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Feb 09 13:32

Italian Village Building Statue of Trump: 'The Only Politician Following Through On His Promises'

A tiny village in Italy is building a giant marble statue of Donald Trump because he's "the only politician who is following through on his promises."

If CNN had any integrity, they'd be doing the same and putting it in their lobby.

Feb 09 12:45

What Would it Cost a Country to Leave the Euro? That’s What Everyone Suddenly Wants to Know

It’s the closest the Eurozone has come to falling apart.

Feb 09 11:41

Hungary set to build SECOND FENCE on border in battle against migrant 'security threat'

HUNGARY’S tough-talking prime minister Viktor Orban has announced plans to build another fence along the country's border in a bid to keep immigrants out.

Feb 09 11:35

'How will we cope?' MEPs panic over Brexit black hole as they mull €150 BILLION budget

German MEP Jens Geier said: "We can’t discuss this without talking about Brexit and the possible consequences for the EU budget. The radical changes that are going to occur when the second biggest net payer disappears are something that should at least be dealt with.

"When it comes to revenue and expenditure we can’t just say it’s business as usual."

Slovenian Patricija Sulin added: "I am still waiting for an answer to the question how are we going to close the gaps when the United Kingdom leaves? This 16 billion euros that the UK is paying into the budget annually is going to need to be replaced."

Feb 09 11:33

Major evacuations in train stations across Sweden after multiple bomb threats

A SERIES of bomb threats have forced hundreds of rail passengers to be evacuated from trains in Sweden amid chaotic scenes.

Feb 09 11:32

EUROZONE CRUMBLES: Germany orders Greece to LEAVE euro if it wants debts cut

HARDLINE German minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has warned the only way Greece's loans can be written off is through the country leaving the eurozone, as the debt crisis once again blows up.

Feb 09 11:02

Traitors at the Gate: The British Parliament and 5th Columnists

Make America Great Again = racist?

British jobs for British workers = racist?

America First = racist?

Taking care of your own citizens = racist?

Feb 09 10:52

Brexit Could Give £8bn Extra Spending Money To UK Government – IFS

Britain could see a Brexit dividend of up to £8 billion (US$10 billion), the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has said.

In its Green Budget, it said depending on the trade deal the UK secures with Brussels, Brexit could have a negative impact on the economy.

Feb 09 07:33

The EU just revealed its latest splurge…and if you’re a UK motorist it will drive you mad

BRUSSELS is set to blow £400 million renovating a 40-mile stretch of motorway in Poland whilst British roads crumble following decades of neglect.

Feb 09 07:28

EU ON THE BRINK: Martin Schulz warns bloc could 'FALL APART' after Brexit

The ex-European Parliament president is worried Brexit could spark further calls for other countries to leave the bloc.

He also condemned Hungarian PM Viktor Orban – known for his anti-Brussels approach – for "pointing the finger of blame" at the EU.

Mr Schulz said: "That blame game is a virus which could lead to the end of the European Union."

Feb 09 07:28

Eurosceptics Winning Elections to Have 'Devastating' Impact on EU Institutions

The outcome of the upcoming elections in France and the Netherlands will largely determine the fate of the EU, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote.

Feb 09 07:26

NATO Is Conspiring With a Mafiosi Regime to Gobble up a Country That Does Not Actually Support Membership

NATO marching deeper into Eastern Europe is hardly news anymore, but what's remarkable about this expansion is how hungry the alliance is for expansion -- so much so that it is now gobbling up countries where NATO is not actually welcome.

Feb 09 06:53

‘Russian threat’ meant to unite Europe which is in deep political crisis’

RT: Berlin has jumped on the bandwagon referring to Russian media as propaganda and RT Deutsch as "hostile." Why do they fear and blacklist Russian platforms?

RR: You can only understand this struggle if you look one layer deeper at it. We see a certain system crisis in those countries that have abandoned completely patriotic national values. They are in crisis and then pointing their fingers towards other governments, who have adopted the national agenda in their policy making – be it Russia with President Vladimir Putin, or be it now the US under President Trump. This is basically the line where the two parties are separated by the rather globalist-oriented system and the rather nationalist-oriented system.

Feb 08 15:48

Will rising bond yields mean ECB QE is To Infinity! And Beyond!?

Yesterday the ECB ( European Central Bank ) President Mario Draghi spoke at the European Parliament and in his speech were some curious and intriguing phrases.

Feb 08 15:10

Riots Erupt In Paris After Police ‘Rape Man With Baton’

Protests and riots erupted in a Paris suburb following the sexual assault of a 22-year-old black man who allegedly suffered at the hands of four “racist” police officers during a routine ID check.

Feb 08 13:01

Eastern Europe & World War III

Europe could become the site of a new global war in the East as tensions build there against refugees and the economic decline fosters old wounds. The EU is deeply divided over the refugee issue and thus it is fueling its own demise and has failed to be a stabilizing force.

Feb 08 12:48

Russia Mobilizes S-400 Missiles Systems Near Moscow To "Test Readiness Against A Possible Attack"

One month ago we reported that Russia had deployed S-400 air defense missile systems in proximity to Moscow, which were then put on combat duty. “The SAM combat squads of the Moscow Region aerospace forces have put the new S-400 Triumph air defense missile system into service, and have gone on combat duty for the air defense of Moscow and the central industrial region of Russia,” the Defense Ministry’s Department of Information and Mass Communication told Interfax in early January.

