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"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression... There is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such a twilight that we must be most aware of change in the air -- however slight -- lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness." -- William O. Douglas, US Supreme Court Justice from 1939-1975


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July 1, 2009

Jul 01 07:36

Terrorism claimed over 3,000 lives in tribal areas: report

Keep in mind: Drone attacks, and the GPS devices handed out to tribal leaders for use in fingering 'terrorists' in the area. "Terrorists" is a relative term...

Updated at: 1204 PST, Wednesday, July 01, 2009
PESHAWAR: Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) secretariat has issued the report of monetary and human losses done by terrorism and extremism in the tribal areas.

A 21 pages report revealed that more than $2 billion damages were done by terrorism in tribal areas.

Jul 01 07:31

Cynthia McKinney Demands Immediate Release After Her Gaza-Bound Boat is Seized by Israeli Navy

Former U.S. lawmaker and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, whose relief boat was seized by an Israeli naval ship Tuesday for the second time in a year, is demanding the immediate release of her and 20 other activists.

McKinney, a longtime supporter of Palestinians, said her Greek-flagged boat, the Spirit of Humanity, was carrying medical supplies, cement, olive trees and children's toys to Gaza when it was boarded by the Israeli navy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This originated from FOX News, so the story is finally getting some corporate media notice. Congrats to those who helped take the story viral so it could not be ignored.

Jul 01 07:26

World Bank to lend $50 million to Pakistan for irrigation

As if taken directly from the accounts of economic 'takedowns' detailed in Naomi Klein's book, "The Shock Doctrine", we continue to see IMF and World Bank loans pouring into Pakistan. Loans that are definitely needed, but the resulting 'string' and committments that must be made by Pakistan, and the exorbitant interst rates and UN meddling in Pakistan's economy do not bode well for the future of this soverign country.

World Bank to lend $50 million to Pakistan for irrigation
Wednesday, 01 Jul, 2009 | 02:01 PM PST

Jul 01 07:15

UN votes for restoration of Honduras’ president

Updated at: 0546 PST, Wednesday, July 01, 2009
TEGUCIGALPA: Honduras' ousted president won overwhelming international support Tuesday as he planned a high-profile return to his chaotic country. The politicians who sent soldiers to fly him into exile in his pajamas said he will be arrested for treason if he tries.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano

Jul 01 06:27

Vaccine Expert Reveals What You Should Know Before You Roll Up Your Sleeve

A study by the Harvard Medical School of Public Health confirmed that public health officials could convince most people in the U.S. to alter their daily lives, follow government mandates and do as they are told after only a small amount of hyping that a deadly global pandemic was eminent. It documented that people tend to look to the government as a sort of Big Daddy who has their best interests at heart. People think Big Daddy will take care of them and they don’t have to bother taking care of themselves.

Jul 01 06:17

Israel boards activist ship heading to Gaza: military

Updated at: 1602 PST, Wednesday, July 01, 2009
HELD AL-QUDS: The Israeli navy on Tuesday boarded and seized a ship carrying pro-Palestinian activists that was heading to the Gaza Strip in defiance of Israel's blockade, a military spokesman said.

"In the last hour an Israeli navy force intercepted, boarded and took control of the cargo boat 'Arion' ... as it was illegally attempting to enter the Gaza Strip," the spokesman said late in the afternoon.

The military said the ship, which was sailing under a Greek flag, was the same vessel known as the "Spirit of Humanity", which was sailing to Gaza to protest the Israeli blockade on the Hamas-ruled territory.


Jul 01 05:23

Pirates of the Mediterranean

On June 30, the government of Israel committed an act of piracy when the Israeli Navy in international waters illegally boarded the "Spirit of Humanity," kidnapped its 21-person crew from 11 countries, including former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Laureate Mairead MaGuire, and confiscated the cargo of medical supplies, olive trees, reconstruction materials, and children’s toys that were on the way to the Mediterranean coast of Gaza. The "Spirit of Humanity," along with the kidnapped 21 persons is being towed to Israel as I write.

Jul 01 05:17

The Root of Madoff’s Evil

How convenient for the judge and the media to paint Bernard Madoff as Mr. Evil, a uniquely venal blight on an otherwise responsible financial industry in which money is handled honestly and with transparency.

Madoff, sentenced Monday to 150 years in prison for bilking investors of billions, should be exhibit A in why the dark world of totally unregulated private money managers and hedge funds should be opened to the light of systematic government supervision. Instead, he is being treated as an aberrant menace, with the danger removed once the devil incarnate, as his victims describe him, is locked up and the key thrown away.

Jul 01 04:13

Jekyll Island Presentation

What is the Federal Reserve System? How does it operate? Who conspired to create it and what is the ultimate price WE pay? The Creature from Jekyll Island tells the story you haven’t heard. Here is an audio presentation, given by G. Edward Griffin himself, shortly after publishing "The Creature" in 1994.

Jul 01 03:23

Strategic concerns dominates tactics

Strategic aims dominate tactical aims. If tactical aims do not aid in the achievement of a strategic goal, than tactical success is irrelevant at best if not seductively counter-productive. and by that metric, there is no such thing as success in Iraq

Jul 01 03:01

Fiat CEO says Chrysler cash burn slows

Chrysler went through $9.6 billion in cash in 2008. The Detroit car maker reorganized around what it considered its best assets and $6 billion in fresh financing from the U.S. and Canadian governments.

