Mar 23 12:05

The Return Of The US-German Conflict

The first meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump in Washington last weekend exposed the rapid deterioration of transatlantic relations.

Trump’s refusal to shake Merkel’s hand during their photo-op in the Oval Office attracted international attention. After the heads of government from the two close post-World War II allies appeared before the press following a 15-minute one-on-one discussion and were asked by the photographers present to shake hands for a picture, Trump did not respond. Merkel turned to him and repeated the photographers’ request. But the US president ignored her and stared angrily in the other direction.

Mar 23 09:49

BLOW FOR MERKEL: Poll says 59 per cent want 'change in leadership'

ANGELA MERKEL’S future as Chancellor of Germany has been thrown into doubt after a shock poll showed a majority of voters wanted a change in leadership.

Mar 23 09:49

How Germany's foreign intelligence agency recruits young hackers

Amid concerns of high-profile cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns ahead of key parliamentary elections in September, Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency (BND) has made a concerted effort to recruit young hackers.

The BND's mission includes obtaining intelligence as mandated by the federal government on key areas pertaining to foreign information, and it effectively aims to protect Germany and its interests. One of the tasks is to recognize and assess potentially-damaging espionage activities and prevent or minimize the fallout.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or to rig the election for Merkel, whose poll numbers are falling.

Mar 21 14:17

UK, Germany Prepare To Sign Post-Brexit Defense Pact

Britain and Germany are preparing to sign a new defense agreement which would see UK helicopters based on German ships and training shared in the post-Brexit era.

The deal is part of a drive by Prime Minister Theresa May to shore up Britain’s military alliances ahead of leaving the EU.

Mar 21 13:09

GERMAN car manufacturer OPEL running commercials to show that Muslims are a lot smarter than Germans

If OPEL sells cars in your country, you should tell them that because of these insulting commercials, you’ll make sure no one you know will ever buy their cars.

I had an Opel once, and I will never buy another!

Mar 21 12:50

Poverty In Germany Reaches New Record High

The welfare organisation Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband presented its latest report on poverty in Germany at the beginning of March. According to this study, poverty in Germany reached a new record high in 2015, at 15.7 percent, with 12.9 million people live in poverty.

Mar 20 08:13

Turkish Defense Minister Hints at Berlin's Role in 2016 Turkish Failed Coup

Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik has claimed that the statement from Germany's chief of intelligence who said that Ankara failed to convince Berlin in Gulen's role in the failed 2016 coup, raises question about the German authorities' own role in the mutiny.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thin to the point of transparency!

Mar 20 07:09

Ivanka Trump vs. Angela Merkel?

On Friday, President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a meeting in which vocational training matters were the subject of discussion. The two leaders conversed with American and German officials about various methods that companies can implement to train their workers more effectively. Also present at this meeting was First Daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Mar 20 07:04

Merkel Offers 'Olive Branch' To Russia As "Solution To Many International Conflicts"

"we want to have possibilities for scaling back sanctions when the Minsk accord is implemented, because we want to include Russia as an international actor in the solution of many conflicts."

Mar 20 07:03

Deutsche Bank Plunges Into Red For 2017 After Dilution, Revenue Warning

After raising capital at a 35% discount over the weekend, Deutsche Bank shares are tumbling once again - back into the red for 2017 - after CEO John Cryan warned that revenue would be "broadly flat" in 2017.

Mar 19 19:55

Turkey accuses Germany of supporting 'Muslim cleric behind failed military coup'

TURKEY has accused Germany of supporting a network of US-based Muslim cleric it blames for last year’s failed coup, in comments likely to raise tensions between the two countries.

Mar 19 13:44

Germany Threaten Facebook With ‘Huge Fines’ If They Don’t Remove Alternative News

Germany will impose fines of up to 50 million euros if Facebook don’t remove alternative news content from their platform.

Mar 19 10:59

Turkey brands Germany ‘HYPOCRITES’ for allowing huge anti-Erdogan PROTEST in Frankfurt

THE Turkish government has accused Germany of hypocrisy after it allowed tens of thousands of Turkish Kurds to hold a protest in Frankfurt against Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s presidency.

Mar 19 08:08

Germany vows legal action if Trump taxes imports

Germany could take the United States to court if Washington goes ahead with plans to tax imports, Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries said Friday, hours before Chancellor Angela Merkel's first meeting with Donald Trump.

"I'm betting partly on reason and partly on the courts" to prevent a damaging trade war, Zypries told Deutschlandfunk public radio.

Mar 19 08:07

Trump says Germany owes NATO 'vast sums'

US President Donald Trump on Saturday accused Germany of owing "vast sums of money" to NATO, and said Berlin should pay Washington more for defense, a day after meeting Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The two leaders showed little common ground Friday over a host of thorny issues, including NATO and defense spending.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted: "Germany owes vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!"

Mar 18 08:01

MSM are having a cow over Trump not shaking German Chancellor Merkel’s hand


That Muslim-loving sow, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is in D.C. today, and the MSM are beside themselves because President Trump appeared to refuse to shake her hand.

Mar 17 16:01

Shock new German poll: 8 in 10 want European Union to change

EIGHT out of every ten Germans polled in a survey believe the EU needs reforming.