Feb 08 12:42

NATO Battalion Arrives in Lithuania in Anti-Russia Buildup

A NATO battalion of some 1,000 ground troops, led by German forces, has arrived in Lithuania as the first of a series of such deployments as part of the continued anti-Russia buildup in the Baltic states, with officials saying it is meant to assure the nations there of NATO’s military commitment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 08 12:39

Poland Seeks Massive Nuclear Weapons Arsenal for EU

In what would serve as the launching of the biggest arms race in generations, Polish ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski is urging the European Union to embark on a process of massive-scale nuclear armament, insisting the union needs to be a “superpower” with a nuclear arsenal on par with Russia’s, the largest in the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 08 09:13

Nigel Farage: The European Parliament is terrified of Trump

Nigel Farage defends President Trump's travel order during speech at European Parliament.

Farage, who made an impassioned speech on the floor of the European Parliament in Brussels in support of Trump’s travel ban order, said that some of his fellow parliamentarians are using that issue as a wedge because of Trump’s position on the EU itself.

Feb 08 09:08

Germany’s CIA: Russia Not Responsible For Influencing Election

Germany’s version of the CIA, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), has announced that Russia is not trying to influence the outcome of the German elections.

Feb 07 19:59

Migrant muggers pick on schoolgirl - but are given a hiding as she's a martial arts EXPERT

A TRIO of migrant muggers were caught unawares by a 16-year-old girl after discovering their target was a black belt in jiu-jitsu.

The girl was walking to her home in Trescore Balneario, Northern Italy in broad daylight when three men in their 20s approached her and tried to steal her phone.

But as the attacker lunged into her pocket to grab the mobile, the young girl fought back – blocking her assailant and immobilising him.

Realising they were facing more than they had bargained for the other two attackers instantly fled the scene, leaving their fellow mugger behind.

Feb 07 13:13

The Frozen Ground of US-Russia Ties Is Hard to Till

Much is being said about institutional resistance within the US to any attempt to improve relations with Russia.

Rex Tillerson’s confirmation as US Secretary of State must come as comforting news for Moscow. It augurs well for the Russian-American relationship. It leads to ‘de-escalation’ in the tensions, of which incipient signs appear already.

The veteran Russian diplomat heading the Mission to the United Nations in New York, Vitaly Churkin said on Thursday that he could sense the winds of change in his newly-minted American counterpart Nikki Haley (in comparison with her combative predecessor.)

Feb 07 13:03

Poroshenko’s Last Chance Saloon

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is playing a desperate poker game in which he is gambling his political future with an all-out war in Europe.

In a scene reminiscent of an old Hollywood B-movie Western, Poroshenko appears like a washed-up gunslinger with a lousy hand of cards who is bluffing with empty bravado.

However, the difference is Poroshenko is no gunslinger. And this is not fiction. It is grim reality where lives are suffering from his poker games.

Feb 07 12:29

The Trump Petition is a Fake

At the time of writing, a UK petition to refuse President Donald Trump an official state visit with the Queen has hit nearly 2 million signatures. Under British legislation, any petition with this amount of signatures MUST be debated in Parliament.

Feb 07 11:00

Sweden: Top Cop Hits Breaking Point, Tells The Truth About Migrant Crime

After 47-years on the force, Sweden's "most experienced police investigator," officer Peter Springare, hit his breaking point last week and posted a detailed rant explaining how migrants are responsible for almost all crime in his country.

Feb 07 10:56


Neocolonial "capitalist paradise" or crony "socialist paradise": the net result is the same: expropriation and impoverishment.

Yesterday I noted that not all assets will make it through the inevitable financial re-set. ( Which Assets Are Most Likely to Survive the Inevitable "System Re-Set"?)

Those that are easy to expropriate will be expropriated, and those assets vulnerable to soaring taxes, inflation and currency devaluation will also be hollowed out.

There are two real-time examples of these dynamics we can profitably study: "capitalist" Greece and "socialist" Venezuela. Both nations have impoverished their citizenry to preserve an oligarchy and its cronies.

Feb 07 10:30

Most Europeans want to STOP migration from Muslim countries, study finds, as controversy rages over Donald Trump's US travel ban

A survey carried out by London-based think-tank The Royal Institute of International Affairs found that 55 per cent of Europeans across 10 countries think further immigration from mostly-Muslim countries should stop.

Feb 07 09:50

How US Believes Impossible Things

A year ago, following the release of Russia’s new national security document, naming as threats both the United States and the expansion of the NATO alliance, a Pentagon spokesman declared: “They have no reason to consider us a threat. We are not looking for conflict with Russia.”

Meanwhile, in early January, the United States embarked upon its biggest military buildup in Europe since the end of the Cold War – 3,500 American soldiers landed, unloading three shiploads, with 2,500 tanks, trucks and other combat vehicles. The troops were to be deployed in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary and across the Baltics. Lt. Gen. Frederick Hodges, commander of U.S. forces in Europe, said, “Three years after the last American tanks left the continent, we need to get them back.”

Feb 07 09:27

‘It’s not OUR fault!’ Eurocrat dodges blame for Greek crisis and says euro 'GREAT SUCCESS'

A DEFIANT eurocrat today launched an extraordinary defence of the struggling euro, describing the project as a “clear success” and insisting it is not responsible for the Greek crisis.

In a jaw-dropping interview which is bound to infuriate Greek voters European Central Bank (ECB) board member Benoit Coeuré effectively washed Brussels’ hands of the country’s desperate situation.

He insisted that Greece’s economic problems are “not related to its euro membership” and defended the EU’s decision to admit the country into the single currency which has been heavily criticised.

Feb 07 09:25

DAMNING VERDICT: Greece will CRUMBLE under debts - IMF anger at eurozone austerity targets

TROUBLED Greece will buckle under the weight of its huge debts, which are highly unsustainable over the longer term, according to damning analysis of the eurozone's bailout by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Austerity measures and biting reforms pushed on Athens by its neighbouring creditors are taking a heavy toll on the country, combined with high poverty and unemployment, said the Washington-based fund.

