Nov 23 08:45

Expert Witness to the Kennedy assassination - Killed

Nov 23 08:44

Glenn Greenwald Levels MSM Journo Who Claims He's 'Endangering' CIA-Mouthpiece Media

Last week, he threw haymakers at corporate media - calling out NBC and CNN for hiring "little hall monitor dweebs whose only purpose is to pressure other platforms to censor or block the voices that are most threatening to them" (which is exactly what happened to Zero Hedge and The Federalist).

One of said "dweebs," NBC's Ben Collins, engaged, replying: "Good to hear from you. I've got a few questions," to which Greenwald said: "NBC News is a huge corporate conglomerate that has always existed to disseminate US Govt, CIA and corporate propaganda ... Does your employment there ever make you think that your self-conception as a brave, intrepid journalist confronting corrupt power centers might be a fraud?"

Nov 23 08:42

The short trial of Lee Harvey Oswald

Nov 23 08:21

Shameless media elites endorsing Internet censorship

The CIA and its loyal PR flacks in the corporate media have already been pushing the absurd conspiracy that, if you don't like right-wing neoliberal Joe Biden and his team of neoconservative war hawks, then you are being played by Vladimir Putin

Nov 23 07:19

New York Times Moscow correspondent wanted: Must believe all conspiracy theories about Russia, hate Putin & ignore facts

All the propaganda that's fit to print? The New York Times has taken the unusually honest step of admitting, in a job advert, that it has a predetermined biased narrative it wants its new Moscow correspondent to push about Russia.

Becoming a foreign correspondent for a major newspaper isn’t easy. Journalism schools are churning out huge numbers of wannabe Pulitzer Prize winners while the number of jobs is forever shrinking as the internet takes an ever greater toll on the media’s profits. Even a decent lower-end media position is tough to land nowadays. Thus, rising up to the top of the pile to grab one of the coveted overseas postings requires some talent.

Unsurprisingly, foreign correspondents are a smart bunch. They combine basic intelligence with an ability to tell stories in an engaging manner. Those who spend many years covering the same patch acquire an in-depth knowledge of their beat which others can only envy.

Nov 23 02:00

Wauwatosa: 'White Male Mass Shooter in His 20s or 30s' Turns Out to Be 15-Year-Old Hispanic Male

The alleged "white male mass shooter" said to be in his "20s or 30s" who reportedly injured eight people at the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin on Friday has been identified by police as a 15-year-old Hispanic male.

Nov 22 11:56

Twitter to Give @POTUS Handle to Biden on Jan. 20

Social media giant Twitter said it will give the @POTUS handle to Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Jan. 20, 2021, the company confirmed.

“Twitter is actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021,” a Twitter spokesperson confirmed in a statement to The Epoch Times.

The company also said that the process is being done in close consultation with the National Archives and Records Administration and will also archive the Twitter accounts of the current administration for a historical perspective, as it did for other administrations.

Nov 22 11:40

‘What happened to academic freedom?’ Scientist fumes as Facebook flags Covid-19 study questioning mask effectiveness as ‘false’

Social media can’t be allowed to suppress scientific discourse, critics said after Facebook ‘fact-checkers’ flagged as ‘false’ an Oxford professor’s report citing a Danish study on the effectiveness of masks against Covid-19.

“[What] has happened to academic freedom and freedom of speech? There is nothing in this article that is ‘false,’” Carl Heneghan, the director of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, said on Friday.

He posted a screenshot of Facebook flagging his article for the Spectator magazine as ‘False information’, citing “independent fact-checkers.”

Heneghan was discussing the long-delayed study on the effectiveness of facemasks, conducted in Denmark and finally published this week. One of the few randomized controlled trials on masks, it suggested that masks alone don’t work to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Nov 22 09:38

Justice Alito unloads on coronavirus restrictions in bombshell Federalist Society speech

Supreme Justice Samuel Alito has warned that “the pandemic has resulted in previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty” and that freedom of speech is at risk of “becoming a second-tier Constitutional right.”

Nov 22 09:26



Nov 22 09:07

Blackwell: The Greatest Electoral Heist in American History

The 2020 election was stolen because leftists were able to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to weaken, alter, and eliminate laws that were put in place over the course of decades to preserve the integrity of the ballot box. But just as importantly, it was stolen because those same leftists had a thoroughly-crafted plan, and because they were rigorous in its implementation and ruthless in its execution.

Let’s not forget that liberals have been consumed by a fixation with removing Donald Trump from office for longer than he’s actually been in office. The sordid story of the 2020 election heist begins all the way back in January 2017, when Barack Obama’s former campaign manager and senior advisor, David Plouffe, took a job leading the policy and advocacy efforts of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a “charitable” organization established by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.

Nov 22 08:59

‘Inflammatory’ US election reporting by the ABC may breach editorial code

Nov 22 08:45

Republican Senator GRILLS Zuckerberg on Facebook, Google, and Twitter collaboration

Nov 21 14:55

What If The Whole Of Modern American History You Know Is Wrong? And What Of COVID-19?