"We are still burning cash, but it's slowed down by far," the agency quoted Marchionne, also the chief executive of Italy's Fiat SpA, as saying.

"The question is how quickly we can stop the bleeding.

Jul 01 02:42

2 dead, 60 injured in Honduras anti-coup protests

The death toll from protests against the interim Honduran government installed after a military coup increased to two on Monday after a protestor died in hospital.

Jul 01 01:44

California's Empty Wallet: Turning Crisis into Opportunity

California State Controller John Chiang has warned that without a balanced budget in place by July 1, he will begin using IOUs to pay most of the state’s bills. On June 25, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rejected a plan that would save the state $3 billion by cutting school spending, saying he would rather see the state issue IOUs than delay the funding problem with a piecemeal approach. The state’s total budget deficit is $24.3 billion.

Jul 01 01:34

Made of Lies

It began with George W. Bush standing before both houses of Congress and an international television audience for his January 2003 State of the Union address and stating that Iraq was in possession of 26,000 liters of anthrax, 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin, 500 tons - which is one million pounds - of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent, 30,000 missiles to deliver the stuff, mobile biological weapons labs, al-Qaeda connections and uranium from Niger for use in a robust nuclear weapons program.

Jul 01 00:06

A Hippopotamus Named "Diane"...

Imagine this - seriously, close your eyes and imagine the following. Your at work and the boss introduces you to a new employee named Jeff. The odd thing is, the boss introduces Jeff to you as a Hippopotamus, and acts as if there isn't anything even slightly unusual about this introduction. Jeff smiles and tells you that he's happy to meet you and invites you over to dinner to meet his bull [Male Hippopotamus] and his calves [baby Hippopotamuses].

Jul 01 00:02

Israelis to boycott July 4? Mad Americans should boot them from US.

Updated Jul 1, 2009 8:47
MK Danon: Boycott July 4 celebration
An MK from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's own Likud Party called Tuesday on his fellow legislators to boycott the annual American Independence Day celebration at US Ambassador James Cunningham's home.
"American independence is the model for western nations, including for Israel. As the Americans would rise up against any attempt of outside involvement in their internal affairs, so too will Israel ignore all types of involvement on the part of America and others," said Danon.

June 30, 2009

Jun 30 21:00

Flashback - Coleman: "Can I stress how much of a Jew I am?"

I'm just curious why it is that the Minnesota voters - 99% non-Jewish - had the "choice" between two Jews to represent them in the Senate. Does this happen by chance?

Perhaps this is something you can take to your neocon friends: if the Republican Party were interested in representing its constituents instead of appeasing Zionists and Israel, perhaps you wouldn't have a Democrat SUPER MAJORITY in the Senate prior to voting for the Cap and Trade bill....

From the article:

" I am humbled to have the opportunity to serve. We have a tradition of mitzvot, a tradition of tzedakah. I remember the little blue box in the house as a kid from planting trees in Israel. Giving back is part of who we are, and that is who I have become and who I am."

Jun 30 20:25

Video: Canada, The Nation's Deathbed (SPP , NAU & the end of Canadian sovereignty)

The Nation's Deathbed Official Youtube Release The Nations Deathbed is a documentary about the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), the protest that occurred in Montebello Quebec in August of 2007 and how it all ties into the agenda for a North American Union. This film reveals the true story of the horrific events that transpired in Montebello and it also explores the growing resistance movement to the NAU agenda. This is a must see for anyone who truly wants to be informed about the issues that we face as a nation. To obtain a high-quality DVD, please visit:http://pressfortruth.ca

Jun 30 19:38

Jesse Ventura says CIA is Implanted in State Governments

Remember that the American government always tells the truth about everything - and always has. Even the sinking of the Lusitania. Oh that's right, they lied about that too.

Jun 30 19:27

The "American Clean Energy and Security" Rip-Off

As Obama himself said during his run for the Democratic presidential nomination, "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that cost onto consumers." Meanwhile, reductions in consumer spending will necessarily mean a decline in production which could eliminate more than 1.1 million jobs.

Jun 30 19:25

Real ID: A Real Warning on the Danger of Government

There was no reason to pass Real ID, and there is no reason to enact a replacement after state legislatures shot REAL ID to pieces. Nothing has happened since 2005 to make the government more trustworthy or to make liberty less valuable. It is vital that we never permit our rulers to treat all Americans like criminal suspects all the time. The government's incompetence at protecting Americans must not be converted into a political entitlement to destroy all privacy.

Jun 30 19:16

“Let Him Rot in Hell”

So Madoff got 150 years. Best interview I’ve heard on this was with an ex-con named Larry Levine, who now evidently does big business consulting with other white collar criminals on their time inside the Big House. He paints a chilling picture of what Madoff can expect inside:

Jun 30 18:53

Michael Jackson gets more bizarre after death

Bizarre in life, Michael Jackson's complex personal affairs are taking even stranger twists in death, with sketchy reports on Tuesday of plans for an elaborate public memorial and questions over the parentage of his children.