Feb 07 09:11

Greece braces itself for 'rupture' as politicians plot £74bn Grexit default plan

GREEK politicians are calling on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to default on EU bailouts and renegotiate with their lenders.

Feb 07 09:08

Greece and Turkey: High Tension on the High Seas

Fellow NATO members Greece and Turkey appear to be on the brink of clashing over disputed islands in the eastern Aegean Sea, but the reason for the present tension isn't limited to a few rocks.

Feb 07 08:53

Davos Man Is Dead’ – Ted Malloch, Tipped To Be Trump’s Pick For EU Ambassador

Afshin Rattansi talks to the man tipped by some to be the next US Ambassador to the EU, former UN Executive Secretary Deputy Chief, Ted Malloch

Feb 07 07:51

Poland's influential PiS party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski calls for EU reform

Kaczynski, chairman of the nationalist-conservative Law and Justice party (PiS), has called for reform of the European Union (EU). In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) newspaper to be published on Tuesday, the co-founder of Poland's ruling party said that the EU was overall a success but "with the exception of two grave mistakes: the treaty of Lisbon" which significantly expanded the power of the EU in 2007 "and the refugee crisis."

"We have to strengthen the nation states and reduce the jurisdiction of the Union", Kaczynski told FAZ.

Feb 07 07:50

EU SHOWDOWN: Desperate Merkel flies to Poland as she scrambles to save Brussels bloc

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel is scrambling to save the EU as she travels to Eurosceptic Poland for showdown talks.

Feb 07 07:43

EU Fights Trump - Unia walczy z Trumpem - Max Kolonko Mówi? Jak Jest w MaxTV

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Polish with English subtitles.

Feb 06 15:24

European Central Bank head warns on Trump deregulation push

The head of the European Central Bank expressed concern about the Trump administration's moves to relax financial oversight, saying such deregulation helped pave the way for the global financial crisis.

Feb 06 12:56

Grexit 4.0? Varoufakis Urges Tsipras: Ditch Negotiations, Adopt "Parallel System"

In his article, Varoufakis suggested that Schaeuble’s strategy is to lead Greeks to the point of exhaustion so they ask to leave the euro themselves.

Noting that the “parallel payment system was already designed in 2014”, Varoufakis stresses that Tsipras had “two delusions” that led the government to the current impasse:

a. that on the night of the referendum, the dilemma was between Schaeuble’s Grexit Plan and the 3rd bailout

b. that the obedience to the 3rd bailout could be political manageable through a parallel, society-friendly program.
Both of these “working assumptions” were based only on autosuggestion, the ex finance minister stresses adding that he tried to explain this to the Prime Minister on the night of the referendum

Feb 06 11:46


A car belonging to the police chief of the Swedish city of Uppsala has exploded in northern Stockholm.

No one was injured in the incident, but police are now investigating a possible link between the blast and the officer’s activities.

The vehicle, parked outside the police chief’s home in the northern part of Stockholm, blew up during the early hours of Monday morning, according to broadcaster SVT, citing investigators.

The police chief and his family are being cared for, and officials have launched a preliminary investigation on the basis of endangering public safety.

Feb 06 08:51

Migrants ARE to blame for most serious crimes in Sweden, police officer blasts in rant

In a Facebook rant, Peter Springare said his post was not politically correct, but he did not care as he was soon retiring after 47 years of service.

Sweden has been hard hit to cope with unprecedented levels of crimes and incidents, as the National Criminal Investigation Service admitted last year that more than 50 areas were labelled as 'no-go zones' where police did not have control.

In the report, attacks on police officers were detailed, along with incidents of children carrying weapons, sex attacks and other violent crimes.

Taking to Facebook to share his frustration, Mr Springare, who works as an investigator for the Örebro police, said the lion’s share of the crimes were committed by migrants.

Feb 06 07:49

Corruption Runs Rampant in Bulgaria and Romania After 10 Years of EU Membership

Romania and Bulgaria's battles against corruption have come under attack from the European Union, with their efforts being branded "fragmented and largely ineffective."

Feb 06 07:46

‘Davos man is dead’ – Ted Malloch, tipped to be Trump’s pick for EU ambassador

As prominent MEPs are slamming US President Donald Trump's choice for ambassador to Brussels, RT’s Afshin Rattansi sat down with Ted Malloch for his personal views on the matter.

RT’s Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi spoke to Trump's pick for ambassador to the EU, Ted Malloch, former Deputy Chief of UN Economic Commission for Europe, and professor at Henley Business School in the UK.

RT: The EU parliament is somehow trying to veto your appointment as the next ambassador to the European Union. What is your reaction?

Ted Malloch: They must not have got the notice that Donald Trump won the American election. Of course, ambassadors are chosen by their home countries to represent those countries and those national interests in foreign capitals, in this case, in Brussels.

Feb 06 07:21

Migrants ARE to blame for most serious crimes in Sweden, police officer blasts in rant

A SWEDISH police officer has launched a seething attack on the country’s politically correct approach to immigration as he claimed migrants were to blame for the most serious crimes.

In a Facebook rant, Peter Springare said his post was not politically correct, but he did not care as he was soon retiring after 47 years of service.

Sweden has been hard hit to cope with unprecedented levels of crimes and incidents, as the National Criminal Investigation Service admitted last year that more than 50 areas were labelled as 'no-go zones' where police did not have control.

In the report, attacks on police officers were detailed, along with incidents of children carrying weapons, sex attacks and other violent crimes.

Feb 05 12:13

“Taking Down” British Officials – Philip Giraldi

A quite incredible story out of England has not received much media coverage in the United States. It concerns how the Israeli Embassy in London connived with government officials to “take down” parliamentarians and government ministers who were considered to be critical of the Jewish State.

