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"We have a single system, and in that system the only question is the price at which the proletariat is to be bought and sold, the bread and circuses."The whole fabric of society will go to wrack if we really lay hands of reform on our rotten institutions. From top to bottom the whole system is a fraud, all of us know it, laborers and capitalists alike, and all of us are consenting parties to it." -- Henry Adams


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June 20, 2019

Jun 20 08:41

Heads Up! US GMO Wheat Outbreak Could Cause Problems In Market Prices

THE US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed the discovery of genetically modified (GM) wheat plants growing wild in an unsown paddock in Washington state in the north-west of the US.

It is believed the herbicide resistant plants may be descended from GM wheat trials conducted by Monsanto in the early 2000s.

Monsanto stopped GM wheat trials in 2004 due to a lack of enthusiasm for GM wheat among key buyers of American grain.

Jun 20 08:39

UK to indefinitely delay age-verification system for online porn

The United Kingdom will likely delay its controversial age-verification system for online pornography ‘indefinitely,’ according to a report from Sky News. Citing multiple sources, Sky News says Jeremy Wright, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport secretary overseeing the UK’s regulation of the internet, will announce the delay tomorrow in British Parliament.

Jun 20 08:38

FNC’s Carlson: ‘Conservatives Might Want to Pause and Rethink the Relationship’ with the Kochs

But in the case of the Kochs, conservatives might want to pause and rethink the relationship. As it turns out, the Kochs don’t have much in common with conservatives. They are totally opposed to most conservative policy goals. The Kochs are libertarian ideologues, passionate and inflexible. America first? The Kochs find the very notion absurd, if not fascist. An economic policy that seeks to strengthen families? The Kochs denounce that as “crony capitalism,” or “picking winners and losers.” They think it’s immoral. Controlling our borders? The Kochs consider that racist. A few years ago, Bernie Sanders noted that the Koch brothers are far to the left of him on immigration. Open borders? Quote: “That’s a Koch brothers proposal,” he said.

Jun 20 08:37

IAAF claims Olympic champion Semenya — legally identified as female at birth — is 'biologically male'

The ongoing battle between Olympic champion Caster Semenya and the International Association of Athletics Federations continues over whether the athlete should be required to suppress her testosterone levels in order to continue competing in women's track.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jun 20 08:37

Alarming and unnecessary: Facebook’s new cryptocurrency must be resisted

Have you heard about Facebook’s new “cryptocurrency”, called Libra? Its basic pitch boils down to “we messed up your privacy and gave your data to all sorts, and let foreign actors screw up your elections – now let’s see what we can do with banking!”

Jun 20 08:36

Trump says will meet with Russian, Chinese counterparts during G20 summit

"I want to get along with Russia, and I think we will. I want to get along with China, and I think we will," he said

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"All we have to do is point enough nuclear weapons at them, and they'll be right peaceable!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 20 08:35

'Deeply painful' mission bell on UC Santa Cruz campus to be removed as it symbolizes racism, dehumanization

The University of California, Santa Cruz, is removing a "deeply painful" mission bell on campus as it symbolizes racism and dehumanization, the school said last week.


Jun 20 08:34

Deterrence works both ways: Russian diplomat says Pentagon needs to get a grip on reality

The creation and possible deployment by the United States of low-yield nuclear weapons in order to ‘contain’ Russia may actually result in using nuclear weapons, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told reporters.

The senior diplomat expressed concerns over the growing trend in the US, where the term "strategic stability" is used in a very loose way. He pointed out that strategic stability means that the emergence of preconditions for becoming the first to use nuclear weapons is unacceptable.

Jun 20 08:34

A Florida city paid a $600,000 bitcoin ransom to hackers who took over its computers — and it's a massive alarm bell for the rest of the US

A Florida city's council voted to pay a ransom of $600,000 in Bitcoin to hackers that targeted its computer systems — and the payout is a sign of how unprepared much of the US is to deal with a coming wave of cyber attacks.