Can you say BULL SHIT? I knew you could.

The bovine excrement meter was last seen passing the former planet Pluto on its way out there beyond our current view of reality with this piece of trash.

Jun 30 17:47

Offical US Lies come from ALL gov't sources

Lies, lies, lies! 23 Dec2008
By Hans Vogel from english.pravda.ru
The present crisis will be very serious indeed. Why? Because ever since the end of World War II, US-generated lies have blinded most of us and goaded us into believing the incredible, against our better knowledge. We’re not talking one lie, or two, or a dozen, but a huge pack of lies, all interconnected, a framework of lies, a skyscraper of lies, with every single room, every nook and cranny filled to the rim with lies.

Jun 30 17:46

Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Ship; US Congresswoman Kidnapped

A humanitarian aid ship which set sail for the Gaza strip has been seized by occupying Israeli forces today. The Israeli military abducted 21 human rights workers from 11 countries including former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Noble laureate Mairead Maguire. The passengers and crew, though traveling in international waters, were forcibly dragged toward Israel.

Members of the crew are being detained. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Israel was planning to free the crew and passengers. “Nobody wants to keep them here,” he said. “They will be released as soon as they are checked.”

Jun 30 17:45

FEMA Administrator Fugate Meets Top Israeli Official To Discuss Emergency Management Issues

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate met today with Maj. Gen. Yair Golan of the Israeli Defense Forces Home Front Command (IDF/HFC), continuing to foster a working relationship with Israel and bolstering the exchange of information on common emergency management practices.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Are we the taxpayer paying for Israel's emergency preparedness?

Or is Israel now in control of America's response to emergencies?

Jun 30 17:43

Caught: Red light camera fraud

A group campaigning to eliminate photo enforcement in Arizona has forced Paradise Valley to admit that it has been shortchanging drivers. A volunteer with the group Camerafraud.com discovered the city used illegally short yellows at the intersection of Tatum Boulevard and McDonald Drive. The motorist was mailed a red light camera ticket for allegedly entering the intersection just 0.2 seconds after the light had turned red.

Owl 1
Jun 30 16:55

No one is aware the propaganda machine is on

It may seem like a pessimistic view of the world, nevertheless I believe it is a true account of what this world has become. Too many people are being controlled by others in this world, too many people give much more than they receive in return, too many people are too easily manipulated into believing and doing anything others want them to believe and do. Don't be a victim, start second-guessing everything, and in the process make it harder for anyone to gain your trust.

No one is even aware the propaganda machine is on, we have to turn it off.

Jun 30 16:50

US Iraq commander loses cool over troop numbers

Speaking via satellite from Baghdad, U.S. Army General Ray Odierno lost his cool at a briefing for Pentagon reporters when he was repeatedly questioned about the number of U.S. troops that would remain in the cities as advisers to Iraqi forces.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Advisers" = "The New Vietnam."

Jun 30 16:43

FLASHBACK - CIA mock-execution of Iran diplomat

Jalal Sharafi's psychiatrist says the diplomat is constantly reliving the trauma of his torture, including mock executions by his US and Iraqi captors.

Doctors treating the second secretary of Iran's embassy in Baghdad Jalal Sharafi say the psychological and physical damage the Iranian diplomat endured are "overwhelming."

Reports have emerged that former Iraqi intelligent operatives had been involved in Sharafi's torture under the aegis of CIA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And yet the press makes a big deal out of the arrest of four protesters who work at the British embassy in Tehran

Jun 30 16:40

Mr. Sunshine? Ron Paul Wins Support to Audit Fed Reserve

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ron, I am proud of you., but it will never happen. Bernanke will crash the whole economy before he allows the books to be examined.

Jun 30 16:37

Can we invade Turkey now? Can we? Huh? Huh? Can we?

Jun 30 15:06

The "Magic Bomb" Theory

Here we are barely two weeks later, and Bush and Company is using the London bombings to.....successfully.....push through the renewal of the Patriot Act. "Screw the Constitution, they're bombing us!"

The official spinmeisters are either ignoring the signs that something is just not right here, or dismissing those of us who are questioning the official response as the usual bunch of fringe conspiracy theorists.

Well guess what? If we don't keep asking the hard questions, and demanding honest, straightforward answers to those questions, then no one will.

Jun 30 14:58

The reconstruction: 7/7 - What really happened?

Suicide bombers do not buy return tickets. Theirs is a one-way trip. When four young men met at Luton railway station a week ago last Thursday, however, they gave every impression of going to London and coming back. They paid and displayed, leaving valid tickets on the windows of a Nissan Micra and a Fiat Bravo in the station car park. They boarded the 7.48am to London carrying return tickets.

Why would they do that, if they knew they would be dying very soon? The car park can be explained: perhaps they did not want to attract attention or get stopped. But the question of the train tickets has no obvious answer, unless the bombers were not aware that they would be among the casualties at Aldgate, Edgware Road, King's Cross and on the No 30 bus.

Jun 30 14:52

The 7/7 London Bombings: al Qaeda's "Confession"

The server in Houston [which carried al-Qaida's claim for the London bombings] has intriguing connections. Everyone’s Internet was founded by brothers Robert and Roy Marsh in 1998 and by 2002 had an income of more than $30m (now about £17m).