It was also learned that the Israeli Embassy was secretly subsidizing and advising private groups promoting Israeli interests, including associations of Members of Parliament (MPs).The story is interesting on several levels, particularly given the recent furor in the U.S. over allegations that Russia has been interfering in American politics.

Feb 05 12:10

Israel’s manipulation of UK politics: time for zero tolerance

Both the Foreign Office and Boris Johnson, the UK’s foreign secretary, have declared the Shai Masot affair “closed” after Masot, an employee of the Israeli embassy and probably a Mossad asset, plotted with gullible British MPs and political hangers-on to “take down” senior government figures, including Johnson’s deputy, Alan Duncan.

We have Aljazeera to thank for the brilliant exposé where our own security services failed.

Feb 05 12:05

The Importance of Maintaining The Balance of Power

No one, or country, no matter how novel or inventive they are, has any right, or can be trusted, with absolute power over everyone else.

It is absolutely essential for political leaders, all across the world, to ensure that the balance of power exists, in all spheres of power and the body politic, both domestically as well as internationally, because there is no way that any one individual or government can ensure the equal protection of the people, in all of their myriad conflicts and challenges, from the very large, to the very small.

Feb 05 12:03

Trump or Putin? EU Loses Plot on Biggest Threat

Blaming Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin for the demise of the EU is the ultimate form of scapegoating by a bunch of incompetent leaders.

If ever an image captured the dysfunctional nature of the European Union it was the assembled leaders of the 28 member states photographed at an ancient fortress on the Maltese island this week.

Feb 05 12:00

Taking the Long View – Justin Raimondo

Dismantling the empire (war party) won’t happen overnight

The other day on Twitter someone tweeted me the news of the latest drone strike in Yemen, with the taunting message: “Congrats, @JustinRaimondo.” I had to laugh, and bemoan my fate: “I am now to be held responsible for everything the Trump administration does, especially their failure to go full pacifist!” Of course, you don’t have to be a pacifist to oppose our drone campaign, in Yemen or elsewhere, as I do, but the comment and my response underscore a basic flaw in the thinking of Trump’s anti-interventionist critics.

Feb 05 08:14

Cyber battalion sent to spy on Russians

More than 350 soldiers from 14 Signals regiment, supported by experts from the Government’s communications centre GCHQ, will operate from Estonia in the spring.

Military sources say it is a “significant” electronic warfare force that will intercept intelligence from Russian air, ground and naval forces in the Baltic and Black Sea.

Feb 05 08:06

Latvia completes 23km of ‘anti-migrant wall’ on Russian border

Baltic states continue bolstering their frontiers with Latvia reporting the [completion] of the first 23km segment of a wire fence on its 276km border with Russia, designed to prevent “illegal immigrants” from breaching the perimeter.

Feb 05 08:04

Italy Increasingly Likely To Abandon The Euro

An analysis of the political setup in Italy shows eurosceptics are on the verge of taking control of the country.

The only missing ingredient is an early election. And early elections are now the odds-on favorite.

Let’s back up a bit to fill in the pieces as to how things got to this point.

Feb 04 13:39

UK To Begin Arresting US Journalists Who Criticise Government

UK authorities could arrest US journalists and whistleblowers who criticise the British government, according to reports.

Feb 04 08:58

Theresa gives EU the jitters: After her Trump coup Hollande attacks PM for acting as a go-between with the US

Francois Hollande yesterday attacked Theresa May for acting as a go-between with Donald Trump.

Questioning her triumphant visit to the White House last month, the French leader rejected the idea of the UK being ‘delegated’ to talk to Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe she went to DC to talk about Great Britain and France was never even mentioned. That make you feel better Francois?

Feb 04 08:55

Unrest in Romania: 300,000 People Take to Streets on Fourth Day of Protests

Friday was the fourth day of nation-wide protests, with the largest demonstrations taking place in the capital Bucharest. According to Digi 24 TV, about 150,000 demonstrators were gathered in the capital late on Friday, mostly in the Victoriei Square where the headquarters of the country’s prime minister and his cabinet are located.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Protest? Or another Soros color revolution?

Feb 04 08:47

Norway to Buy New Submarines From Germany

The Norwegian government is negotiating the purchase of new submarines from the German company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, local media reported Friday, citing the state’s Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide.

Feb 04 05:13

“They treat us like animals,” whine illegal alien Muslim invaders squatting in Greece

At least three Muslim freeloaders and potential jihadists have died in a week in the overcrowded Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos. Only three?

Feb 03 19:31

Vegetable Rationing Begins at UK Supermarkets

Some supermarkets are rationing the number of iceberg lettuce and broccoli customers can buy - blaming poor growing conditions in southern Europe for a shortage in UK stores.

Feb 03 12:59

Will The Euro Collapse This Year?

2017 could be the year that the euro collapses according to Joseph Stiglitz writing in Fortune magazine and these concerns were echoed over the weekend by former Bundesbank vice-president and senior European Central Bank official, Jürgen Stark, when he said that the ‘destruction’ of the Eurozone may be necessary if countries are to thrive again.

Feb 03 12:35

‘He’s Lying To You’: Labour MEP Trolls Farage During Call For Trump To Visit EU Parliament

Former UKIP leader and MEP Nigel Farage was delivering a speech in the European Parliament on Wednesday in support of US President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Feb 03 11:43

European Union Vow To Steal ‘Superpower’ Status Away From U.S.

European Union leaders have promised to take over the role of being the world’s Superpower after America collapses following Donald Trump’s presidency.

Feb 03 09:06

Farage: EU Is Showing Its True Nature Now – Genuine Anti-Americanism

Members of the European Parliament became embroiled today in a heated debate during a special session on President Trump’s travel ban.

Feb 03 08:33

'GOOD NEWS!' Farage joyous as latest Brexit legal challenge BLOCKED by High Court

THE High Court has blocked the latest legal bid to tie the UK to the European Single Market post-Brexit.