Mar 17 07:30

Muslim Brotherhood expands presence in Germany, seeks to establish Sharia law – security official

Islamic radicals from the Muslim Brotherhood are actively trying to gain a "monopoly" over mosques in the eastern German state of Saxony to attract more followers and increase their influence, the local security service chief has warned.

Mar 17 07:14

Germany Approves 13 Turkish Electoral Districts

The German government approved 13 Turkish electoral districts so that Turkish citizens living in Germany will be able to cast their vote in the forthcoming Turkish constitutional referendum.

Mar 15 08:01

RT Plans to Launch French, German-Language Channels - Editor-in-Chief

RT and Sputnik Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan announced on Wednesday that the RT broadcaster is planning to launch TV channels in French and German version.

Mar 15 07:54

Migrant Crime and Violence Soars in German States

Authorities in two German states have expressed concern over official figures showing a huge rise in migrant crime, with the number of violent attacks having almost doubled in 2016.

Mar 15 07:47

German TV show SAVAGES 'horror clown' Trump ahead of Merkel's US visit

A POPULAR German satirical has laid into Donald Trump by poking fun at his travel ban and labelling the Republican leader “pure comedy gold” and a “horror clown.”

Mar 15 07:38

Merkel DESTROYED for failing to deport 500K migrants - with some in Germany for 20 YEARS

PUBLIC confidence in Angela Merkel’s administration is being eroded over her failure to deport more than half a million asylum seekers, the Chancellor has been told.

Mar 14 16:20

Merkel’s nightmare: Now GERMANS question Chancellor’s dreams of European Union superstate

THE most Europhile country in the entire European Union is feeling its first rumblings of anti-establishment anger as Germans begin to question the intentions of the Brussels elite, a new report has found.

Mar 14 09:18


The Central Council of Jews in Germany welcomed the new law.

Mar 14 08:04

German Foreign Minister Throws Merkel Under the Volkswagen

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel says Berlin does not endorse media reports about Russian "interference" in Germany's elections — repudiating months of Russia hysteria peddled by Angela Merkel

Mar 14 07:11

Merkel postpones trip to meet Trump due to winter storm

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was already on her way to the airport on Monday to fly to Washington for her first meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump when he rang her to postpone the trip due to the approach of a winter storm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 13 08:15

Linux in Munich: 'No compelling technical reason to return to Windows,' says city's IT chief

The man who runs Munich's central IT says there is no practical reason for the city to write off millions of euros and years of work to ditch its Linux-based OS for Windows.

The city authority is widely expected to swap Linux for Windows, due to support among Munich's ruling SPD-CSU coalition for phasing out the use of open-source software.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, let us trade our open source software for a commercial product from a company with a long association with US spy agencies!!!!!!!!!!

Someone got bought!

Mar 13 07:56

German MPs call for troop withdrawal from Turkish airbase amid rally row

Amid a row with Turkey over its presidential powers referendum, some German MPs are calling for the withdrawal of troops deployed at Incirlik airbase. Germany is flying reconnaissance sorties from the Turkish base as part of the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition.

Concerns over the presence of German airmen at the base, which is located in southern Turkey close to Syria, came from lawmakers of both the ruling coalition and the opposition. Florian Hahn, spokesman for security and foreign policy of the Christian Social Union (CSU), said the Germans soldiers and officers may become pawns in Turkish power games.

Mar 13 07:50

Merkel meets Trump in clash of style and substance

On Tuesday, they meet for the first time - a high-stakes encounter that will be watched by governments around the world for clues about the future of the transatlantic alliance, a partnership that has helped shape the global order since World War Two but which Trump is threatening to upend.

Mar 12 08:27

Opinion: Merkel's EU speech couldn't help but highlight the power of nationalism

As her speech to lawmakers showed, Merkel is among the leading advocates for the European Union. But DW's Jefferson Chase says even the German chancellor is subject to the pull of nationalism that could undo the EU.

Mar 12 08:06

Merkel's lead COLLAPSES as latest poll puts Schulz LEVEL with beleaguered German leader

ANGELA Merkel’s lead has collapsed as the Martin Schulz led Social Democrats (SPD) are now level, the latest Emnid poll has revealed.

Mar 12 08:06

Germany REJECTS Merkel's 'safe countries' proposals to deport North African migrants

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has suffered another setback after her plans to declare three North African states “safe countries” were blocked by parliament.

Mar 11 08:42

2 detained in investigation into Essen shopping mall attack threat – police (VIDEO)

German police have detained two men during an investigation into a terrorist attack threat at a shopping center in the western German city of Essen, a police statement says. The mall remained closed on Saturday.

The Essen police department received a tip-off about the potential attack from another security service the day before, the statement adds, without naming the source. Police immediately cordoned off the shopping center, which is located at Limbecker Platz in downtown Essen, and ordered it closed.

Law enforcement raided an apartment in the neighboring town of Oberhausen on Saturday afternoon and questioned the owner as part of the investigation.

Mar 11 08:36

Can Merkel Bring Trump to Reason?

Angela Merkel is planning a dual strategy for her first face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump on Tuesday. She wants to foster close personal relations with the new U.S. president, but she also wants to make clear the Berlin is armed for a trade war against Washington.

Mar 11 08:08

16 y/o German girl talks about muslim immigration, destruction of her own country (Engl. subs)

Mar 10 16:11

Hamburg tear gas attack - Children left with burning eyes and breathing problems on train

TWO YOUNG children were treated for burning eyes and breathing problems after a tear gas attack on a packed train in Hamburg this evening.