Professor Sutton wrote a number of books how American industry fostered socialism/Marxism throughout the world.  College-educated Americans couldn’t recognize Marxism if they saw it because they have never been taught about it.  Only those Americans who immigrated from Europe and South America who lived under such regimes that suddenly came to power recognize the fascism and Marxism that are now being deceivingly used to overthrow our American way of life.

Nov 21 14:35

So Exactly… What Is “The Great Reset”?

In times like these, it is absolutely imperative to think for yourself, because deception is everywhere and those that tell the truth are often greatly ridiculed.

Nov 21 14:17

The Rudy, Sidney, And Jenna Show: A Blistering Press Conference For The Ages

Because it was obvious the Democrats—if they couldn’t impeach him first—were going to call in all their markers to take him to the cleaners in 2020: They’d assemble foot soldiers, enforcers, journalists, bureaucrats, city-machine politicians, computer pros, straight-out thugs, agent provocateurs, every usual suspect and bribable piece of scum in every big city in every key state. All hands on deck.

Nov 21 07:48


Nov 21 07:03

Cyber War Declared in U.S. and UK to Quash Vaccine Hesitancy as Nations Prepare for Mass Inoculations

In just the past week, the national-security states of the U.S. and UK have discreetly let it be known that the cyber tools and online tactics previously designed for use in the post-9/11 “war on terror” are now being repurposed for use against information sources promoting “vaccine hesitancy” and information related to COVID-19 that runs counter to their state narratives.

A new cyber offensive was launched on Monday by the U.K.’s signal intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which seeks to target websites that publish content deemed to be “propaganda” that raises concerns regarding state-sponsored COVID-19 vaccine development and the multinational pharmaceutical corporations involved.

Nov 21 06:58

Media Officially in PANIC MODE over Trump’s Election Fight!

Nov 21 06:38

YouTube removes lockdown-sceptical interview with renowned immunologist Dr Mike Yeadon for ‘violating terms of service’

Dr Mike Yeadon has argued that the British government is using “lethally incompetent” scientific advice in its Covid-19 response. YouTube has mysteriously taken down a video in which the immunologist explains his point.

The UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has got many things about the Covid-19 pandemic wrong, says Dr Mike Yeadon. He is an expert in allergy, immunology, and respiratory diseases, with over three decades of experience, including working as Pfizer’s vice president and chief scientific officer. Apparently his credentials amounted to nothing, though, when digital ‘censors’ at YouTube noticed that he was criticizing the prevailing narrative on the necessity of lockdowns.

Nov 21 05:59

AWFUL. Tucker Carlson Doubles Down, Hits Sidney Powell and Says No Evidence of Switching Votes — HERE ARE 11 TIMES THEY GOT CAUGHT SWITCHING VOTES (Video)

On Thursday night Tucker Carlson from FOX News told his audience that he invited Attorney Sidney Powell on his show to share evidence of elections software flipping votes. Tucker said Sidney got angry and refused to provide evidence for voting software flipping votes.

On Friday morning Maria Bartiromo asked Sidney Powell what happened and for her response.

Sidney blasted Tucker Carlson.

Nov 20 13:15

Mark Levin slams 'silent' media on reliability of Dominion after previously reporting on voting concerns

Conservative radio show host Mark Levin laid out that questions surrounding the security of the Dominion Voting Systems have been raised before the 2020 presidential election.

“Why can’t litigants get access to the data from a company that PBS, NBC, and the NYT previously questioned, which is specifically not used in Canada, and has original ties to the Venezuelan regime and Hugo Chavez,” Levin tweeted Thursday.

His comments were in response to Fox News’s Brit Hume sharing a Wall Street Journal opinion piece that was titled, “President Trump blames the election result on Dominion’s systems. Where’s the evidence?”

Levin continued, “I didn’t make any of this up. Serious questions about the reliability of this system, and its lack of security measures to prevent manipulation, were raised from earlier media reports, as recently as October 26. But the media are now silent.”

Nov 20 12:32

‘Your tax dollars at WORK!’ Mollie Hemingway WALLOPS ‘NPR guy’ openly calling for censorship of Republican press conference

Sounds like NPR ‘journo’ David Folkenflik didn’t want outlets carrying the Giuliani/Powell presser today without cutting in to correct anything they said to ‘note the myriad ways the public record contradicts them.’

Only utter dbags use the word, ‘myriad.’

Just sayin’.

He even called it malpractice.


Nov 20 12:25

“The Anomalies Are So Out of Bounds that the Results Are Not Believable”- Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova on Biden’s Attempted Steal of the 2020 Presidential Election

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing were on Newsmax with Grant Stintchfield this evening. DiGenova addressed Big Media’s reaction to today’s historical event where he and the Trump Legal Team laid out the evidence of how the Democrats executed the most horrific crime in US history in stealing the 2020 Presidential election from President Trump.

The Democrats’ crimes in this year’s election far surpass their efforts to have President Trump removed as a result of the Mueller criminal investigation (Mueller and his team were criminals). This is a horrible travesty. The Democrats don’t care about the country, they care about power. DiGenova shared about a FOX News reporter’s reaction to their presser and the strategy the Trump Legal team is working on to address the Democrat crimes:

Nov 20 11:07

Sen. Kennedy: Media's Soft Treatment Of Biden "Undermines Democracy"

The media’s soft treatment of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is harmful to democracy, said Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.).