Feb 03 08:25

RUSSIA WARNS: Serbs, beware, plan from hell is prepared for an attack on you

Judging by the information provided by the Russian intelligence provided to our secret services, Albanians are preparing to invade the north of Kosovo, while Croats are preparing the same scenario for the western part of the Republic of Serbian(Bosnia and Hercegovina)!

In this wicked plan allegedly involved some NATO officials.

The plan is to carry out attacks in the next two weeks and at the same time, in order to prevent Serbia to react and protect their compatriots.

Their intention is to direct false motives for the attacks, but the goal is that in the next 24 hours Albanian special forces come to Jarinje, and Croatian Army Republic of Serbian cut in two!

For fear of a possible alliance between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, they want as quickly as possible to implement his plan to work, because they realize that this is perhaps the last good moment to attack.

Feb 03 08:16

Pro-Nazi nostalgia flourishes under new Croatia government

“Nostalgia” for a pro-Nazi past, spurning of ethnic minorities and pressure on the press: Croatian activists say an alarming climate of intolerance is taking hold under a new conservative government.

Since the ruling coalition took power in the European Union country in January, critics say authorities have turned a blind eye – and even contributed to – concerns over a far-right right surge.

Last week, in response, angry Jewish, ethnic Serb and anti-fascist groups refused to attend a ceremony remembering tens of thousands who died at Jasenovac, the most notorious concentration camp under Croatia’s pro-Nazi Ustasha regime during World War II.

Feb 03 08:10

Patronising EU to tell Theresa May Britain will ALWAYS be JUNIOR partner after Brexit

EUROPEAN Union leaders are set to round on Theresa May as she tries to give reassurances the UK will be a “reliable partner” after Brexit at an informal summit in Malta today.

Feb 03 08:09

Donald Tusk orders EU leaders to make pledge to SERVE Brussels as project on brink

European Council president Donald Tusk is forcing the 27 member states, excluding the UK, to commit to “an ambitious vision” of “political consolidation” for the future.

EU leaders are meeting in Malta today, where prime minister Theresa May is expected to give an update on her plans for Brexit.

In a draft document circulated ahead of the summit, Mr Tusk acknowledges the “unprecedented external threats” facing Europe and is attempting to unite the bloc amid these pressures.

Feb 03 07:58

'Germany, not Donald Trump, is biggest threat to the EU'

We were told Germany would never be allowed to rearm. They now have got 300,000-400,000 men and arms, and they are now moving tanks into Lithuania. Why? To confront Russia. But Russia isn’t the threat, Graham Moore, political commentator, told RT.

President of the European Council Donald Tusk on Wednesday called US President Donald Trump one of the major external threats to the EU.

Feb 03 07:57

Pence, German FM Agree on NATO’s 'Centrality' in Ensuring Security in Europe

US Vice President Mike Pence and German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Affairs Minister Sigmar Gabriel have agreed to boost bilateral ties and work through NATO to ensure European security, the White House said in a readout on Thursday.

Feb 03 07:44

NATO Warning to Russia German Panzergrenadier Battalion Deploys Next Door to Russia 2017

Feb 03 03:36

EU Demands Ireland Collect €13bn from Apple

The European Commission is demanding that Apple pay Ireland €13bn in back taxes.

Feb 02 20:07

NEW BREXIT BATTLE: Theresa May faces FRESH legal challenge with claim over single market

A FRESH legal challenge against Theresa May’s Brexit plans is being launched at the High Court with a judge being told MPs must vote on leaving the European Economic Area (EAA).

The Single Market Justice Campaign says Britain joined the EEA separately from the EU - with a law in Parliament - and can therefore only leave if MPs pass another law.

If the judge agrees, the Prime Minister will have to ask the Commons to agree to triggering Article 127 of the EEA Treaty, which gives notice of the UK’s intention to leave.

Feb 02 14:47

UK Parliament’s Brexit Vote Historic: Johnson

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says “history has been made” following the UK Parliament’s go-ahead to begin the country’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

Feb 02 14:31

Orban says Hungary stands for diversification of gas supplies to Europe

"We can’t bypass the issue of how stable gas supplies via Ukraine are," he said. "We’ve always pointed to the need to diversify the supplies." According to Orban, if national and economic interests demand, then Hungary will use its facilities allowing to deliver gas via the northern route. He also said that the Russian leader "gave his word that Hungary will receive the necessary amount of oil and gas, no matter what"...

Feb 02 14:29

Russia, Hungary agree to step up cooperation in nuclear power. Hungary to start building new units of Paks nuclear power plant in 2018

"In particular, we agreed to step up joint work in the energy sphere," Putin said, adding that Russia attached great importance to the project for building two new reactors at the Paks NPP plant 12 billion euros worth Russia was currently working on. When the project is completed, the capacity of the Paks NPP will double...
Russia and Hungary agreed on the construction of new power units at Paks nuclear power plant in January 2014

Feb 02 13:41

British Chef Commits Suicide Fighting ISIS In Syria

A 20-year-old British chef from West Sussex, England, turned ISIS fighter, fighting alongside the Kurdish YPG in Syria, took his own life to avoid capture by the Islamic State.

Feb 02 09:54

Blow to Schengen: Swedish border controls REMAIN in place amid migration worries

SWEDEN is extending its internal border controls for another three months, a bitter blow to the EU and its attempts to try and regain control of migration across the continent.

Feb 02 09:50

‘Waste of time!’ Dutch MPs REFUSE to probe decision to join euro despite public outcry

DUTCH MPs have refused to launch an official inquiry into the country’s decision to join the euro, with one describing the debate as a “complete waste of time”.

Parliamentarians in the Netherlands were forced to discuss the thorny issue after being presented with a 45,000-strong petition calling for a rethink on the single currency.