Renowned for his charitable work, Roy Marsh counts among his friends President George Bush’s former sister-in-law, Sharon Bush, and the president’s navy secretary.

Jun 30 14:50

The 7/7 London Bombings: How to Set Up a Patsy

Mohammad Sidique Khan, the teacher who killed himself and six others in the Edgware Road bombing, attended Parliament as the guest of a Labour MP. He was invited in July 2004 by Jon Trickett MP in his capacity as a learning mentor at Hillside Primary School in Beeston, Leeds where Mr Tickett's wife Sarah is headteacher. [Telegraph]

Is it standard protocol for terrorist suspects to be allowed into the Houses of Parliament?

A point the BBC's Conspiracy Files "overlooked".

Jun 30 14:49

DOJ Asks Court to Order UBS to Release Names of 52,000 U.S. Offshore Account Holders in Tax Evasion Case

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll bet some of those ultra-rich congressional donors are starting to think about revolution!

Jun 30 14:20

Scientists create first electronic quantum processor

you can bet the government has these and alot more
they can break any encryption in a blink of an eye
if the government did not have these or better they would not be allowed to report it.

New Haven, Conn.—A team led by Yale University researchers has created the first rudimentary solid-state quantum processor, taking another step toward the ultimate dream of building a quantum computer.

They also used the two-qubit superconducting chip to successfully run elementary algorithms, such as a simple search, demonstrating quantum information processing with a solid-state device for the first time. Their findings will appear in Nature's advanced online publication June 28.

Jun 30 14:12

PainKILLERS they kill the pain and you too!

At the heart of the FDA's new scrutiny of prescription painkillers is a chemical called acetaminophen (aka. paracetamol). The key component in Tylenol and other popular painkillers, it has caused many injuries to the liver, as the suggested maximum daily dose is just below the dosage levels that could cause serious organ damage.

this is why i refuse all NEW medications, even the old stuff will kill you! but you don't find out about it till it's to late

Jun 30 13:55

Delinquencies Double on Least-Risky Loans, U.S. Says

Delinquency rates on the least-risky mortgages more than doubled in the first quarter from a year earlier as U.S. efforts to help homeowners failed to keep pace with job losses that pushed more borrowers toward foreclosure.

Jun 30 13:53

Israel attempts to stop S-300 air defense supplies to Iran

Israel has intensified its efforts to prevent deliveries of Russian S-300 air defense systems to Iran under a 2007 contract, an Israeli newspaper said on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Those are just going to be in the way when we go in to blow the crap out of that power station, I mean, that nuclear weapons factory!"

Jun 30 13:52

Ahmadinejad Vows to Break Global Monopoly After Win Approved

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he wants to interact with the world using an “approach of change” to “break the monopoly of global powers,” the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

“The nature of the Islamic Republic is to break the bipolar exclusivity of the world,” Ahmadinejad said in an address at the Intelligence Ministry in Tehran today, including the “influence of the military powers in political dealings.”

Iran’s relations with the West are continuing to worsen, complicating future talks over the country’s nuclear program. The Iranian leadership accuses the U.S. and the U.K. of instigating the violence that followed protests by Ahmadinejad’s opponents, who allege massive ballot-rigging in the June 12 presidential election.

Jun 30 13:51

The TARP Has a $159 Billion Loss !!

The American taxpayer was going to make money on the investments in assets related to Bear Stearns, AIG, Citigroup, Bank of America, ad nauseum, correct?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and then we'll all flap our arms and fly to the Moon!

Jun 30 12:52

Airbus with 153 on board crashes into Indian Ocean

A desperate search was underway last night after a Yemeni airliner with 153 people on board crashed in bad weather in the Indian Ocean archipelago of Comoros.

The Airbus 310, which belonged to the Yemeni state carrier Yemenia, was coming in to land on the main island, Grande Comoro, when it disappeared from radar screens.

As the first bodies were recovered from the site of the crash early today, a United Nations official at the airport said the control tower had lost contact with the plane after receiving notification that it was on its landing approach.

Jun 30 12:51

Minnesota Supreme Court Rules On Coleman's Appeal: He Lost, Franken Won The Election

The Minnesota Supreme Court has handed down its much-expected ruling in the heavily-litigated Minnesota Senate race from 2008 -- and it's a unanimous one -- deciding against Republican former Sen. Norm Coleman's appeal of his defeat in the election trial and affirming the lower court's verdict that Democratic comedian Al Franken is the legitimate winner of the race.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You didn't cheat ENOUGH, Norm! :)

Jun 30 12:49

The United States Is In Deep Doodoo!

To cover the loss of manufacturing jobs, our government has invented the catch phrase "service economy". This is the idiotic notion that we don't need to actually sell manufactured products; that we can grow and prosper our nation by doing each other's laundry for a fee. To conceal the loss of manufacturing jobs, the government has legislated into existence thousands upon thousands of useless paper-shuffling jobs, and declared their necessity by fiat. The most obvious is the income tax which has been so obfuscated by the government that half of you had to rely on an outside expert to figure out just what all those incomprehensible words really meant.