Two "youths" have fled the scene after spraying the toxic substance in a carriage carrying around 50 people.

Several people, including two children aged three and six, were hurt and treated by first responders.

The children suffered respiratory and eye problems - although their injuries are not thought to be serious.

Mar 10 12:39


Eighty-year-old man is attacked with a machete in second violent incident in Dusseldorf just hours after Kosovan went on an axe rampage 'in the hope police would shoot him dead'

Mar 10 08:43

Germany's AfD party promises 'minus migration' of at least 200,000 migrants EVERY YEAR

THE right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has pledged to get rid of at least 200,000 more migrants a year than it takes in as part of its draft election manifesto released yesterday.

Mar 10 08:17

‘Cologne is every day’: Europe’s rape epidemic

New York-based conservative think tank Gatestone Institute has compiled a shocking list of sexual assaults and rapes by migrants in Germany in just the first two months of the year.
Drawing only from German media reports, the list documents more than 160 instances of rape and sexual assault committed by migrants in train stations, swimming pools and other public places against victims as young as seven.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, how's that open border idea working out for you?

Mar 10 08:11

The Islamization of Germany in 2016

Mass migration from the Muslim world is fast-tracking the Islamization of Germany, as evidenced by the proliferation of no-go zones, Sharia courts, polygamy and child marriages. Mass migration has also been responsible for a host of social disruptions, including jihadist attacks, a migrant rape epidemic, a public health crisis, rising crime and a rush by German citizens to purchase weapons for self-defense — and even to abandon Germany altogether.

Development Minister Gerd Müller warned that the biggest refugee movements to Europe are still to come. He said that only 10% of the migrants from the chaos in Iraq and Syria have reached Europe so far: "Eight to ten million migrants are still on the way."

Mar 10 08:09

10 stories that prove Germany has become as PATHETIC as Sweden

Awhile ago, we compiled a list of ten stories that proved Sweden is the most pathetic country in the world. Now Germany has stepped up to claim the cuck crown. From the way they kowtow to Muslim migrants and celebrate the destruction of their own country, Germany has begun giving Sweden a run for its money.

Here's 10 stories out of Germany that are so outrageous it's downright embarrassing.

Mar 10 07:19

Man attacked with MACHETE in Dusseldorf hours after axe rampage at city station

AN 80-YEAR-OLD man has been attacked with a machete in Dusseldorf, just hours after a Kosovan went on a rampage with an axe in the German city's railway station.

Mar 09 16:02

Dusseldorf axe attack: One arrested after five people injured at German train station

DUSSELDORF train station was on lockdown after a man with an axe injured at least five people in an attack.

Anti-terror police cordoned off Dusseldorf's central station in Germany with reports of more suspected attackers on the run.

One man was arrested following the attack, correcting earlier police reports of two arrests.

Five people were injured. Police said none of the victims are in a life-threatening condition but one person is seriously injured.

Witnesses said a 13-year-old girl was among the victims.

Mar 09 07:53

1938: Fr Coughlin explains the cause of Jewish persecution in Germany, warmongers falsely attack him as an Anti-Semite & Nazi

"...Give bread to the hungry, clothing to the naked, and shelter to the homeless in this land of plenty. And more than that, O God, not only for the daily bread by which our bodies live, do we ask! Give us this day our daily bread that our minds may know the truth." (Fr. Charles E. Coughlin, Royal Oak, Michigan, 11/27/38) - On November 20, 1938, Fr. Charles E. Coughlin broadcast an important message about the situation in Germany: "I shall ask an intelligent audience composed of intelligent Christians and intelligent Jews: "Why is there persecution in Germany today? How can we destroy it?"

Mar 09 07:08

Berlin Beware: EU Army is Chance for US, France 'to Wage Wars With Our Soldiers'

Germany should avoid joining a European army because it would put German military might at the disposal of its war-mongering neighbors, German politician Willy Wimmer told Sputnik.

Mar 09 07:03

Turkey ‘significantly’ stepping up spying in Germany – Berlin

Turkish intelligence has “significantly’ increased its activities in Germany amid the ongoing diplomatic spat between the two countries ahead of April’s referendum on widening the Turkish president’s powers, Germany’s domestic intelligence service says.

Mar 08 21:20

‘Explosive situation’ HUNDREDS of German forces in military exercises amid terror threat

GERMANY has launched three days of anti-terror drills with the military and police as intelligence chiefs warned the country faces an “explosive security situation”.

Some 360 soldiers are taking part in the anti-terror exercise, alongside state and federal police.

Germany has been on a heightened state of alert in the wake of the Berlin terror attack in which Anis Amri killed 12 people when he drove a truck into a Christmas market in the capital.

The GETEX mission (joint terrorism-defence exercise) is the first of its kind in Germany, with six states involved in the operation.

Mar 08 18:44

GERMAN ECONOMY IMPLODING - Quantitative Easing Not working as German Factory Orders Take A Dive

If the Bundesbank were running the show, European interest rates would be on their way up and Germany’s central bank would be busy mopping up the deep pool of cheap and easy money that has been flooding Europe’s economy for years.

Mar 08 08:00

Muslim asylum seeker jailed for life for killing ‘infidel’ landlady in Germany

A MUSLIM asylum seeker has been sentenced to life behind bars after he smashed his landlady over the head with a phone before strangling her to death with its cable.