Jun 20 08:33

Lavrov proposes Switzerland mediate talks on lifting Donbass blockade

Russia will welcome Switzerland acting as a mediator in lifting the trade and economic blockade imposed on the Donbass Region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a press conference following talks with his Swiss counterpart Ignazio Cassis.

"Speaking of practical participation in the Ukrainian settlement, then, firstly, Switzerland takes part in the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission," Lavrov pointed out, answering a TASS question on the Swiss mediation on Ukraine. "Bern, as Minister Cassis underlined, believes that it is vital to fully implement the Minsk Agreements, including the humanitarian provisions."

Jun 20 08:32

Former Senate Aide Gets Four Years In Prison For Mass Doxxing Of Republicans

A federal judge on Wednesday sentenced a former Democratic aide to four years in prison for hacking Senate computers, using spy devices and “doxxing” Republicans.

Jackson Cosko — a former aide to Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan, Democratic California Sen. Barbara Boxer and Democratic Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee — stole the entire contents of Hassan’s computer systems in October 2018 and published the private information of Republicans, including home addresses and cell phones. He hoped to intimidate them over Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

The same day, prosecutors charged a second Democratic aide with computer fraud and tampering with evidence for her role as an accomplice to Cosko.

Jun 20 08:31

Malaysian PM Slams MH17 Inquiry, Says It Was Designed "To Blame Russia From The Beginning"

Malaysia is expressing serious discontent about a Dutch led inquiry into the MH17 crash, which ultimately "pointed the finger at Russia before the probe began", according to RT and Malaysia's prime minister. Malaysia said it is "unhappy" and the country's prime minister said that there were "more politics than fact-finding" in the inquiry.

Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s prime minister, made the statements after the joint investigation team revealed the investigation's latest results, which were quick to implicate Moscow. Malaysia says it isn’t convinced of the probe's integrity as a result.

"We are very unhappy. From the very beginning, it became a political issue on how to accuse Russia of the wrongdoing. Even before they examined the case, they have already claimed it [the shooting down of MH17] was done by Russia,” the prime minister said to local media.

Jun 20 08:31

U.S. sources confirm Iran shot down American drone

Iran's state news agency claims the drone was shot down when it entered the country's airspace over the province of Hormozgan; U.S. official says the drone, Navy MQ-4C Triton, was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile

Jun 20 08:27

Trump: Iran Made "A Very Big Mistake" By Shooting Down Drone 

The US Navy is sending ships to where debris from the downed drone is reportedly floating (in international waters, according to reports).

The US has been increasing the number of military assets in the region as tensions with Iran have flared. The USS Abraham Lincoln is stationed nearby with a full carrier strike group.

With all the tools for escalation present in the region, is it possible that we could be at war with Iran by the end of the day?

Jun 20 08:25

Speeches that still matter: Gen Wesley Clark on US going to war in 7 countries in 5 yrs

Jun 20 08:23

Iran shoots down US drone aircraft

Iranian shot down a United States military drone on Thursday, further escalating the already volatile situation playing out between Washington and Tehran in the Middle East.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard said it had shot down an "intruding American spy drone" after it entered into the country's territory Thursday.
A US official confirmed to CNN a drone had been shot down, but said the incident occurred in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz, one of the world's most vital shipping routes.

US Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, said in a statement Thursday that the drone that was shot down by Iran was a RQ-4A Global Hawk High-Altitude, Long, Endurance (HALE) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Would the US deliberately sacrifice a Global Hawk to get the war going?

Of course they would.

Every day I look out this window at what Roosevelt sacrificed to get the US into WW2.

Jun 20 08:19

Rejoice. The end of Banking is nigh.

Jun 20 08:03

Debt, Deficits and the Cost of Free Lunches

By Richard M. Ebeling

It seems that every generation or two, fundamental economic ideas are questioned and challenged. The reasonable and important idea that governments should balance their budgets on an annual basis was challenged in the 1930s by the rise of Keynesian Economics and the counter-argument that deficit spending was desirable, if it was used to maintain full employment. Now it seems that any defense or desire for fiscal restraint and less government spending and borrowing are entirely out the window. Fiscal folly is the watchword of the day...