Kennedy appeared on Fox News Nov. 17 to share his insights on Biden’s first press conference since being projected by media as the winner of the White House race. Kennedy said he’s been following the media coverage of presidential campaigns, and that it took a “special kind of stupid” to not be able to see the “disparate treatment” between Biden and President Donald Trump.

“I think the toughest question that Mr. Biden has been asked is, does he support children and prosperity, and probably the second toughest question is, does he like ponies,” Kennedy told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

“This is very dangerous for our democracy.”

Nov 20 10:51

‘Conspiracy theories’ on Covid-19 come from BRAIN DAMAGE? Questionable science is being used to pathologize real dissent

People who believe in so-called conspiracy theories about Covid-19 are actually suffering from “neuropsychological impairments,” says a neurologist, in what sounds more than a little bit like Soviet-era weaponized psychiatry.

‘Conspiracy theorists’ who refuse to wear masks and embrace lockdowns are the victims of their own scientific illiteracy, which has fundamentally damaged their brains to such an extent that they cannot understand the science of Covid-19, claims neurologist Bruce Miller from the University of California, San Francisco, in a paper published earlier this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Nov 20 10:50

Payback time? Moscow considers law which could block US social media giants Facebook & Twitter for censoring Russian news sources

A group of Russian politicians has put forward a bill aimed at punishing foreign social media firms for discriminating against Russian media outlets. In recent months, RT and others have been censored on networks like Twitter.

The parliamentarians, including MP Alexander Khinshtein and Senator Alexey Pushkov, have proposed punishing social media networks that display prejudice on the basis of nationality, language, or anti-Russia sanctions. If found guilty, the websites could be fined or even blocked entirely.

In August, California-based Twitter took action against RT and other state-funded Russian media outlets, subjecting their accounts to a shadow ban. This means they are now undiscoverable via the website’s search function. Twitter also began labeling several Russian sources as “state-affiliated media,” despite not doing so for certain foreign equivalents, such as America’s state-run RFERL and Britain’s BBC.

Nov 20 10:32

Candace Owens sues Facebook fact-checkers for defamation: 'Time to fact-check the fact-checkers'

According to the Daily Wire, Owens said that Facebook fact-checkers — who are employed to flag what they deem to be misinformation — are targeting her and their fact-checking has led to a demonetization of her Facebook page.

"Quite literally a doctor gave his opinion about COVID-19, which I shared, and Facebook issued a strike on my account because they said only information that they agree with about COVID-19 ... was acceptable," she explained. "I decided I was not going to give up and sit down. The fact-checkers ... are activists for the left that shut down your speech if they don't like it."

"It is time to fact-check the fact-checkers," the conservative firebrand added. "I'm going to put these suckers through discovery and figure out what the relationship is that they have with Facebook."

Nov 20 10:31

Mark Levin: ‘I Will Be Leaving Facebook Probably’ Due to Censorship

Mark Levin, the host of Fox’s Life Liberty & Levin, has had enough social media censorship. After getting throttled yet again by Facebook, Levin has said he will “probably” be leaving the platform “by the end of the year.”

For the third time since October, Levin received a notification from Facebook indicating the social media giant reduced the reach of his page and levied other restrictions against it for repeatedly sharing what it considers false news. “Your page has reduced distribution and other restrictions because of repeated sharing of false news,” Facebook said in a notification, according to a screenshot from Levin. “People will also be able to see if a Page has a history of sharing false news,” the notification added.

“I've been restricted and censored on Facebook. Please make sure you transition to Parler ASAP as I will be leaving Facebook probably by the end of the year,” Levin said on Twitter.

Nov 20 10:26

Another fake "fact check" from Facebook

Once again another "fake" Facebook "fact check" that is nothing more than disinformation and propaganda.

This "fact check" takes on a peer-reviewed, published scientific study about the effectiveness of masks when it comes to virus spread. The Facebook "fact checker" gave his or her opinion that the information in the study is "false."

Nov 20 08:52

It’s obvious now, Fox News CONSPIRED against Trump

We all saw it unfold before our eyes election night, as the mass media pretended like Joe Biden had the lead from the outset, would keep it, and would be “patient” while an avalanche of fake votes and voting machine algorithms did the heavy lifting the next few days to help him “win.” Then, for some strange reason, Fox News called Arizona way too early. Looking back it’s the smoking gun. Hindsight is 20/20, and even the sloppy Democrat cheat machine can’t cover their tracks. Now lump Fox News right in with the swamp creatures. They stabbed all patriots in the back during the biggest battle of the century.

Nov 20 07:58

As Facebook Bans Peaceful Voices, Zuckerberg Accused of Secret Surveillance, Censorship Conspiracy

For those who have been paying attention over the years, it is no secret that Facebook has become a leviathan of censorship and data mining. Facebook users are no more customers of the company than chickens in a processing factory are their voluntarily. When you use Facebook, you are the product.

This notion became even more popular this year with the release of the chilling documentary, The Social Dilemma. While the issues presented in the documentary have been known for several years, during a Monday hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was accused of something far more sinister than simply pimping out users for ad revenue.

During the hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) confronted lord Zuckerberg over information the senator’s office reportedly received from a whistleblower inside Facebook.