The man, identified only as Abubaker C, was convicted of murder which was described as being religiously motivated after he stated he considered her to be an “infidel”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 08 07:32

German economy CRISIS: Car demand PLUNGES as factory orders hit lowest level since 2009

FALLING demand for German cars has pushed the country's manufacturing sector to record its worst month since 2009, raising fears for economic powerhouse of the eurozone.

Mar 08 07:27

Turkish FM accuses Germany of meddling in Ankara’s internal affairs ahead of April referendum

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has accused Berlin of putting pressure on Germany-based Turks and thus trying to influence the upcoming referendum that may dramatically increase presidential powers in Turkey.

“This is systematic obstruction, and Germany is applying systematic pressure on our citizens. This is unacceptable. We always want to see Germany as a friend but Germany's systematic anti-Turkey approach does not suit our friendship,” Cavusoglu said on Tuesday, addressing Turkish people at the residence of the Turkish Consulate General in Hamburg, as cited by Cumhuriyet.

Mar 07 16:02

German Authorities Ban Appearances By Turkish Politicians

The authorities in several German cities have prevented appearances by Turkish government officials who wanted to advocate a yes vote in the constitutional referendum of April 16. About 1.4 million Turkish citizens live in Germany who are entitled to vote in the referendum.

Mar 07 11:32

German economy CRISIS: Car demand PLUNGES as factory orders hit lowest level since 2009

FALLING demand for German cars has pushed the country's manufacturing sector to record its worst month since 2009, raising fears for economic powerhouse of the eurozone.

Data from the the German Economy Ministry shows factory orders fell a shocking 7.4 per cent month on month in January, in what experts described as a horrendous reading.

Domestic demand fell by a sharp 10.5 per cent, amid a 16.8 per cent drop in demand for investment goods.

The reading suggests rising inflation in Germany is curbing the spending power of households.

But at the same time, export orders were down 4.9 per cent.

Mar 07 08:36

Riot breaks out at German refugee site over ‘lack of phone signal’

A RIOT broke out at a refugee centre in Germany after a group of migrants smashed up their accommodation with iron bars over the lack of phone signal.

Mar 06 08:46

Flashback: US bugged Merkel's phone from 2002 until 2013, report claims

The US has been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone since 2002, according to a report in Der Spiegel magazine.

The German publication claims to have seen secret documents from the National Security Agency which show Mrs Merkel's number on a list dating from 2002 - before she became chancellor.

Another report says Mr Obama was told in 2010 about the surveillance.

Mar 06 07:31

Deutsche Bank MELTDOWN: Shares plunge as bank tries to raise £6.9BILLION in call for cash

DEUTSCHE Bank shares have dived by six per cent after it announced a shock share sale aimed at raising €8billion (£6.9bn) of cash in a desperate bid to shore up the German giant.

The chief executive John Cryan previously said such a move would be a last resort for the bank.

Now Germany's largest lender wants to raise the extra capital amid reports of more legal issues, which could lead to more big fines for the troubled firm.

It is the fourth time the bank has had to turn to investors for extra cash since 2010 and suggests Mr Cryan's previous plans to save the bank have failed.

Mar 04 09:48

Trump To Give Merkel ‘Reality Check’ On Immigration In Upcoming Meeting

President Donald Trump will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel later this month for a full and frank discussion about Germany’s failed immigration policies.

Mar 04 08:38

Turkey Accuses Germany of Aiding Its Enemies

The accusations come after Germany canceled rallies by Turkish residents who were due to be addressed by ministers from Ankara, Reuters reports.

Turkish leaders accused Berlin of “sheltering” Turkey’s enemies, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that an imprisoned Die Welt journalist in Turkey was a “German agent” and member of the militant Kurdish group PKK.

Mar 04 08:14

The Migrant Invasion of Europe: Get Ready for Riots and the Abolition of the White Race

Consumed with Holocaust guilt and possessed by the demons of pathological altruism, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has handed over her country to the endless hordes of the Third World. “Let them come . . . we can look after them all,” she murmurs serenely, echoing the words of the altruists all over Europe bearing placards that scream: “REFUGEES WELCOME!

Merkel is an interesting case history: the guilt-ridden, traumatized leader of a deeply traumatized nation. Her way of handling the migrant crisis in Germany is not so much a stupendous example of pathological altruism at work as a symbolic act of self-flagellation on behalf of the German people, all of them engaged in varying degrees of self-flagellation over the Holocaust.

Mar 03 14:00

What is going on in Germany/Sweden - German Perspective

My Reaction to Tim Pool - Refugees in Europe - German Perspective

Excellent report regarding the many things Germans are not allowed to say, read, and see regarding immigrants and other restricted issues.

Mar 03 12:25

German authorities block events where Turkish ministers to speak

German officials on Thursday blocked events where two senior Turkish government ministers planned to speak amid growing public outrage over Ankara's arrest of a Turkish-German journalist, dragging bilateral ties to a new low.

Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said he had called off a meeting with his counterpart in Germany and was returning home after a talk he was due to give in the southwestern town Gaggenau was canceled, with officials citing concerns about the size of the venue.

The city of Cologne also blocked an event where Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybecki was to speak on Sunday, amid security concerns.

In Ankara, the Turkish foreign ministry summoned the German ambassador for an explanation, ministry sources said.