But despite the public outcry and the growing popularity of anti-EU politicians in the country they flatly refused to take the issue any further, insisting the matter was closed.

Feb 02 09:47

OVER A BARREL: Libya demands EU taxpayers cough up or face massive migrant influx

LIBYA today laid down the gauntlet to Brussels chiefs by demanding a series of bumper aid payouts in return for helping to prevent a fresh migrant crisis which would severely damage the EU.

Feb 02 09:39

Three Afghan migrants jailed for Vienna gang rape claimed they DIDN'T KNOW it was illegal

THREE Afghan migrants have been jailed for raping a 21-year-old woman in Austria after claiming they didn't know it was against the law because women have a "different place" in their homeland.

Feb 02 09:01

Britain takes a step closer to BREXIT

After a two-day debate, a final decision was made by a margin of 498 to 114 votes at the House of Commons. This allows British Prime Minister Theresa May to formally begin the two-year Brexit negotiations.

Feb 02 07:08

Putin visits PM Orban to talk business with Euroskeptic Hungary

Vladimir Putin is paying a return visit to Budapest, a year after Viktor Orban’s trip to Moscow set the tone for enhanced bilateral cooperation. The two leaders, similarly unpopular in Brussels, are set to discuss current and prospective mutually lucrative trade deals.

Feb 02 07:01

CEO of one of world's largest company hints that Brussels is irrelevant to business

GENERAL Electric CEO Jeff Immelt has dealt a blow to the EU by saying he believes the wavering block does not play a big role when it comes to business.

Feb 02 07:00

The end for Donald Tusk? Polish criminal probe threatens EU presidential run

Mr Tusk is facing a potential criminal probe in his home country after he became embroiled in a scandal relating to a plane crash during commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre.

The crash, in Smolensk, Russia in April 2010, killed 96 people including former president President Lech Kaczy?ski and his wife, the president of Poland’s central bank, as well as notable political and military figures.

Current president Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski, the twin brother of the popular former president, believes criminal charges could be filed against Mr Tusk over the crash.

Feb 02 06:59


It has all the makings of a Cold War spy thriller. Shady deals over caviar and vodka in an East European restaurant, a waiters’ plot, a foreign minister dismissing the country’s alliance with one of its most important allies—all to the sound of clinking glasses in expensive restaurants.

The scandal surrounding the publication of secret conversations between Polish politicians—dubbed “Waitergate” after the restaurant staff was implicated in the bugging—has come at a time when the Polish government appeared to be riding high.

Feb 02 06:49

US Tanks Fire Salvos in Poland as 'Message' to Russia -- NATO General Ben Hodges

When 62 ton American tanks fire off salvos into the night in Poland the commander of US forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges, wants you to know this is "not just a training exercise". To the contrary, it's a message to Russians:

"We're serious — this is not just a training exercise. We are here to convey a strategic message that you cannot violate the sovereignty of members of NATO ... Moscow will get the message — I'm confident of it."

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Feb 02 06:47

We'll meddle in Brexit deal, says the European Court of Justice: President reveals he expects to intervene as he sets body on collision course with Downing Street

In her landmark speech setting out the UK’s position on Brexit last month, Mrs May specifically pledged to ‘take back control of our laws’ from the ECJ.

She said: ‘Leaving the European Union will mean that our laws will be made in Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

‘And those laws will be interpreted by judges not in Luxembourg but in courts across this country.’

Alleged interference by ECJ judges in domestic legal disputes have long-angered Brexit supporters who believe the UK should regain sovereignty.

Feb 02 06:45

Nigel Farage exposes EU hypocrisy and faux outrage over President Trump

Feb 02 06:41

Clashes erupt in Bucharest following enormous anti-corruption rally

Groups of masked youths have been throwing flares, firecrackers and stones at police in central Bucharest, following a day of massive but peaceful rallies that gripped Romania over what protesters call an effective decriminalization of corruption.

Feb 02 06:40

‘It is NOT up to us’ Donald Tusk SCATHED by Polish politicians over comments about Trump

DONALD TUSK has come under a fresh round of criticism and was told it was not his role to judge American democracy.

The scathing attack came from Witold Waszczykowski, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Poland, who said it was not up to European politicians to intervene.

Feb 02 06:14

Dutch activists ask Donald Trump to reinvestigate MH17 crash over Ukraine

A group of Dutch activists sent a letter to US President Donald Trump calling him to conduct a new investigation into the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in 2014 over the Donbas. According to Dutch News website, the authors of the letter claim that the official investigation conducted by the Dutch Safety Board and the joint investigation team "was not independent and convincing." According to the Volkskrant newspaper, the activists sent the letter to Trump in November. It was signed by 26 people, including German and Dutch journalists, as well as Dutch MP Thierry Bode. The publication notes that the authors of the letter do not believe in the findings of the investigation, according to which Flight MH17 was shot down by Buk missile. The activists wrote to Trump because he had previously doubted the version of the official investigation too. MP Bode said that he signed the petition as a private citizen against the backdrop of many unanswered questions about the disaster...

Feb 02 04:57

How To Tackle Systemic Risk In Insurance Sector

Insurance sector is one of the key components of Eurozone. The sector employs over 1 million people directly. Eurozone holds more than 7.3 million euros in assets and growing bigger by the day.

Feb 02 00:30

Trump Is Being Sabotaged by the Pentagon — Paul Craig Roberts

How is Trump going to normalize relations with Russia when the commander of US forces in Europe is threatening Russia with words and deeds?

The Pentagon has also sent armored vehicles to “moderate rebels” in Syria, according to Penagon spokesman Col. John Dorrian. Unable to prevent Russia and Syria from winning the war against ISIS, the Pentagon is busy at work derailing the peace negotiations.