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WRH Exclusive

Jun 30 12:48

Debasing the Currency is Leading to Financial Collapse . . . Just As It Has for Thousands of Years

History is repeating . . . Sound money is again being trashed, which is causing the collapse of the American empire.

Jun 30 12:46

How To Build A Spy Bat

Researchers are studying creatures that fly through the night in hopes of making tiny flying spies.

Jun 30 12:46

Witch hunts and torture

Former POW John McCain knows torture, and he has consistently condemned its use by government agents. Nonetheless, in April he warned that any probe into the Bush administration's use of harsh interrogation techniques would amount to a "witch hunt." The senator was surely unaware of the considerable historical irony involved in his invoking this phrase.

Jun 30 12:45

Fein: Obama 'shuts his eyes' to 'open confessions' of Bush-era war crimes

Speaking at the National Press Club on Monday, former Reagan administration Associate Attorney General Bruce Fein lamented President Barack Obama's decision to shut his eyes to open confessions of war crimes by members of the prior administration.

"It's at the highest levels that the rule of law finds its greatest majesty," he told reporters. "That's why the United States was so idolized after Nixon left. We said that the most powerful man in the world is subject to the law. He cannot defy it."

Jun 30 12:43

Paleontologists brought to tears, laughter by Creation Museum

For a group of paleontologists, a tour of the Creation Museum seemed like a great tongue-in-cheek way to cap off a serious conference.

But while there were a few laughs and some clowning for the camera, most left more offended than amused by the frightening way in which evolution -- and their life's work -- was attacked.

"It's sort of a monument to scientific illiteracy, isn't it?" said Jerry Lipps, professor of geology, paleontology and evolution at University of California, Berkeley.

"Like Sunday school with statues... this is a special brand of religion here. I don't think even most mainstream Christians would believe in this interpretation of Earth's history."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just because it is in a museum doesn't mean it's true.

Jun 30 12:42

Oil companies reject Iraq's terms

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Remember Afghanistan! You don't give us a deal; we'll just invade you all over again!!!"

Jun 30 12:41

Fannie Sees Jump in Overdue Home Loans

Fannie Mae reported a steep increase in the percentage of home mortgages with overdue payments.

The government-backed mortgage investor said in a monthly summary released Monday that 3.42% of the single-family mortgages it owns or guarantees were 90 days or more delinquent in April, up from 3.15% a month before.

Fannie's main rival, Freddie Mac, reported last week that its single-family delinquency rate for May was 2.62%, up from 2.44% in April.

Jun 30 12:39

BBC - Israelis intercept Gaza aid ship

Israeli forces have boarded a ship trying to carry aid and pro-Palestinian activists to the Gaza Strip in defiance of Israel's blockade of the territory.

The 20 passengers include former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Prize winner Mairead Maguire.

Ms McKinney described it as "an outrageous violation of international law", as the boat was on a humanitarian mission and was not in Israeli waters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Finally, some notice from the corporate media!

However,m I take exception to this quote from the article...

"Israel keeps a tight hold on Gaza, which has been ruled by militant group Hamas since June 2007, having seized control of from its rival, the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority."

Hamas did not "seize control" of anything. Hamas won the election.

Jun 30 12:16

Israeli defense minister, US envoy meet in New York

On Monday the State Department said it was not ruling out the possibility of a compromise with Israel on a settlement freeze, amid reports that Israel might be ready to agree to stall settlement construction for three months.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, wow, three whole months! And how many billions of taxpayer dollars does Israel get for this 'concession'?

Jun 30 12:11

Chilling echo of 1979 seizure

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The media is trying to equate the arrest of 9 local staffers who worked at the British Embassy with the capture of the US Embassy and the hostage crisis of 1979.

That is a stretch. No diplomats have been detained, the Embassy itself it still under British control and 5 of the 9 have already been released.

Meanwhile, Israel has hijacked a humanitarian aid ship in international waters whose passengers include former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and ABCNNBBCBS has yet to mention the incident at all!

Jun 30 12:08

Flashback May 1948: Zionists poison water supply in Acre, Palestine, and then use poison gas in Gaza; 1947: Zionists release Cholera in Egypt and Syria; depopulation of 530 Palestinian villages, etc.....

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel has a long history of poisoning civilian populations.

Jun 30 12:06

States brace for shutdowns

Reporting from Indianapolis and Denver -- The last time Indiana missed its deadline for passing a budget and had to shut down the government was during the Civil War.

But on Monday, as lawmakers raced to hammer out an agreement over school funding, state agencies began preparing 31,000 workers to be temporarily out of a job. Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels has warned residents that most of the state's services -- including its parks, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and state-regulated casinos -- would be shuttered unless a budget is passed today.

Indiana is one of five states -- along with Arizona, California, Mississippi and Pennsylvania -- bracing for possible shutdowns this week as time runs out for lawmakers to close billion-dollar gaps in their fiscal 2010 budgets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No meter maids, no DMV office, no permits, no licenses, no minor annoying officials paid to harass us constantly...

I could get used to this!

I mean, just think what it will mean when the states start shutting down and people realize that life is actually better and more relaxed without all that gratuitous bureaucracy to annoy them.