The canceled events follow Turkey's arrest of Deniz Yucel, a correspondent for the prominent Die Welt newspaper, on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So let me get this straight; Erdogan is now throwing dual-national reporters in jail, and trying them for saying something that doesn't fit the official Turkish narrative?!?

Mar 03 07:25

Over 300,000 poverty-hit German homes have power cut off each year

Each year between 2011 and 2015, electricity providers cut off power to at least 300,000 German households who could no longer afford to pay their bills, the government revealed on Thursday.

The number of houses which could not afford electricity payments varied between 312,000 and 352,000. The power cut-offs were normally due to poverty, with people on state welfare very often affected.

Meanwhile in 2015, 44,000 households had their gas supply cut off.

Mar 02 12:38

Is There More to the Flynn Story?

A strange resignation in a UK intelligence service suggests U.S. partners may have been involved.

The Hannigan resignation is not occurring in a vacuum, and some in the large and highly networked retired intelligence community have come to believe that it is connected to the investigation and downfall of Trump’s first national-security advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has detailed exactly how the Flynn case does not appear to fit into any acceptable category that would have mandated an investigation and interrogation by the FBI. Surveillance of a Russian official would be authorized under FBI guidelines, but to extend that type of monitoring or investigation to a U.S. citizen would require specific authority from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to issue a warrant based on probable cause.

Mar 02 09:59

Marine Le Pen Declares War on Merkel

Mar 02 08:09

Germany moves closer to password-free WiFi for all

The German government is taking steps to encourage Germans to share their WiFi connections, so that the country can finally catch up to rivals in the race towards universal digitalization.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the early days of WiFi this would have been a security disaster, but thankfully most modern home routers actually have two WiFi systems, one that connects to the internal LAN and a second "guest" network that only links to the external internet. The latter is safe to leave open. Germany needs to make that distinction clear to their people.

Mar 02 08:07

Fifth woman attacked by acid-throwing cyclist in Berlin

According to police, the 27-year-old woman was walking in the eastern district of Friedrichshain late on Monday night when an unknown cyclist sprayed her in the face with a liquid, which fire services said was acidic. The exact substance is not yet known.

The woman told police that the male cyclist was dressed in dark colours, and had continued biking after the attack.

The woman went to hospital to be treated for serious damage to her eyes, according to local broadcaster rbb.

This was the fifth such case reported since December last year.

Mar 02 08:06

Migrants attack guards ‘with iron bars and knives’ in shock incident at refugee shelter

SHOCKING footage filmed at a refugee shelter in Germany appears to show a group of armed migrants attacking security workers.

Mar 02 07:59

Germany proposes ‘energizing’ deportations from EU during mass refugee influx – leaked doc

Berlin has reportedly suggested that the EU relax some human rights provisions on refugees to deport more asylum seekers at times of a “mass influx.”

A working paper proposed by German officials is meant to accelerate deportation of new arrivals in case of a renewed influx of refugees to the European Union, according to Reuters which has seen the document.

Mar 01 07:35

Germans think Brexit voters are ‘STUPID’: Martin Schulz's party chief sparks FURY

Thomas Oppermann, the parliamentary chairman of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) which is vying to steal power from Angela Merkel in this year’s election, said the Brexit vote caught all German experts by surprise.

And Germans were outraged when 17 million Britons voted to cut ties with the Brussels elite.

Admitting he was “disappointed and shocked” by the result, Mr Oppermann said: “Even our best experts for British-German relations have not expected and were hugely surprised about the referendum result.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We thought we had that BREXIT election rigged!" -- Eee... ewe

Feb 28 16:44

Germany Bans ALL Meat From Government Events To ‘Fight Climate Change’

The government in Germany has banned all meat products from official functions, claiming that eating meat is harmful to the environment.

Feb 28 12:49

Comrade Merkel Hates Trump

Sure seems like it. Already, President Trump has unmasked countless subterfuges that Merkel has foisted on Germans, the EU, and the world.

When confronted with the horrific results of Merkel’s policy that still welcomes massive “refugees” from Muslim countries, her diplomats and foreign agents in Washington quickly change the subject: “Russia! Russia! Russia!” they scream. Germans are worried about Russia, they insist, not the roaming bands of foreign rapists, assailants, and terrorists that are ravaging the country and rapidly changing its cultural fundamentals for the worse.

Feb 28 07:55

French presidential candidate Macron to meet Merkel

France's centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in March, his team said Saturday.

Feb 28 06:54

‘Cough up, Angela!’ EU budget chief says GERMANY will have to cover Brexit black hole

BRUSSELS’ budget chief has today insisted that it will be up to German taxpayers to shoulder the burden of paying for the EU after Britain leaves the bloc in 2019.

Gunther Oettinger said eurocrats need even more money to tackle growing crises like migration and the fight against terror at a time when the EU is losing its third largest net contributor.

He warned that the massive loss of cash set to be unleashed by Brexit cannot be offset by cuts to the ballooning Brussels budget and will have to be made up by the bloc’s richer countries instead.

Feb 27 18:48

'17-Year-Old' Afghan 'Refugee' Who Murdered German Student Lied About Being a Minor

The "17-year-old" Afghan "refugee" who raped and murdered 19-year-old German medical student Maria Ladenburger lied about being a minor in order to gain access to Germany.