“Mr. Zuckerberg, tell me about ‘Centra,” Hawley asked Zuckerberg. “What is the Facebook internal tool called Centra?”

Nov 20 07:57

NY Times Says “Great Reset” is a “Conspiracy Theory” on Same Day World Economic Forum Celebrates It

On the same day that the World Economic Forum heralded “The Great Reset” as a positive way to build “future resilience to global risks,” the New York Times declared the entire thing to be a “conspiracy theory.”

Yes, really.

The NYT was apparently upset that “The Great Reset” was trending on Twitter and published an article declaring it to be “A baseless conspiracy theory about the coronavirus.”

In reality, the WEF, NGOs and world leaders have for months been hyping the need to exploit the “opportunity,” in the words of Justin Trudeau, provided by the pandemic to achieve “The Great Reset”.

The NYT report mentioned Trudeau, but buried the fact that he had openly labeled COVID-19 an “opportunity” during a UN conference call.

Nov 20 00:34

Sidney Powell explains just how the Democrat steal was carried out and how the Dominion software officials have all skipped town in light of the fallout.

"Notably, the Dominion executives are nowhere to be found now. They are moving their offices overnight to different places. Their office in Toronto was shared with one of the Soros entities. One of the leaders of the Dominion project overall is Lord Malloch-Brown, Mr. Soros’ number 2 person in the U.K. and part of his organization. There are ties of the Dominion leadership to the Clinton Foundation and to other known politicians in this country.

Nov 19 21:47

65-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (November 19, 2020)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, David Scorpio, and I discuss current events for 65 minutes:

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Nov 19 19:42

Now Is The Time For Americans To Rebel Against Lockdowns, Mask Laws And Forced Vaccination

Over time, the citizenry becomes acclimated to governmental intrusion in their everyday lives, and they get used to the idea of bureaucracy telling them what they are not allowed to do when it comes to the simplest activities. The system thus bottlenecks all human interactions to the point that we are constantly asking for permission. We become slaves to the Covid response.

Nov 19 15:50

Weapons Of Mass Deception

This is a massive social issue that we’re only beginning to become aware of as a society. How much more control do these companies wield over our thoughts and behavior than we currently realize? How much is acceptable? How do we protect ourselves going forward?

Nov 19 15:43

6 Factors That Point to a Rigged Election

Trump’s legal team, and many in the alternate media, are claiming the election was rigged. With one voice the mainstream media – and the entire political establishment – denounce these claims as “baseless”, and scream there is “no evidence”. -- This is incorrect. There is plenty of evidence, both circumstantial and direct, which breaks down into six basic categories...

Nov 19 15:37

Here We Go Again

As if nanny state governors had been sleepwalking through the tyrannical shutdowns and their disastrous consequences last spring and summer, as if they were ignorant of the economic destruction of those they barred from going to work or operating their businesses, as if they thought it is lawful to assault natural rights and constitutional guarantees, these same governors are now beginning another wave of interferences with personal liberty.

Nov 19 13:46

“All Speech Is Not Equal”: Biden Taps Anti-Free Speech Figure For Transition Lead On Media Agency

For those of us who have been critical of the growing anti-free speech movement in the Democratic Party, the Biden transition team just took an ominous turn. The New York Post reports that Biden tapped Richard Stengel to take the “team lead” position on the US Agency for Global Media, including Voice of America, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. As I previously addressed in a column, Stengel has been one of the most controversial figures calling for censorship and speech controls. For a president-elect who just called for everyone to “hear each other,” he picked a top aide who wants to silence many. Since it would be difficult to select a more anti-free speech figure to address government media policy, one has to assume that Biden will continue the onslaught against this core freedom as president.

Nov 19 13:42

Facebook Broke the Law by Censoring Anti-Biden Ad, Conservative Group Claims

On Tuesday, the American Principles Project (APP) filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint against Facebook, claiming the social media company broke the law by censoring an APP PAC ad attacking Joe Biden and Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.). The ad slammed their support for a law that would force biological girls to compete with biological boys. Even though PolitiFact could find no factual error in the ad, the “fact-check” claimed the ad was “missing context” because it contradicted Biden’s transgender agenda. Facebook used this “fact-check” to flag the ad.

Nov 19 06:30

Jewish Press Explains Why There Just So Happens To Be So Many ‘Jews Behind The Coronavirus Vaccine’

Jewry is obviously concerned that every time a new COVID vaccine is mentioned in their news outlets there seems to be a Jew ‘behind it’ and promoting it — so to pre-emptively stave off any ‘baseless’ antisemitic ‘conspiracy theories,’ the Jerusalem Post has published an article to reassure the public that it’s all just a coincidence:

Nov 19 02:03

REVEALED: Gov Newsom Partied With Top Lobbyists, Calif. Medical Officials, Blew Off COVID Protocols

Photos obtained by FOX 11 Los Angeles reveal the "birthday dinner" California Governor Gavin Newsom attended earlier this month was a party with top lobbyists and California medical officials who were all flaunting the COVID-19 protocols that they're imposing on the general public.

