subsequently collected by law enforcement.

Now a blogger has created a list of all the people who will be able to request to view your internet history if the bill passes Royal Assent to become law.

Nov 25 08:57


Now, you all remember to believe the "Real" Media and ignore the "Fake" media when they point out these itty bitty trivial goofs, because Ignorance Is Strength!

"Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have."
-- Richard Salent, Former President CBS News.

"News is what someone wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising".
former NBC news President Rubin Frank

"This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box. There is a great and perhaps decisive battle to be fought against ignorance, intolerance and indifference."
-- Edward R. Murrow

Webmaster's Commentary: 

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WRH Exclusive
Nov 25 08:48


"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." -- Joseph Stalin

Following the Florida election debacle of 2000, Americans were promised a more honest, transparent, and verifiable system of elections. We didn;t get it, because the elkection stealers won that election and decided that keeping the current system was their best guaarantee of re-election.

The election of 2016 changed that. The candidate being cheated by the system, Donald Trump, still prevailed thanks to a landslide that overcame the vote rigging. He will see having an honest election system as his best chance for a second term. Hence, there is a real opportunity to throw out the current system, whch is designed to encourage stealing elections, and replace it with a system that hinders cheating as much as possible.

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WRH Exclusive
Nov 25 08:44

2,000 migrants clash with police, set Bulgaria's largest refugee center on fire

Law enforcement and riot police have been deployed to Bulgaria's largest migrant and refugee camp, located in the town of Harmanli, after violence erupted in the center. Inhabitants damaged the facility setting the premises on fire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 25 08:43

European Parliament suspends negotiations with Turkey on EU membership

At a plenary session in Strasbourg, the European Parliament approved a resolution calling on the EU to suspend negotiations on Turkey’s membership over the actions of the Turkish authorities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Most likely because the Turkish authorities have flat-out said they are planning to move closer to Russia and China.

Nov 25 08:43


EU officials make no secret of the fact that Ukraine is clearly unable to cope with the task to extirpate the corruption. However, Poroshenko is expected to go on about his old, favorite issues. He thinks that the so-called, alleged Russian aggression and the situation in the Donbass, which were discussed yesterday at a meeting of the contact group in Minsk, would rouse the EU interest once again. But the problems and issues formulated by the EU are still waiting for a detailed discussion.

Nov 25 08:42


US Navy reports about the unauthorized access to confidential information, including social security numbers of 134386 current and former sailors. Despite the fact that there is no information about the using of this data, but this event is an extremely serious danger.

Nov 25 08:41

Tony Blair’s unfinished business

The former prime minister on Trump, Brexit, Corbyn and his return to public life in an attempt to revive “the progressive centre”. Will anyone listen?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe. Will they believe him? Not after that whopper about Iraq!

Nov 25 08:32


Nov 25 08:30

Nazi symbolism in Christmas ad finds German retailer Edeka crying ‘coincidence’

To make things even worse, the other car in the ad (the one that needs winter tires) also features a tricky number plate: ‘SO LL 3849’.

The 84 is known as an abbreviation for the eighth and fourth letters of the alphabet (H and D), commonly used in far-right circles for the greeting ‘Heil Deutschland’, the newspaper notes.

The numbers 3 and 9, meanwhile, stand for the letters C and I, which are said to symbolize ‘Christian Identity’ ideology popular in extreme right-wing circles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"From now on, the only acceptable numerals you may use are 3, 7, and 0, and the only acceptable letters are p, q, and t!" -- Murky

Nov 25 08:27

Kiev Is Desperate to Provoke Russia Before Trump Is Sworn In

No matter how incompetent the SBU is, they are not so incompetent as to not realize the fantastically provocative nature of their actions. This was an absolutely deliberate provocation whose goal was to get some kind of Russian reaction, either in Crimea or somewhere else.

What were they really hoping for?

Probably for some kind of Russian reaction which would reach across the border: some kind of attack on the Ukrainian border post, or maybe an artillery strike. Maybe even an attempt to free the two men, or even a retaliatory counter-kidnapping. What they knew is that any Russian reaction across the border would have been met by a hysterical chorus of outrage from the western political leaders and their corporate media.

Nov 25 08:25

FBI Boss: America Suffering ‘Unprecedented’ Pedophile Epidemic

FBI boss Joseph Campbell has admitted that America is currently suffering an “unprecedented” pedophile problem which has reached “epidemic levels”.

Nov 25 08:20

Jill Stein Bribed By Clinton to Steal the Election

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This makes sense. Jill Stein cannot possibly change her own election outcome with this stunt. Ergo Hillary has offered her a cabinet post for doing this. The "Experts" claim that Trump hacked the electronic voting machines in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The only problem is that Michigan does not use electronic voting machines! And who is it who owns most of those electronic voting machines, which were caught on tape flipping Trump votes to Hillary? George Soros!

Nov 25 08:05

China: Xinjiang residents told to turn in passports

All residents in China's largely Muslim region of Xinjiang must hand in their passports to local police stations for "examination and management", according to Global Times, a state-funded newspaper .

"Anyone who needs the passport must apply to the police station," an anonymous police officer in Aksu prefecture told the paper on Thursday, adding that the policy had been implemented throughout Xinjiang.

Nov 25 08:04

Oh Look – Now Liberals Are Attacking Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son Barron

In a surprise to absolutely nobody, liberal elites have taken their disdain for President-elect Donald Trump and used it to start attacking his 10-year-old son, Barron.