Feb 27 13:06

German Intel Service Spied On Foreign Media Incl BBC, Reuters For Years – Reports

Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has snooped on western news media outlets and international news agencies for years.

Feb 27 07:46

German Experts View a Possible Free Trade Deal With Russia as Highly Profitable

A free trade area for the European with Russia and the other members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) would have economic advantages for all parties involved, according to an analysis by the Center for Economic Studies (CES), Ifo Institute, Germany.

Feb 26 09:27

British MP: Trump Will Go Down In History As The Only Politician Condemned For Keeping His Promises

It's nice to see that there are -some- sane people left in the world.

Feb 26 08:45

Merkel's euro crisis: German bond market yields fall as predictions of Le Pen victory grow

MARKETS are reacting to the potential of a "political shock" as uncertainty in Europe continues over the forthcoming French elections.

Feb 25 18:16

Huge brawl sees Gambian and Albanians clash in German refugee centre

A GANG of asylum seekers from Gambia brawled with a group of Albanians at a refugee centre in Germany in the latest shocking violence to hit the nation.

Three people were left injured and taken to hospital after the brawl erupted at 12pm on Thursday at the Patrick Henry village outside of Heidelberg.

A 22-year-old and 58-year-old who say they were attacked with iron rods have been left with injuries to their head and upper body.

They are being treated at a hospital in Heidelberg, along with a 28-year-old who was also beaten with an iron rod.

Feb 25 07:42

German intel service spied on foreign media incl BBC, Reuters for years – Spiegel

Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has snooped on western news media outlets and international news agencies for years, German Der Spiegel weekly reports, citing the papers linked to a parliamentary investigation. The BND refuses to comment.

Feb 25 07:34

'Stop These Madmen': Germans Blast NATO Muscle-Flexing in the Baltics

Focus readers have criticized German leadership and the North Atlantic Alliance for sending German military equipment, including the Leopard 2 main battle tanks, Marder infantry fighting vehicles and Pionierpanzer 2 Dachs armored engineering vehicles to Lithuania as part of NATO's plan ostensibly aimed at "deterring Russia."

"It's impossible to imagine a German Chancellor sending tanks to the Russian border. Stop these madmen," Mandy Simon wrote in response to an article on the German military equipment heading to Lithuania published in Focus, a German weekly news magazine.

Feb 24 15:38

Britain’s Nigel Farage exults over Trump and Brexit wins at CPAC

FARAGE insists the tide that caused Brexit and Trump’s victory will not stop.

His speech was entitled ‘Brexit and What it Means for the World’.

Farage claims the people of Europe are tired of being ruled by “boring grey men in Brussels”.

There were loud boos when Farage mentioned former British PM Tony Blair.

He referred to Blair’s recent comments about EU membership.

He said: “Blair is wrong because what happened in 2016 is not the end of this great global revolution.

“What happened in 2016 is the beginning of a great global revolution.”

Feb 24 07:45

Meet Mr. Schulz, the 'left-wing Trump' who could steal Merkel's crown

The leader of Germany's Social Democrats, Martin Schulz, could beat Chancellor Angela Merkel in September elections according to recent polls, thanks to a leftist programme that has earned him accusations of veering toward populism.

Feb 23 12:43

Brit arrested over Deutsche Telekom hack

A 29-year-old British citizen suspected of involvement in a cyberattack that left nearly one million Deutsche Telekom customers without services has been arrested.

Britain's National Crime Agency arrested the unidentified Briton on Wednesday at an airport in London, Germany federal police said.

The hacking attack in November targeted internet routers belonging to Deutsche Telekom, disrupting connections for some 900,000 customers in Germany, the government said earlier.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the hack happened, everyone was blaming Russia!

Feb 23 06:51

Lavrov Deep-Fries Merkel: US Tapped Your Phone, But You're Whining About ‘Russian Hacking’?

Angela Merkel used this opportunity to lecture Lavrov and the rest of the audience about the dangers of Russian hacking.

You think Lavrov just sat there and took it on the chin? No. When it was his turn to speak, he reminded the entire world that Angela Merkel's phones were tapped by her "ally", and that this is a confirmed fact, and that Angela Merkel is a sad puppet:

The German story was shown to be a fact. You know when it happened, several years ago. It was confirmed that top officials had had their phones tapped. And the other day there was a leak showing that the 2012 presidential election campaign in France coincided with cyber-espianage on the part of the CIA. And talking to a journalist today, a CIA representative said that he had no comments to offer.

So I repeat: show us the facts.

Feb 23 06:47

The Crude Historical Distortion at the Heart of BBC's WWII Drama 'SS-GB'

The problem comes with the drama's depiction of a wartime alliance between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Such an alliance is established in the opening scene of the first episode in the context of a "German-Soviet friendship week" ceremony in London, involving the Nazis presenting a visiting Soviet delegation with a British spitfire fighter aircraft as a gift. Then, later, plumbing the depths of crudity, we see a large poster of Karl Marx hanging between two giant Swastika flags on a building in Nazi-occupied central London.

Artistic and dramatic license is one thing, historical distortion with a transparent ideological and political motive is something else entirely.

In this particular case, with this BBC drama, the historical distortion amounts to insulting the millions of Soviet troops and civilians who perished in the most brutal conflict the world has known.

Feb 21 14:54

Two Cheers for Trump Advisor Mike Anton – He Has the Right Enemies

Just as Neocons had no real qualms about a Hillary presidency, they will happily sign on to a progressive agenda as long as it is aggressively pro-Israel and anti-Russian.