Nov 18 20:10

History of US election fraud since 1950s with ‘voting’ machines + 51-minute military briefing to reveal/end CIA Operation Mockingbird corporate media treasonous ‘coverage’ of 2020 election fraud = Great Awakening victory

“We have been out looking mostly at Michigan. We are beginning on turning our sights on Pennsylvania and Georgia. The things you find in Michigan are amazing. There are over 3,000 precincts where the presidential votes cast compared to the estimated voters from the SOS (Secretary of State) is 99% all the way up to 350%. Those kind of numbers don’t exist in the real world. So where did all those votes come from? And looking at that, we’ve gone back and looked at some of these huge vote dumps that were mostly Biden’s. We call them spikes. We’ve gone back and traced the spikes. We’ve seen where they were cast, primarily in four counties. We looked at how long it took to cast those votes. And we looked at the equipment that exists at all of those locations by serial number.

Nov 18 17:19

Dominion Voting System & Software Pyramid

They are 100% confident that there will be no consequences for their actions. They know that the mainstream media, which should be a watchdog on behalf of American citizens, is actually an arm of the Democrat party that will do everything necessary to cover for Democrat election crimes.

Nov 18 15:32

Is This Virus the Weapon Being Used to Usher in a Communistic Takeover of the United States?

This is the big push toward changing the entire world from one of freedom and hope to one of total despair. Mass disobedience is necessary, and readiness to defend from tyranny at any cost is crucial. Gather together, seek out like thinkers, disobey every order, dissent on every level, and stop this onslaught of deadly and murderous communism. A mass uprising is needed now!

Nov 18 15:24

Twitter Election Fraud ‘Dispute’ Hypocrisy Extends to Treatment of Guns

Twitter, the DSM, and the Democrats have an agenda and they’re not going to let anything get in their way. That’s one thing no one who believes in truth over everything else could possibly dispute.

Nov 18 13:47

Senators Promise Tech CEOs Will Return For More Testimony As Tuesday Hearing Ends

Tuesday's hearing has officially concluded after Zuck and Dorsey took once final grilling from Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn, who accused the companies of acting like "the gods of silicon valley". She also raised questions about the company's business ties with foreign countries, and its willingness to bow to Beijing and Vietnam over repressing political dissent on Facebook. She also accused Facebook of removing information posted by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who recently claimed to have been poisoned by the Kremlin.

Finally, chairman Lindsey Graham and ranking member Blumenthal wrapped things up by promising that the tech CEOs would likely return shortly after the start of the next Congress as the "collaborate" on potential reforms to Section 230. However, next time, the senators warned, their fellow tech CEOs must also make time to appear, Graham and Blumenthal said.

Nov 18 13:46

Pay for Comments – Confessions of a Paid Disinformation Internet Shill

Government trolls. Disinformation shills. Call them what you want, they are real.

Every day at WuW, we see “comments” submitted on our articles that are blatantly composed by trolls. Lengthy, well written comments designed to irrationally steer the conversation in a pro-government, pro-status quo direction. They pose as readers and first-time commenters, but post essay length commentary quoting “expert” government research on a range of topics, question those who dare question the government line, and urge us to believe in the path chosen for us by our ‘trusted’ leaders.

If we believe them, everything is and has always been ok. No further questions need to be asked. Those who do are paranoid. Break out the tin-foil hats.

Nov 18 09:45

Former Facebook leaders are now transition insiders

Some on the Biden campaign thought they had two opponents to beat: first Donald Trump and then Facebook.

But people with close ties to Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have already become inside players in the Biden transition, suggesting that the president-elect is not slamming the door on the company.

Nov 18 09:41

COLLUSION? Whistleblower Says Facebook, Google, Twitter Work Together on What Content to Censor

A whistleblower’s complaint revealed during Congressional hearings Tuesday alleges tech companies Facebook, Google, and Twitter work together in deciding what content should be banned or flagged for review.

“Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., on Tuesday pressed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on a newly revealed whistleblower complaint alleging that Facebook employees coordinate with Twitter and Google employees to make certain content moderation decisions,” reports Fox News.

Nov 18 09:37

‘IT WAS WRONG’: Twitter CEO Admits Banning Hunter Biden Laptop Story ‘Was Wrong’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted his company “was wrong” in censoring a New York Post story regarding Hunter Biden just days before the 2020 presidential election; saying the platform “corrected” the situation within 24 hours.

“That to me seems like you’re the ultimate editor,” committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said during his opening statement. “The editorial decision by the New York Post to run the story was overridden by Twitter and Facebook in different fashions to prevent its dissemination. Now if that’s not making an editorial decision I don’t know what would be.”

Nov 18 06:45

How the British government secretly funded Syrian cartoons and comic books as anti-Assad propaganda aimed at children

Leaked documents show how the Foreign & Commonwealth Office spent millions setting up a clandestine network to churn out pro-rebel material, much of it aimed at winning the hearts and minds of kids.

A swath of internal UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) files have exposed a number of covert ways in which London sought to both propagandize Syrian children and turn them into weapons, in a vast, long-running information warfare campaign at home and abroad.

The documents are just some of the bombshell papers released by hacktivist collective Anonymous, outlining a variety of cloak-and-dagger actions undertaken by the UK government against the Syrian state over many years.