When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he stated emphatically that politicians’ families should be “off limits.”

That advice is no longer being heeded it seems, beginning with liberal Hollywood loon, Rosie O’Donnell, who is pushing stories that young Barron Trump is autistic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is going to backfire horribly. If the reports are false, Rosie O’Donnell looks bad. If they are true Rosie O’Donnell looks bad.

As a side note, if it is true, we have a sympathetic President to the issue of vaccine-induced autism.

Claire and I bought a subscription to Amazon Prime in order to watch "Grande Tour", the new car show featuring the original "Top Gear" hosts, and discovered that this also allowed us to watch the documentary VAXXED, which we did yesterday. Even knowing what it was about ahead of time, it was quite a shocking documentary and I urge everyone who is on amazon to catch it. Odd how Time/Warner cable still doesn't carry it!

The good news is that I just solved all my Christmas gift list problems. Everyone I know with a new baby gets a copy of this!

Nov 25 07:59

Kellogg ‘Breakfast Council’ was made up of paid experts

On its website, Kellogg touted a distinguished-sounding “Breakfast Council” of “independent experts” who helped guide its nutritional efforts.

Nowhere did it say this: The maker of Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes paid the experts and fed them talking points, according to a copy of a contract and emails obtained by The Associated Press.

The company paid the experts an average of $13,000 a year, prohibited them from offering media services for products “competitive or negative to cereal” and required them to engage in “nutrition influencer outreach” on social media or with colleagues, and report back on their efforts.

For Kellogg, the breakfast council — in existence between 2011 and this year — deftly blurred the lines between cereal promotion and impartial nutrition guidance. The company used the council to teach a continuing education class for dietitians, publish an academic paper on breakfast and try to influence the U.S. government’s dietary guidelines.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The other thing that Kellogg's Breakfast Council is not telling is the following:

Alarming Levels of Glyphosate Found in Popular American Foods

A number of Kellogg's products are named in this study; please do read this before you buy any more processed cereals for yourselves and your families.

Nov 25 07:58

Wal-Mart loses minimum wage pay fight as jury awards California truck drivers $54 million

Wal-Mart intentionally failed to pay hundreds of truck drivers in California the minimum wage, a federal jury decided Wednesday, awarding the drivers $54 million in damages and opening up the retail giant to penalties.

Nov 25 07:58

Court docs: Mom killed her 2 young children so that husband couldn't have custody in divorce

The mom who confessed to police that she killed her two young kids said she did it so her husband couldn't have them.
Brandi Worley, 30, was charged Friday with the murder of her 7-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter.

Nov 25 07:30

Entire internet history of UK citizens to be viewable by government bodies including police, tax agencies, pensions body, and Food Standards Agency within weeks

Organisations including the PSNI, Food Standards Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions will be able to see UK citizens' entire internet browsing history in weeks.

Nov 25 07:30

47 of the world's poorest countries are aiming to hit 100% renewable energy -"The idea is ... to skip from pre-industrialisation to renewables, avoiding the 'messy part' in the middle where a need for more energy to support economic growth spurs fossil f

As the world's leading superpowers struggle to make the transition from fossil-based energy systems to more sustainable options, 47 of the world’s poorest nations have pledged to skip fossil fuels altogether and jump straight to using 100 percent renewable energy instead.

Nov 25 06:31

Black Lives Matter To Block Consumers From White-Owned Chicago Stores On Black Friday. Just Stay Home And Shop Online.

It sounds like consumers in Chicago should just stay home on Black Friday, which is actually today.

Nov 25 04:51

David Icke: "Gotcha Where We Want You, Divide and Rule"

David Icke's analysis of the current political situation

November 24, 2016

Nov 24 21:02

Rosie O'Donnell Criticized for Promoting Rumor That Barron Trump May Be Autistic

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell, whose feud with Donald Trump is the stuff of legend, tweeted out a video speculating that the president-elect’s youngest son, Barron, may be autistic. Along with the footage, O’Donnell included a message stating, “Barron Trump Autistic? if so, what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.”

Nov 24 20:51

WSJ's Bret Stephens Makes LEGENDARY Shitty Call On Trump

Ridiculous prediction from election day. And this pompous ass runs the WSJ op-ed page...


Nov 24 19:39

NGO Provides Details To The UN On The US’s Offensive Biological Weapons Program

NGO provides details to the UN on the US’s offensive biological weapons program On November 9, 2016, the attached statement was made orally on the floor of the Biological Weapons Convention at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Multiple issues concerning the US’s non compliance with the international treaty were highlighted in…

Nov 24 19:25

Recount 2016 Scam Exposed

Nov 24 19:20

MAX BEX ALERT: Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say

By Craig Timberg November 24 at 8:27 PM
The flood of “fake news” this election season got support from a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign that created and spread misleading articles online with the goal of punishing Democrat Hillary Clinton, helping Republican Donald Trump and undermining faith in American democracy, say independent researchers who tracked the operation.

Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery — including thousands of botnets, teams of paid human “trolls,” and networks of Web sites and social-media accounts — echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal hiding potentially fatal health problems and preparing to hand control of the nation to a shadowy cabal of global financiers. The effort also sought to heighten the appearance of international tensions and promote fear of looming hostilities with nuclear-armed Russia.