Much of the recent hysteria has focused on three high-level Presidential advisors to the president: Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Mike Anton.

Anton, now the senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council, has given the clearest indication of his attitudes.Written under the pseudonym of “Publius Decius Mus” (a Roman consul who sacrificed his life for the success of his troops) his September 2016 essay “The Flight 93 Election” is in tune with Alt Right themes—with some important exceptions.

Feb 21 14:50

Against All Odds – Israel Shamir

The battle is not over yet, but meanwhile it seems the Deplorables are winning, and Pussyfaces are losing.

Mike Moore’s flabby mug always looks indecently exposed, the fat slob could lead the old hags’ march without the pink pussyhat. Just his own visage would suffice.

Trump is down, cry the fans and haters alike. He’s been defeated, broken, never to rise again. He is a lame duck soon to be impeached. He will crawl back to his golden lair leaving the White House to his betters, or even better, he will run to his pal Vlad Putin.

No, my friends and readers, Trump is fighting, not running, but things take time. It is not easy to change the paradigm, and the odds were heavily slanted against Trump from step one. Still, he got this far, and he will go on.

Feb 21 10:19

Merkel: Europe Must Take More Migrants, Islam Is Not The Cause Of Terrorism

Angela Merkel claims that the European Union still has a “responsibility” to take in more so-called refugees, and pleaded to Islamic governments to help convince people that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Say what you want about this lady, but when she doubles down on both theological and geopolitical ignorance, SHE REALLY DOUBLES DOWN!!

And BTW, Chancellor Merkel, whatever George Soros is paying you to do this, it cannot possibly be enough!!!

I know you are too busy running a spectacularly failing campaign to secure another go at the Chancellorship, but someone in your administration should be looking at the following, and give you a synopsis of these articles, which describe how radical Islam leads to jihad:

From dawa to jihad:
The various threats from radical Islam to the democratic legal order

The Saudi Connection: Wahhabism and Global Jihad

and lastly:

Saudi Arabia funds and exports Islamic extremism: The truth behind the toxic U.S. relationship with the theocratic monarchy

The German people have had it with this seemingly endless flow of immigrants. And no matter how you try to suppress the truth about the problems this immigration flow has generated, it has - and will -continue to come out, and there is utterly no way for you to stop it.

Germany's migrant rape crisis out of control

Germans opposing mass migration are free to leave

Merkel under fire as refugee crisis in Germany worsens

Migrant Crisis: Thousands more could head to Germany as Syrians demand families join them

Police check 10% of refugees as migration grows out of control

On this issue, you are sounding just as shrill and tone-deaf to your brother and sister Germans as do the EU Autocrats in Brussels to the EU's member countries. So if you want any possible positive "bounce" to your current candidacy, here is what you need to do:

1. Please talk, seriously, to President Trump about ending the wars which are creating these refugees, and about ways of creating political settlements which will let the people of the Middle East live in peace.

2. Cap the number of refugees to what you have now, and make sure that the police vet every single alleged refugee; not just 10% of them.

3. Immerse them in the language and culture of your country, and get them educated. If they want to assimilate, fine; if they do not, repatriate them.

And let me end this by saying that I have, this lifetime, been privileged and blessed to meet, and hang with, some Muslim people who are the absolute poster children for tolerance.

I remember one in particular who was an absolute gentleman, an Indian Muslim who spoke better English than many people who learn it in this country.

He married a Buddhist, and they named their little girl "Sarah", the name of a Jewish Princess! This guy is an absolute gem of a human being, and if I had the ability to grant him an American green card, I would do it in a heartbeat, because I know, and without any doubt, that he and his family would contribute to the furthering of the American way of life, and would adapt.

I would say the same for the chef, Nadiya Jamir Hussain, a Muslim daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants, and the winner of “The Great British Bake Off": she demonstrated what is possible when immigrants participate positively in the culture and tradition of their adopted country. I saw her on Graham Norton's talk show, and their is great beauty in this woman's spirit.

But European governments, like Merkel's, have to take the responsibility of embracing those who will assimilate; and weeding out those who have become actively involved in radical Islam to the point of potentially harming citizens of their host country.

Feb 21 09:34

German Press Cries 'Russia' After Bundeswehr Faces Rape Allegation in Lithuania

According to these "anonymous sources," the report was investigated by the Lithuanian government, which checked with the police and the Bundeswehr and found no record of the crime.

NATO immediately characterized the episode as a "fake news" story orchestrated by Russia, despite no evidence of Russian involvement.

Without any further investigation into the allegations, Der Spiegel and other German news outlets decided to publish NATO's accusation as fact.

Feb 21 09:08

Russian automaker kickstarts sales in Germany

Major Russian car producer AvtoVAZ has started selling the new Lada Vesta model in Germany, the company announced on Tuesday.

"At the moment more than 200 Lada Vesta cars have been shipped to Germany. The starting price for a sedan with a manual transmission will be about €12,500 and will reach €13,300 for automatic,” AvtoVAZ said on its website.

Feb 21 08:36

Furious row erupts WITHIN Merkel’s government as ‘minister enforces MEAT BAN at functions’

ANGELA Merkel’s government has descended into disarray after the environment minister reportedly banned the consumption of meat at official functions.