The military/security complex is using its puppets-on-a-string in the House and Senate to generate renewed conflict with Iran and to continue threats against China.......

Feb 01 17:52

Brexit Talks Will Be On ‘Humongous Scale,’ Britain's Former Ambassador To EU Warns

Britain’s former ambassador to the EU, Sir Ivan Rogers, has warned that Brexit talks will be on a “humongous scale” and involve “difficult trade-offs.”

He sensationally quit the civil service last month, saying there was “muddled thinking” over Brexit.

Feb 01 17:41

Will the French role model for Donald Trump be France’s next president?

Marine Le Pen is soaring in the polls and this is why. There likely will be a ‘FREXIT’ push if she is elected.

Feb 01 16:58

‘It is NOT up to us’ Donald Tusk SCATHED by Polish politicians over comments about Trump

DONALD TUSK has come under a fresh round of criticism and was told it was not his role to judge American democracy.

The scathing attack came from Witold Waszczykowski, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Poland, who said it was not up to European politicians to intervene.

Mr Tusk penned an open letter to the leaders of Europe ahead of a summit on Friday, where he warned of the dangers facing the EU.

In this letter the head of the EU Council warned some of the decisions made by the American administration were "putting the European Union in a tough position”.

Mr Waszczykowski said: "We are, quite frankly, slightly concerned with Donald Tusk's words."

Feb 01 16:45

Why 2017 Could See the Collapse of the Euro

2017 could be the year that the euro collapses according to Joseph Stiglitz writing in Fortune magazine and these concerns were echoed over the weekend by former Bundesbank vice-president and senior European Central Bank official, Jürgen Stark, when he said that the ‘destruction’ of the Eurozone may be necessary if countries are to thrive again.

Feb 01 16:20

Something Was Buried In The 2017 NDAA Which Former President Obama Signed

Democrats are blocking Trump nominees. Trump fires Yates for not following the executive order. Trump getting ready to pull out of the Paris global warming agreement.

Feb 01 14:27

Searching for peace in a troubled world

Graham Peebles sees inequality at the heart of conflicts and says to achieve piece one must begin by instilling in individuals the principle of sharing, from which cooperation, tolerance and understanding will flow.

Feb 01 12:57

NIGEL FARAGE calls for a Muslim ban in Britain, even stronger than the one just put in place by Donald Trump

Unfortunately, a temporary ban won’t keep Muslim terrorists out as many are already in the West. ONLY a permanent ban on Muslim immigration and a system of mass deportations of many of those already here can begin to address the problem.

Feb 01 10:44

‘Center Of Gravity For US Ops In Europe’: US And Polish Troops Hold Joint Drills In Zagan

US and Polish soldiers, alongside newly delivered American military hardware, have conducted joint drills as part of the biggest US deployment in Europe since the end of the Cold War.

Feb 01 09:20

European Bond Bloodbath - Worst January On Record Exposes Political Panic Across EU

With general elections scheduled in France, Germany and the Netherlands this year amid an increase in support for anti-euro rhetoric, European bonds from Germany to Greece saw yields surge in January. In fact, as Bloomberg notes, euro-region bonds handed investors the worst start to a year on record.

Feb 01 08:56

'Stop Operation Soros' Movements to ban billionaire-funded groups sweep across Europe

One of those who supported nationwide anti-Trump protests in the US is billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros, who's well known for his charity organizations across the globe.

Feb 01 07:37

Finland Amazed at How Many 'Refugee Children' Are in Fact Adults

Finland, which in recent years received a fair share of asylum seekers, is increasingly questioning the applicants' age. According to preliminary estimates, two thirds of asylum seekers posing as children are in fact adults.

Feb 01 07:31

Ostashko: Russia should wait out the coming global disorder

In fact, Trump’s critics don’t understand his main chip: his voters simply love when the liberal public in the US and Europe are writhing in anger and spitting poisonous saliva in television studios and newspapers. For the new American President’s voters and supporters, every tear of Madonna, Rihanna, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain are proof that Trump is real, that Trump is not like all the rest, and that Trump is exactly what America and the whole world need. When Merkel and Hollande criticize Trump for banning refugees, they’re primarily hurting themselves and showing that US-Europe relations have no future.

Feb 01 07:29

Damning IMF Report Reveals Dysfunction Within Eurozone

A new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) into the Eurozone single currency area of 19 states has accused them of running excessive deficits, distorted budgets and poor compliance with fiscal rules in the euro area, in a further example of the dysfunctionality of the currency.

Jan 31 16:45

Is Italy’s Banking Problem Becoming Too Big to Solve?

They said it was contained, but now it hit the largest bank.

Jan 31 16:30

European Council President: Trump threat to Europe

European Council President Donald Tusk called US President Donald Trump an 'existential threat' to Europe Tuesday.

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That's funny; I don't see refugees from America raping the women and vandalizing the buildings!

Jan 31 16:20

Nigel Farage Calls LBC Radio Show To Attack EU's Brexit Negotiator Guy Verhofstadt Live

Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage went head-to-head with the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator and one-time Belgian premier Guy Verhofstadt on LBC radio on Tuesday.

Verhofstadt, who once called Farage “the biggest waste of money in the EU,” was confronted by the British MEP on air after standing by his jibe.

Jan 31 15:24

Brexit Trigger Date Confirmed As MPs Start 2-Day Debate On How To Leave EU

MPs are beginning two days of debate on the bill to trigger Article 50, which will give Prime Minister Theresa May the go-ahead to launch formal Brexit negotiations with the EU.

The discussions on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, or ‘Brexit bill,’ will continue until midnight on Tuesday, with a vote taking place on Wednesday evening.