Owl 2
Jun 30 12:04

Climate Change Alarmist Claims Arrival of Summer Is Really Global Warming

His central, and indeed his only point seems to be that because it is hot at the moment in the South East of England, this can be used to counter those who question the “consensus” on climate change because they cite the fact that temperatures around the world are actually decreasing.

Once again using the inane and extremely derogatory term of “denier” for anyone who raises questions over the theory of man made global warming, Monbiot fires his way through an immature explosion of words that may as well read “TOLD YOU SO, TOLD YOU SO, NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH.”

Jun 30 12:01

US general in Iraq will not say how many troops remain

As US forces completed a withdrawal from Iraqi cities Tuesday six years after the US-led invasion, the top US commander General Ray Odierno refused to spell out how many would be left behind.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The troops are withdrawing from Iraqi cities, but NOT FROM IRAQ!

Jun 30 11:09

IDF seizes control of boat bound for Gaza

The Israel Navy intercepted a boat carrying international activists attempting to break a blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Tuesday and forced it to sail to the southern port city of Ashdod, the Israel Defense Forces said.

Earlier Tuesday, the navy surrounded the vessel, which was also carrying humanitarian aid, and told the activists to turn back because of security risks in the area and the blockade, according to the IDF.

But the boat later entered Gaza's coastal waters, the IDF Spokespersons' Office said in a statement, after which a naval force boarded it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, now I want to see which one of the corporate media that went ballistic over the arrests at the British embassy in Tehran (not to mention the Somali pirates) wants to turn this piracy into an international incident.

Don't all raise your hands at the same time.

Jun 30 09:23

What's discussed openly in Israel is toxic in Toronto

"I feel like I am in exile in my own city and my own community," says Sharryn Aiken the morning after a conference she helped organize and for which she was vilified by her Jewish community.

A Torontonian, she teaches law at Queen's University in Kingston. It took her and three academics at Osgoode Hall Law School 18 months to mount the three-day event, Israel/Palestine: Mapping Models of Statehood and Paths to Peace.

Jun 30 09:14

The Truth Behind The Iraq “Sovereignty” Propaganda

The corporate media is getting all giddy and affording blanket coverage to the story of Iraqis who are “regaining their sovereignty” as U.S. troops are pulled out from Iraqi cities. This is of course lurid and baseless propaganda - hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops will remain in Iraq stationed at the dozens of military bases that have been built across the country.

“As of now, there are approximately 130,000 U.S. military personnel in Iraq. Most of the U.S. soldiers that had been deployed in Iraqi cities are being returned to garrison elsewhere in country. The United States Air Force controls Iraq’s airspace. The United States Navy controls Iraq’s territorial waters,” points out the Cryptogon blog.

“Sovereignty: No. Propaganda: Yes.”

Jun 30 09:12

Did leak from a laboratory cause swine flu pandemic?

It has swept across the world killing at least 300 people and infecting thousands more. Yet the swine flu pandemic might not have happened had it not been for the accidental release of the same strain of influenza virus from a research laboratory in the late 1970s, according to a new study.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Accidental? Or was someone trying to "create market demand" for vaccines?

Jun 30 09:12

What the Big Banks Have Won

It is inaccurate to call the current slump a “recession”, which suggests a mismatch between supply and demand that is part of the normal business cycle. In truth, the economy has stumbled into a multi-trillion dollar capital hole that was created by the reckless actions of the nation’s largest financial institutions. The banks blew up the system and now the country has slipped into a depression.

Jun 30 09:11

AIG adds risk factor, may recognize more CDS losses

American International Group Inc (AIG.N) revised its 2008 annual report to add a new risk factor that shows it may recognize valuation losses on a credit default swap (CDS) portfolio held by its troubled financial products unit.

Jun 30 09:10

U.S. housing misery poised to enter new phase

Signs that home prices may have bottomed have stirred hope on Wall Street that the economy is on the mend, yet tight credit and a new foreclosure wave cast doubt on any looming housing revival.

Sales of previously owned U.S. homes rose for a second straight month in May, realty data on Tuesday showed, while the U.S. government and Federal Reserve have designed a number of programs to alleviate a battered housing market.

Jun 30 09:09

Let's Not Audit the Fed - Let's Give it MORE Power!


details & links to take action here:

Thanks for watching :)

Jun 30 09:06

Clarifying News Stories Using the Iraqis-Regaining-Their-Sovereignty Meme

There are dozens of boilerplate propaganda stories floating around today about Iraqis regaining their sovereignty because U.S. troops are being pulled out of Iraqi cities. This, of course, is ludicrous.

Within the first hour of my first International Relations class in college, I came away with an understanding of the word sovereignty that was similar to these interpretations below:

Sovereignty (Stanford): Sovereignty, though its meanings have varied across history, also has a core meaning, supreme authority within a territory.

Sovereignty (Wikipedia): An important attribute of sovereignty is its degree of absoluteness. A sovereign power has absolute sovereignty if it has the unlimited right to control everything and every kind of activity in its territory.