Jun 20 07:57

13 Habits Young Professionals Should Consider Implementing

By Chloe Anagnos

Considering professionalism is an expectation that goes without saying in any career, it’s important to cultivate habits and disciplines that will set you up for success in the workplace.

Here are 13 professional habits you should be implementing now if you’re not already...

Jun 20 07:54

The Crash Will Take Everybody Down w/ Darryl Schoon

Owl 1
Jun 20 07:54

Universal Basic Income Is Little More Than Smoke and Mirrors

By Max Gulker

The U.S. government spends just shy of $1 trillion per year on aid to low-income Americans. This would be enough to give each of the estimated 40 million Americans living in poverty a check for over $20,000 per year. In two previous articles, I showed how the current failed system grew out of a snowballing bureaucracy and misguided paternalism from the left and right.

One can debate the role of government in addressing poverty within society at large. But the short-run imperative to switch the U.S. welfare system to one based on simple cash payments is clear. Much of the discussion along these lines has focused on a proposed universal basic income (UBI), which would provide cash payments to all Americans...

Jun 20 07:49

Great video breaking down the so called 97% consensus and why it's dangerous to all science

Jun 20 07:11

Mannarino: The Fed Is About To Go Nuclear!

Jun 20 06:51

U.S. Steel Plants Are Going Idle, But The Fed Continues To Perpetuate The Myth That Everything Is Just Fine

Jun 20 05:57

Priceless 17th-Century Caravaggio Painting Discovered Behind Mattresses In Old French Attic

Sometimes the most valuable treasures are hiding in plain sight, which was certainly the case with a French family when they discovered a priceless painting thought to be lost forever in their attic.

Jun 20 03:17

U.S. Steel Plants Are Going Idle, But The Fed Continues To Perpetuate The Myth That Everything Is Just Fine

June 19, 2019

Jun 19 23:04

NZ Gun owners 'angry and frustrated' and some say they won't hand in their now-illegal firearms

The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners is exploring legal action over the Government's gun buyback scheme over what it says are unfair prices.

And council spokeswoman Nicole McKee said that while the council is urging its 40,000-odd members to abide by the law, some have told her that they don't intend to hand in their now-illegal firearms.

"Some of the offered prices for higher-end firearms are well out of kilter. We're talking thousands of dollars," McKee said.

"It may get down to a point where we have to look at court action on behalf of our members, and that is something we will be looking at under advice from our lawyers

Jun 19 17:36

US Navy says mines used to carry out Gulf tanker attack 'bear a striking resemblance' to those used by Iran – and reveal investigators have removed fingerprints from the ship


The US Navy says mines used to carry out a Gulf tanker attack 'bear a striking resemblance' to those used by Iran, as investigators retrieve fingerprints from the ship.

The Navy today displayed limpet mine fragments and a magnet removed from a Japanese vessel, one of two oil tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman last Thursday.

'The limpet mine that was used in the attack is distinguishable and also strikingly bearing a resemblance to Iranian mines that have already been publicly displayed in Iranian military parades,' said Commander Sean Kido at the Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT), near the Fujairah port in the UAE.

He added that fingerprints retrieved from the stricken Japanese vessel would be used to mount a criminal case.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To the author of this piece of codswallop; Mr. Ibbitson, did you actually take what Commander Kido told you as pure gospel?!?

Number one, against what data bases could the US intelligence agencies possibly compare these prints?!?

Did Commander Kido believe that Iran's President Rouhani would just open their own databases to American investigators on the case?!?

I think we have a resounding, thuddling NO coming forth as Iran's answer here.

And secondly, this issue of "bearing a striking resemblance to Iranian missiles which have already been publicly displayed in Iranian Military Parades.." Just because something "looks similar"to something people think they have seen in Iranian military parades, does not mean that the missile is the genuine article.

And 3rd, why, in the name of heaven, would Iran do something so ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid, as to try to do something menacing in the Persian Gulf, when they are desperately striving to stay away a US and/or Israeli attack against it?!?