The overriding objective behind them all was to destabilize the government of Bashar Assad, convince Syrians, Western citizens, foreign governments, and international bodies that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was a legitimate alternative, and flood media the world over with pro-opposition propaganda.

Nov 17 16:12

Will Biden Listen to the Science?

One idea Biden and his task force are considering is a four to six weeks nationwide lockdown. However, supporting a nationwide lockdown would violate Biden’s campaign pledge to “listen to the science.” The evidence regarding lockdowns is so overwhelming that even the World Health Organization (WHO) has been forced to admit the truth: lockdowns do more harm than good. -- Lockdowns result in more instances of depression, suicide, domestic violence, and alcohol and drug abuse. Lockdowns also cause people to not go to hospitals or doctors’ offices, leading to people dying because they failed to obtain medical assistance in a timely manner.

Nov 17 15:41

Another Poll Shows Gun Control Misread American Resolve

If polls are to be trusted any longer, there’s one out from Gallup that shows gun control zealots aren’t paying attention to America’s growing distaste for gun control. -- Americans want less gun control laws now than they did in 2016 when Hillary Clinton campaigned and lost on a platform of enacting bans on modern sporting rifles and clamping down on Second Amendment rights. American support for stricter gun control laws slipped seven percent in just one year while firearm sales are breaking records and rioting and looting is wreaking havoc in American cities as gun control politicians called for, and actually did, defund the police. Forty-three percent of Americans want fewer gun control laws or for them to remain the same, according to the poll.

Nov 17 14:26

New Free Speech App Parler Could Cause ‘Harms’ to ‘Democracy’: Tech Researcher on CNN

A lead researcher for technology condemned conservatives for doing what many on the left have told conservatives to do — join a new social media platform. And she used CNN to do it.

Political ads lead researcher Bridget Barrett seemed disgusted by the fact conservatives have any safe-haven online to share their ideas. She joined CNN in an interview Nov. 15. Her comments in the interview demonstrate that liberals don’t care about conservatives’ rights to free speech, but merely want those views to be silenced. CNN anchor Michael Holmes began with a leading question about how Parler constitutes an “echo chamber” and asked “what are the risks in that?” Barrett responded by panicking over how Parler will enable “the spread of hate, of false information” and “terrorists, both foreign and domestic to recruit or plan.”

Barrett also warned that Parler could cause “harms” to “our democracy” itself:

Nov 17 14:10

WATCH: Ted Cruz eviscerates Jack Dorsey over whether Twitter is a ‘publisher’

Senator Ted Cruz eviscerated CEO Jack Dorsey today over Twitter’s censorship actions and how they are acting as a publisher:

Dorsey tells Cruz that Twitter is not a publisher, but rather a distributor of information. But Ted Cruz makes the case that via Twitter’s actions in some cases, they are indeed acting as a publisher.

For example, Cruz highlights how Twitter completely blocked the NY Post article on Hunter Biden’s laptop. But when it came to the NY Times article on Trump’s taxes, they didn’t take any action. Dorsey claimed that the NY Times article was just ‘reporting’ on hacked materials and that’s why they didn’t block it.

Nov 17 13:41

Media Hypes Moderna’s COVID Vaccine, Downplays Risks

For the second time in a week, news of a “promising” COVID-19 vaccine sent global stock markets on a joy ride and triggered an avalanche of positive news stories which, for the most part, avoided any killjoy questions about vaccine safety or transparency.

On Monday, Moderna announced that its mRNA-1273 COVID vaccine candidate was 94.5% effective, based on interim Phase 3 trial data.

Last week Pfizer announced that analysis of preliminary Phase 3 trial data indicated its BNT162b2 COVID vaccine, developed in partnership with Germany’s BioNTech, was “more than 90% effective.”

Nov 17 12:39

Will America still be Israel’s bitch? Or will Biden-Harris resist shaming the West?

Stuart Littlewood says while Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris's victory in the US presidential elections may offer a glimmer of hope for Palestinians, despite the two being self-declared Zionists, the Palestinians remain divided and Britain and the EU remain in Israel’s stranglehold. >>

Nov 17 09:22

Watch Live: Zuckerberg, Dorsey Return To Capitol Hill For Post-Election 'Rematch' With Senate Judiciary

Two of Silicon Valley's top tech CEOs, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter's Jack Dorsey, will appear Tuesday morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee (led by a newly reelected Lindsey Graham) in their first post-election Congressional hearing.

This isn't the first time the two men have appeared before the Congress in 2020: there have been at least two big hearings with a mix of CEOs from the various American tech megacaps before this, focusing mostly on election interference (for the Dems) and censorship of conservative voices (for the GOP).

Nov 17 09:21

NSA spied on Danish government and European defense contractors as US tried to sell them F-35 fighters

The NSA spied on the Danish government and European defense contractors to gain information on its fighter acquisition program, according to Danish media reports.

The US intelligence agency allegedly targeted Denmark's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the country selected the American Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighter for its New Fighter Program in 2016.

Denmark's defence committee agreed to purchase 27 F-35As for $3billion ($2.26billion) in 2016, which will be acquired between 2021 to 2026.

An internal whistleblower in the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (FE) made the allegations, according to the country's public broadcaster DR.