Jun 30 09:00

Memo to Hillary's science czar: organic ag isn't a 'myth'

Is organic farming productive enough to feed billions of people—or will it always be a yuppie niche in a food system increasingly dependent on agrichemicals, massive animal factories, synthetic fertilizers, and biotechnology?

Nina Fedoroff, the State Department’s chief technology adviser, propounds the latter view. A trained scientist with ties to the biotech industry, Fedoroff thinks organic is a fraud.

Owl 3
Jun 30 08:59

Pirate Bay goes legit

FILESHARING SITE The Pirate Bay is lowering the Jolly Roger and setting sail under the legitimate flag of Global Gaming Factory, a Swedish software company that also runs Internet cafes.

Global Gaming Factory (GGF) is to pay 60 million kronor ($7.8 million) for the download service in a mixture of shares and cash.

Pirate Bay had become one of the largest file-sharing sites on the web. But in April the four Swedes running the site were convicted of copyright infringement, sentenced to a year in jail and ordered to pay damages of 30 million kronor ($3.9 million).

GGF intends to take Pirate Bay legit by developing a way to pay copyright holders when their content is downloaded via the BitTorrent catalogue tracking site.

Jun 30 08:51

Eric Holder, I Would Restrict The First Amendment On The Internet

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let the truth be told, though the heavens may fall!

Jun 30 08:48

US Govt. Confirms It Knew Coup Was Coming

A New York Times article has just confirmed that the US Government has been "working for several days" with the coup planners in Honduras to halt the illegal overthrow of President Zelaya. While this may indicate nobility on behalf of the Obama Administration, had they merely told the coupsters that the US Government would CUT OFF all economic aid and blockade Honduras in the event of a coup, it's almost a 100% guarantee that the military and right wing parties and business groups involved in the coup would not have gone through with it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, US claims they were trying to halt the Honduras Coup are along the lines of Obama denying involvement in the Iranian coup then sending the overthrowers a fast $20 million to help them along.

The reason the US wasn't firm with the Honduran coup plotters is that at least two of them, trained at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, work for the US. The Us was waiting to see if the coup would succeed. When it became clear that it would not, the US c0vers its tracks by claiming to have opposed the coup all along.

Jun 30 08:44

Cynthia McKinney Reportedly Taken Captive By Israeli Navy

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Watch the same American government and media that was screaming "Hostage crisis" over the arrested British embassy workers do a big "Ho hum" about Israel's act of piracy.

UPDATE: This link is currently not working due to server difficulties (i.e. probable hacker attack).

Jun 30 08:42

Colonists burn Palestinian crops

Jewish settlers attacked Palestinian homes in Assira Qabalia village, south of Nablus city, and set fire to their crops on Monday night, local sources reported.

Jun 30 08:39


Jun 30 08:38


The 23 nights of war haven’t been forgotten form the Children memory, specially the children of camps. Consequently, I saw some children started running to get a save place in their home recalling back the same sound of missiles during the while of war (27 Dec. 2008). Ghdeer is a young girl (10 years old) living in Al Buraj Refugee Camp couldn’t control herself when she heard the sound of missiles, I found her dramatically confused. I directly pointed out the reason but I wanted to ask her WHY???!!!! . she immediately replied it was the GAZA WAR coming back again. I took her aside and started talking to her as I always like to here from children. She told me her own experience in the day and in the nights of the war.

Jun 30 08:36

Honduras-The CIA Never Quits

The United States has a long history of interference in Latin America and the recent coup in Honduras may be part of that.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If so, the CIA is 0 for 2 because the latest report is that the coup in Honduras has stalled and the President is planning his return.

Jun 30 08:33

'Swatting' case shows need to ban caller-ID spoofing

Jun 30 08:32

Michael Ledeen says Israel will attack Iran

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... then cry to the US to come save their asses from the retaliatory strike!

Jun 30 08:31

The Lesson to be Learned from Bernie Madoff

Unfortunately, when it comes to the pathological and the mentally deranged, the specter of a stiff prison sentence serves as zero deterrent. The streets are littered with evil predators searching for their next victims. It's best we know that and not fall into a false sense of security because, "Phew! Bernie's in jail!"

Jun 30 08:29

Higher Taxes for Business Mean We All Pay

The problem with sticking it to business in these three major ways is that, ultimately, business doesn't get stuck. Tax-wise, a company is just a bunch of incorporation papers; all taxes are paid by people -- customers, shareholders and employees. And guess who would bear most of the burden of these tax increases? It's the U.S. employees of the companies being taxed.

Research has shown that when business taxes are raised by a dollar, 70 to 92 cents comes out of employees' pay. When workers wake up to that fact, they may decide this is one time they don't want the White House beating up on business.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't get caught up in pointless debates about who should pay more taxes. We are ALL taxes too much! The poor are taxed too much. The middle class are taxed too much. The rich are taxed too much.

We are all being looted to enrich the private bankers who own the Federal Reserve, prop up Israel, and kill brown people around the world.

Jun 30 08:27

Conspicuous Silences: The New York Times Buries Its Head in the Sinai Sand

It’s like the Sherlock Holmes case of the dog that didn’t bark . Why does the New York Times ignore or bury news that is unfavorable to the State of Israel? Two examples follow: Chas Freeman , and the USS Liberty . One recent, and another a willful silence that has continued for forty-two years.