Jan 31 15:09

European Union Chief Threatens Trump With “Prison Time”

One of the most senior European Union bosses has threatened US President Donald Trump with prison time over his controversial executive order the bans many Muslims from entering the United States for 90 days.

Jan 31 14:59

The European Trade Wars Begin: Trump Trade Advisor Accuses Germany Of Using "Grossly Undervalued" Euro

The Trump administration just fired the first shot in the US-European currency, and thus trade, wars when Trump's top trade advisor Peter Navarro accused Germany of using a “grossly undervalued” euro to "exploit the US and its EU partners", the FT reported noting the comments are "likely to trigger alarm in Europe’s largest economy." News of the statement sent the EURUSD surging and the dollar tumbling to fresh 2 month lows.

Jan 31 14:05

Greece is drowning under all the debt its “rescue” brought

After looking at the recent economic success of Spain on Friday, which was confirmed this morning by the official data showing 3.2% GDP growth in 2016 it is time to look at the other side of the Euro area coin. This is a situation that continues to be described by one of the songs of Elton John.

Jan 31 13:25

New Cold War with a different enemy

As all the alarm bells ring continuously that the Russian Federation is the cause for the latest cold war, the actual risk for a hot conflict or an intentional brinkmanship of worldwide proportions should focus on the real enemy of humanity. The Brexit campaign was about more than just leaving the European Union. Likewise, the Trump movement is about a great deal more than just keeping Hillary Clinton from the oval office.

Jan 31 10:46

Soros-funded NGOs aiming to bring down our govt – Hungarian Foreign Minister

Hungary has had enough. The nation’s government has declared a battle against organizations funded by George Soros, calling for transparency within foreign-backed NGOs operating in the country.

Jan 31 09:53

Icy adventure: Nearly 8,000 people trek over FROZEN SOLID Hungary lake

THESE amazing pictures show nearly 8,000 people trekking over a solid lake which completely froze for the first time in a decade.

Jan 31 09:49

REVEALED: Now shameless EU threatens UK with astronomical £500BILLION Brexit DIVORCE BILL

THE EUROPEAN Parliament's top Brexit negotiator has said Britain could face a £500billion (€600bn) Brexit divorce bill – ten times the figure initially expected.

Jan 31 09:40

EU banks crumbling under £910BILLION bad debt as toxic loans threaten CRISIS

THE European Union’s banking system has £910BILLION worth of bad debt, an independent regulator has revealed as it lays out emergency plans for a “bad bank” contingency.

The scale of the EU’s banking problem has become “urgent and actionable”, according to Andrea Enria, chairman of the European Banking Authority.

Mr Enria called for a creation of an EU “bad bank” that would buy up the toxic loans from lenders in an attempt to break a financial cycle of falling profits, pressure on lending and struggling economic growth.

Jan 31 08:01

US troops hold joint drills in Poland to ensure ‘unlikely attack from East even more unlikely’

US and Polish soldiers, alongside newly delivered American military hardware, have conducted joint drills as part of the biggest US deployment in Europe since the end of the Cold War.

Jan 31 07:26

Poland's elites clap as US Army wreaks havoc on Polish streets

On January 12th, a thousand US soldiers arrayed in columns of tanks, armored vehicles, and transport trucks - one of the largest offensive troop movements to the East since Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa - poured onto Polish soil. They were greeted more than enthusiastically by Polish Prime Minister Szydlo, herself a graduate of the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership program, who declared: “This is a great holiday on which I can say that the government which I have the honor to stand at the head of, has fulfilled the obligation it took before Poles to defend our countrymen and our fatherland…the country welcomes representatives of the most wonderful army in the world.”

Jan 31 07:24

EU negotiator admits bloc is 'not fit for purpose' but says FEDERAL EUROPE is the solution

THE EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has admitted the Brussels bloc is failing – but that deeper integration between member states is the solution to the problem.

Jan 31 06:54

U.S. Defense Dept. Announces 'Thousands' Of Troops Descend Into Poland & Eastern Europe To Protect NATO Allies From Russian Aggression

The U.S. Defense Dept. issued a propaganda press release yesterday, justifying an invasion of Europe with more U.S. troops under the guise of protecting European peace from Russian hostility. The press release stated, in part, "The unit's deployment to Europe is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which was designed to reassure NATO allies and partners in the region after Russia invaded Ukraine. Ray said the arrival of the combat team was just one aspect of America's commitment to the region.. Deployed from Fort Carson, Colorado, the 3,500 soldiers and 2,000 vehicles of the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team join a recently increased land, sea and air presence in the region. The arrival of the 3rd ABCT begins a series of back-to-back rotations of U.S. troops and equipment to the region. The soldiers and vehicles will mass in Poland and then disperse via convoy across seven locations in Eastern Europe for training and exercises with European allies.

Jan 31 04:35

US to send tanks this week to territories near Russia’s borders

"After joint U.S.-Polish exercises in northern Poland on Monday, some of the M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks used in the drills will be transported to the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania," where they will remain until NATO puts into operation its ‘deterrent force’ sometime in spring. Adam Thomson, a former U.K. ambassador to NATO: the dispatching of U.S. troops and armor to Europe "shows the allies are implementing their decision to create a small force to better detect any Russian moves in the Baltics and to show Moscow that the alliance’s major powers stand behind its eastern members." He said along with it the allies remained concerned over the "mixed messages on NATO" sent by U.S. President Donald Trump and his advisors, who expressed full support to the North-Atlantic pact, on the one hand, and described it as "outmoded", on the other. Trump "clearly has issues with the alliance," Thomson said. "It is a new experience for NATO to be described as obsolete." A U.S.

Jan 30 16:47

The EU Is Doomed

Here’s a perfect example – in which Trump’s prospective new Ambassador to the European Union, Ted Malloch, tells it like it is in an interview with Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Daily Politics show.