Nov 17 09:05

‘Unmasking mainstream and social media’

Nov 17 08:26

The CIA’s 70-Year History of Disinformation: How the CIA Funded the Opinion Magazines in Europe

When an intelligence agency arranges to disseminate fake news it is called “disinformation” and it is a subset of what is referred to as covert action, basically secret operations run in a foreign country to influence opinion or to disrupt the functioning of a government or group that is considered to be hostile.

Nov 17 08:00

WaPo Propagandist Laughs That Military-Industrial Complex Lied to President Trump to Keep Troops in Syria

WaPo reporter Liz Sly laughed about the news in a couple of disgraceful Twitter posts.

“US officials have been lying to Trump – and the American people – about the true number of US troops in Syria in order to deter him from withdrawing them, according to the outgoing Syria envoy. Trump thinks it’s 200,” Sly wrote in the tweet – adding laughing while crying emojis.

Nov 17 07:55

Mailchimp deplatforms Trump supporters as big tech continues its war on conservatives

Twitter, Facebook, Eventbrite, and Google have all hit hard against conservatives use of their platforms. Now, bulk emailer Mailchimp has joined the ranks of tech companies that have decided to silence the voices of conservatives. Big tech appears to believe that it is their purview to give access to their platform to whomever they please—and to deplatform those they don't.

Mailchimp, which is a service organizations can use to send emails to everyone who has signed up to be on their contact list, decided that they don't want to provide their service to the Northern Virginia Tea Party. They claimed that the messages contained "potentially harmful misinformation."

Nov 17 07:47

Media Officially in PANIC MODE over Trump’s Election Fight!

Nov 16 23:39

California Lawmakers Fly to Maui to Party With Lobbyists As Second Lockdown Goes Into Effect

California lawmakers blew off coronavirus travel warnings and flew to Maui to party with lobbyists as their state was thrown into a vicious second lockdown, according to reports.

Nov 16 15:59

The Next Major Crisis Will Be Ushered In For The Great Reset

There is NO WAY that this is going down peacefully during the next 4 to 8 weeks. “Stuff” is going to happen. They’ve already told us. And if these attorneys “have the goods” on our electronic voting system fraud — the Deep State and globalists are going to go “nuclear”.

Nov 16 15:20

At Home, at Work, by Day and by Night – More Self Defense Gun Stories

You didn't see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again this week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Nov 16 14:18

Mailchimp deplatforms Trump supporters as big tech continues its war on conservatives

Twitter, Facebook, Eventbrite, and Google have all hit hard against conservatives use of their platforms. Now, bulk emailer Mailchimp has joined the ranks of tech companies that have decided to silence the voices of conservatives. Big tech appears to believe that it is their purview to give access to their platform to whomever they please—and to deplatform those they don't.

Mailchimp, which is a service organizations can use to send emails to everyone who has signed up to be on their contact list, decided that they don't want to provide their service to the Northern Virginia Tea Party. They claimed that the messages contained "potentially harmful misinformation."

Nov 16 13:20

Trump Campaign Pushes Back on Media Reports of Changed Pennsylvania Case

The Trump campaign pushed back Sunday night against reports by the Washington Post and others that it had dropped a major part of its case challenging the election results in Pennsylvania.

The Post‘s Jon Swaine and Elise Viebeck reported that the Trump campaign was abandoning the claim that election authorities invalidated over 600,000 votes by barring Trump election observers from watching the count.

That left a much smaller part of the case — namely, that Democratic-run counties allowed voters to “cure” problems with their mailed-in ballots, while Republican counties, following rules laid down by the state legislature, did not.

But Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis, who appeared on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot 125 shortly after the Post story came out, disputed its claims.

Nov 16 12:57

MSNBC Being MSNBC: Panel Discusses How White Women 'Weaponize Their Identities Against Black Men'

Is there anyone worse on the planet than a white woman? Tongue planted firmly in cheek, of course, but in the collective eyes of an MSNBC panel on “AM Joy” on Friday, the answer was clearly “NO.”

During a segment on Friday’s ridiculous “episode,” with Tiffany Cross sitting in for host Joy Reid — who no doubt would have agreed with everything said — white women who voted for President Trump were ripped to shreds not only for voting for Trump; but also for voting against Kamala Harris. (You already see where this is going, right?)

Cross asked Julie Kohler, a senior advisor at Democracy Alliance, described by Politico as “the country’s most powerful liberal donor club,” “Was this overwhelming support for Donald Trump in the 2020 election a vote for Trump or was it a vote against Biden/Harris, with emphasis on Harris?” (They don’t miss a beat, do they?)

Nov 16 10:35

'Shameful Display': Nikki Haley Points Out Another Reason Why Millions Fleeing Twitter

'Wow. When Iran's Ayatollah says the Holocaust didn't happen, Twitter doesn't say 'this claim is disputed.' When I say ballot harvesting makes election fraud easier, Twitter says that's disputed. Wonder why conservatives don't trust big tech?' Haley tweeted.

The Republican former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina governor laid into the tech giant after it slapped a warning label on a tweet of hers from earlier that day, which also complained about some states' practice of mailing ballots to all voters.

'Despite what the media tells us, election fraud does happen, and policies like ballot harvesting and mailing ballots to people who don't request them makes it easier. That needs to stop,' Haley wrote in the tweet that was labeled as 'disputed.'