Jun 30 08:20

U.S. re-approves Israel loan guarantees program

Israel still has $3.8 billion left to use by 2011 after already issuing $4.1 billion in bonds backed by the U.S. and a $1.1 billion deduction for Israeli settlement building and concerns over the West Bank separation fence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wait a second... Obama demands Israel stop building illegal settlements, Israel says "Screw you we are going to go on building" and the US taxpayer guarantees the loans (which means we pay for them down the road because of the Cranston Amendment, which says the US taxpayer will always give to Israel enough money to meet its debt obligations)?!?

Jun 30 08:16

"Starve The Beast" - July 4th, 2009

Look, we can rant and rave about market manipulation and government-sponsored games. We can petition the SEC, the FBI and Congress. We can demand that they stop it all we want.

But they haven't and likely won't until and unless America gets pissed off enough to force them to act.

So how do we make that happen, yet remain within the law?

Its not that hard, and in the intermediate and longer-term it would be incredibly positive for our economy and nation.

We go on a consumption strike until and unless our demands are met.

Jun 30 08:13

The view from Bronner

"Dr. David Bronner, CEO of the Alabama Retirement Systems, the 43rd largest investment fund in America, spoke at Rotary Club here yesterday. He is one of the most respected fund controllers in the United States today by his peers.

Bronner had the following to say:

Jun 30 07:59


[23 miles off the coast of Gaza, 15:30pm] - Today Israeli Occupation Forces attacked and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, abducting 21 human rights workers from 11 countries, including Noble laureate Mairead Maguire and former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (see below for a complete list of passengers). The passengers and crew are being forcibly dragged toward Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

********PLEASE REPOST WIDELY & ASAP***************

Jun 30 07:52

Casualties rising in Gaza's "buffer zone"

This is not an unusual situation in Gaza, where Israel has repeatedly used the dart bombs. Due to their design, flechettes dig deeply into their target -- flesh, cement and metal alike -- with their "tails" frequently breaking off, leaving multiple injuries and rendering them nearly impossible to extract without inflicting more injury in the surgical search. In most cases, doctors opt against surgery, leaving the darts inside the victim's body.

Jun 30 07:31


Jun 30 07:12

Ron Paul: Democrats Who Opposed Climate Bill Voted For It Anyway

In a Campaign for Liberty video commentary, Ron Paul reveals that even though up to 20 Democrats opposed the controversial climate bill, they voted for it anyway, underscoring once again how the vast majority of Congress members are bought and paid for by the elite in Washington.

The Congressman points out that the eight Republicans who voted for the bill did so in order to provide political cover for the Democrats. Even if those Republicans had not defected, some of the 44 Democrats who voted against the bill would have changed their votes anyway to ensure the bill’s passage.

Jun 30 07:06

Cap and Trade Will Lead to Capital Flight

Ron Paul
Campaign For Liberty
Tuesday June 30th, 2009

In my last column, I joked that with public spending out of control and the piling on of the international bailout bill, economic collapse seems to be the goal of Congress. It is getting harder to joke about such a thing however, as the non-partisan General Accounting Office (GAO) has estimated that the administration’s health care plan would actually cost over a trillion dollars. This reality check may have given us a temporary reprieve on this particular disastrous policy, however an equally disastrous energy policy reared its ugly head on Capitol Hill last week.

Jun 30 06:52

Microsoft to charge Europeans double for Windows 7

European customers will pay up to twice as much for Windows 7 compared to U.S. users, even though the new operating system will ship without a browser in Europe, according to Microsoft.

When the company launches Windows 7 on Oct. 22, it will price Windows 7 Home Premium, likely the most popular of the three editions available at retail, at €119.99 in the European Union (EU) and charge £79.99 in the U.K., an EU member that has retained its own currency. Those prices are the equivalent to $168.66 and $132.14 U.S., respectively, at Saturday's exchange rates.

U.S. consumers will pay only $119 for the same software after a two-week pre-order sales discount expires July 11. That means EU residents will pay 41% more, and U.K. consumers 10% more, than U.S. buyers for Home Premium Upgrade.

Jun 30 06:34

Israeli soldiers poisoned well in West Bank village, say local officials

Jenin ? Ma?an ? Israeli soldiers poured dirt, stones and toxic chemicals in the only well in the hamlet of Khirbat Makehl near the village of Ya?bad in the northern West Bank overnight on Saturday, according to Palestinians in the community.

The village?s official representative, Walid Hamdan, said soldiers riding in three military jeeps entered the community overnight and sabotaged the well. The chemicals caused the water to change color and taste, he said.

The 80 cubic-meter well is the only source of water for the village of 70 to 80 families, Hamdan said.

Jun 30 06:25

[Pic] "OK, everyone say cheese..."

Jun 30 05:53

Spain court drops Gaza probe into Israeli air raid

As recommended by prosecutors, top Spanish court shelves investigation targeting Israeli officials for alleged crimes against humanity over deadly 2002 air raid in Gaza, which killed senior Hamas member Salah Shehadeh

(I guess they figured they didn't need any more of their trains being bombed by the "terrorists".) /SR