Gentlemen, the short answer is, they would not; not in a zillion years, period, end of discussion.

And to our readers and listeners, this flim-flammery surrounding these incidents, are beginning to sound like desperation on the cusp of madness; people both inside the beltway, and many of our closes allies are having one heck of a hard time with this; and for good reason.

Jun 19 15:53

America’s First Third-World State

"Third World" is now an anachronistic geographical term of the old Cold War. But after 1989, “Third World” was reinvented from a political noun into an adjective to mean more than just Asian, African, and Latin American nations nonaligned with either the West or the Soviet bloc.

Rather, the current modifier “Third World” has come to transcend geography, politics, and ethnicity. It simply denotes poor failed states all over the globe of all races and religions.

Jun 19 15:51


Farmers in Illinois whose land has been thrashed by flooding have given up on planting. Instead of growing food, they decided to throw a party. And who could blame them?

The storms that have caused major flooding in Illinois have forced farmers to give up on their crops. Forecasts for even more rain also sent corn futures to a 5-year-high, bringing the food crisis ever closer to reality. Few farmers will even see a benefit from the higher prices because they can’t even get their corn planted in the ground.

Dozens of corn farmers and those who sell them seed, chemicals, and equipment gathered on Thursday at the restaurant in Deer Grove, Illinois, after heavy rains caused unprecedented delays in planting this year and contributed to record floods across the central United States, according to a report by Reuters. Rather than focus on the abysmal farming year, they decided to party instead.

Jun 19 15:26

CBD Legal Status Update: FDA Holds First Hearing and Issues Warnings

By Michael Boldin

On May 31, the FDA held its first hearing on CBD.

After the meeting, the same questions remain as before: will the federal agency continue to maintain its current regulation and prohibition of hemp-derived cannabinoids? Or will it give in to market forces and open the door for the general sale and use of CBD?

Jun 19 15:24

Facebook content moderators break NDAs to expose shocking working conditions involving gruesome videos and feces smeared on walls

A report from The Verge reveals new details about the appalling working conditions at Facebook’s content moderation site in Tampa.

Three former content moderators working for Facebook’s vendor, Cognizant, agree to break their nondisclosure agreements to go on the record about the conditions.

Workers report a dirty office environment, pressure to work through illness and shocking videos they were forced to watch.

Jun 19 15:24

A Generational Dose of Financial Reality

Jun 19 15:09

US beekeepers lost over 40% of colonies last year, highest winter losses ever recorded

Beekeepers across the United States lost 40.7% of their honey bee colonies from April 2018 to April 2019, according to preliminary results of the latest annual nationwide survey conducted by the University of Maryland-led nonprofit Bee Informed Partnership. The survey results indicate winter losses of 37.7%, which is the highest winter loss reported since the survey began 13 years ago and 8.9 percentage points higher than the survey average. Honey bees pollinate $15 billion worth of food crops in the United States each year, so their health is critical to food production and supply...

Jun 19 13:48

Tulsi Gabbard (D) introduce new legislation in House “Defining Presidential wars not declared by Congress under article I, section 8, clause 11

New bill introduced: Defining Presidential wars not declared by Congress under article I, section 8, clause 11 (Declare War Clause) as impeachable “high crimes and misdemeanors” within the meaning of article II, section 4 of the Constitution and defining the meanings of war and cobelligerency for purposes of the Declare War Clause and Impeachment provisions.

Jun 19 13:34

Josh Hawley Introduces Bill to Put Washington In Charge of Internet Speech

Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) is introducing legislation to clamp down on free expression online, under the pretense of fighting tech-company "bias" against Republicans.

Hawley's solution is to amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a measure that prevents individual users of internet platforms and the companies that run them from being treated as legally indistinguishable from one another. Without it, digital companies and the users of their products (i.e., all of us) could be sued in civil court or subject to state criminal prosecution over content and messages created and published by others.

State attorneys general have been howling about Section 230 for more than a decade because it means that only the federal government can criminally prosecute internet intermediaries. Thus, state prosecutors don't have the opportunity to seize assets and bring in big financial settlements themselves.