Nov 16 10:23

Is this the End of CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC

Nov 16 10:23



• Insider: Google "is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again."

• Google Exec Says Don't Break Us Up: "smaller companies don't have the resources" to "prevent next Trump situation"

• Google Head of Responsible Innovation Says Elizabeth Warren "misguided" on "breaking up Google"

• Insider Says PragerU And Dave Rubin Content Suppressed, Targeted As "Right-Wing"

• LEAKED Documents Highlight "Machine Learning Fairness" and Google’s Practices to Make Search Results "fair and equitable"

• Documents Appear to Show "Editorial" Policies That Determine How Google Publishes News

• Insider: Google Violates "letter of the law" and "spirit of the law" on Section 230

Nov 16 07:01

Zoom censors events about Zoom censorship

Facilitating the agendas of Israel lobby groups, videoconferencing platform Zoom once again censored events in the US and UK featuring the Palestinian resistance icon Leila Khaled.

This week, the president of New York University acceded to Zoom’s actions by smearing one of the panels, organized by NYU faculty and students and featuring an address by Khaled, as “terrorist violence” that conflicts with academic freedom.

But academics, students and civil rights defenders are fighting back.

Nov 16 06:53

US – UK Intelligence Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media

In just the past week, the national-security states of the United States and United Kingdom have discreetly let it be known that the cyber tools and online tactics previously designed for use in the post-9/11 “war on terror” are now being repurposed for use against information sources promoting “vaccine hesitancy” and information related to Covid-19 that runs counter to their state narratives.

A new cyber offensive was launched on Monday by the UK’s signal intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which seeks to target websites that publish content deemed to be “propaganda” that raises concerns regarding state-sponsored Covid-19 vaccine development and the multi-national pharmaceutical corporations involved.

Nov 16 06:43

'Shameful': Ivanka Trump Blasts Media For 'Total Silence' on Violence Against Conservatives

The development comes a day after a huge crowd of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, DC to protest against alleged voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, as well as to back the Republican president. Police reported that more than 20 people were arrested after anti-Trump protesters clashed with the president’s supporters.

Donald Trump’s daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump has condemned the media’s coverage of attacks on conservatives, calling it "shameful" and "dangerous". The 39-year-old took to Twitter to express her frustration at incidents of attacks on Trump’s supporters. Ivanka noted that the media would have reacted differently had the victims of the violence belonged to the other side of the political aisle.

Nov 16 06:26

FLASHBACK - Dr. Robert Epstein Tells Tucker Carlson: Big Tech Could ‘Shift 15 Million Votes’ in 2020 Election

Dr. Robert Epstein appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the 2020 election and the influence that the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe have over voters. According to Epstein, Google and other companies could shift 15 million votes in the upcoming election, “without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.”

Dr. Robert Epstein, the senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight recently where he gave some insight into the work he and his team have been doing surrounding the 2020 election and specifically the effect that the Silicon Valley titans have on voting.

Nov 16 05:52

Mark Levin: The Media Keeps Ignoring Biden's Senility

Nov 16 05:26

Will BIG TECH and BIG MEDIA Be Held Accountable for Colluding with the Democrats In 2020 Election Fraud?

Then one by one Big Tech asserted their evil liberal bias on anyone they wanted to silence. Eventually big conservative news sites like TGP were attacked and censored. Unfortunately conservatives were to blame too for remaining silent while Big Tech instituted their liberal mandates. Finally, every conservative site was censored just in time for the 2020 election.

Before the 2016 election the Gateway Pundit received 30% of its business from Facebook. Now TGP receives less than 3%. Big Tech could not allow tweets, shares and posts to be shared and read promoting America and its Great President. They had to bring this to an end.

Today they attack the President of the United States and the Democrats cheer. Since the election Big Tech started doing whatever they wanted. They slander the President and label his tweets as fake news:

Nov 16 05:17

"We Need A Full Investigation": WaPo Questions COVID Origins 10 Months After ZeroHedge Twitter Ban For Doing Same

About 10 months after Zero Hedge was suspended from Twitter and ridiculed by those peddling the "official" narrative about Covid-19 for an article we published asking critical questions about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, the "mainstream" media finally appears to be asking those very same questions.

In the latest example of one of our "conspiracy theories" potentially turning into "conspiracy fact", the Washington Post published an op-ed by its Editorial Board on Saturday called "The coronavirus’s origins are still a mystery. We need a full investigation."

"After so much death and illness, a mystery from the first days of the novel coronavirus has yet to be solved. We still don’t understand its origins or how it became a global killer. The answers lie in China, and quite possibly beyond. The world needs a credible, impartial investigation to better prepare for future pandemics," the op-ed opens by saying.

Nov 16 04:56

Whatever Happened to America's Scariest Problem, Foreign Election Interference, Anyway?

The Bad Person lost, the Good Person won. What more do you need to know from the New York Times and the Washington Post?

Nov 15 13:36

If you think online censorship is bad now, it will get far worse if Joe Biden is installed

Biden also plans to use his task force to crack down on “disinformation and hate speech,” which as we have seen over the years includes just about anything that upsets leftists and makes them feel angry or upset.