Barbara Hendricks is said to have imposed her meat-ban after insisting meat is damaging to the environment and vegetarian food should only be served at official events, according to the Telegraph.

But a rival minister accused her of “nanny-statism” and trying to force vegetarianism on people “by the back door”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Merkel just lost the votes of all of Germany's sausage makers!

Feb 21 08:28

Hundreds of Bogus Asylum Seekers Defraud Germany's Welfare System

After 154 asylum seekers in the city of Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, were found to have claimed welfare benefits by fraudulent means, Sputnik decided to investigate the matter further in states across Germany.

Last week it was revealed that a 25-year-old Sudanese immigrant in Braunschweig had defrauded the German welfare system by using seven different identities to claim more than 21,700 euros ($23,050) in welfare payments in different German cities.

Feb 21 08:27

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet? Merkel's Reign in Jeopardy as SPD Surge Under Schulz

Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) have pulled ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CSU) in opinion polls for the first time since 2006.

Feb 21 08:16


Mike Pence is really an incredible human being. In a total act of defiance today, he struck back at NATO and Germany in a speech that SHOCKED THE WORLD! Let’s start at the beginning. Yesterday afternoon German PM Angela Merkel said she would NOT pay the 2% GDP that everyone else pays for NATO because she doesn’t feel like it.

Feb 20 14:56

McCain in Munich: The War Party Fights Back

The battle over US foreign policy is taking center stage. Sen. John McCain, the Senate’s leading warmonger, is at the forefront of the fight.

The Munich conference held over the weekend – an annual event that brings the leaders of the Atlantic alliance together to celebrate their hegemonic pretensions – was anything but celebratory this time around.

Despite the assurances of Vice President Pence that America’s commitment to NATO is “unwavering,” the Euro-crats in the audience were miffed that he failed to mention the European Union.

Feb 20 09:05

German Spy Scandal Triggered by Broken Connection Between Gov't, Intel Agencies

On Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was invited to the Bundestag parliamentary committee to testify on the NSA and BND espionage scandal that shocked German residents in 2015. During her speech Merkel stuck to her old position, saying that she knew nothing about the spying activities of German intelligence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 19 15:37

FLASHBACK : The Roots of the Refugee Crisis Caused by the West

“The reason so many are fleeing places such as Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq is that U.S. and European interventionist foreign policy has left these countries destabilized with no hopes of economic recovery,”explainedformer congressman and three-time presidential contender Ron Paul, a leading voice for a constitutional, non-interventionist U.S. foreign policy. “This mass migration from the Middle East and beyond is a direct result of the neocon foreign policy of regime change, invasion, and pushing ‘democracy’ at the barrel of a gun.”

“Contrary to what one might expect, U.S. military aid doesn’t produce willing, cooperative, or effective security partners. Instead, it incentivizes bad behavior and drives the sources of terrorism: corruption, violence, and poor governance. Unwittingly, this policy is creating its own enemies,” writes Jeremy Ravinsky.

Feb 19 09:35

Germany tells Trump he should be THANKING them for spending €40bn on MIGRANTS not Nato

GERMANY’S foreign minister has told Donald Trump the United States should be thanking them for their migrant policy rather than urging them to increase spending on defence.

Feb 19 08:48

How German guns often end up in child soldiers' hands

Michael Davies from Sierra Leone was once a child soldier fighting in the civil war-torn west African country. His weapons of choice: German.

“When I had to fight as a young person in Sierra Leone, I saw many G3 rifles,” Davies said in a statement regarding the German-made Heckler & Koch gun.

“Weapon deliveries to conflict regions urgently need to stop. They inflame the conflicts.”

Feb 19 08:24

Merkel Says There Is A "Problem" With The Euro, Blames Mario Draghi

Two weeks ago, German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble confirmed Donald Trump's charge that the Euro is far "too low" for Germany, but said he is unable to do anything about it and instead blamed Mario Draghi. “The euro exchange rate is, strictly speaking, too low for the German economy’s competitive position,” he told Tagesspiegel on February 5. “When ECB chief Mario Draghi embarked on the expansive monetary policy, I told him he would drive up Germany’s export surplus?.?.?.?I promised then not to publicly criticise this [policy] course. But then I don’t want to be criticized for the consequences of this policy.”

Then, on Saturday, his boss German Chancellor Angela Merkel echoed her finance minister, and also admitted that the euro is indeed "too low" for Germany, but once again made clear that Berlin had no power to address this "problem" because monetary policy was set by the independent European Central Bank.

Feb 18 22:14

Angela Merkel admits euro’s FAILURES as she hints at bringing Deutsche Mark BACK

UNDER FIRE German Chancellor Angela Merkel has hinted for the first time that she believes the Deutsche Mark is more valuable than the Euro.

In a telling statement issued during the visit of US vice-president Mike Pence to Munich, Frau Merkel revealed even she is becoming concerned with the European wide currency.

And amid calls for the Deutsche Mark to be returned in her native Germany she said the ECB's policy is not geared towards her country and benefits other member states.

The 63-year-old Christian Democrats leader, who is facing being booted out of office over her failed policies, said she believed the country's former currency would have a "different value" if it was still in place.

And she implied her country's involvement in the single currency, which is used by 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union, is propping up less productive economies.

Feb 18 16:21



Feb 18 10:39

Insanity of NATO 2.0 for MidEast

If this is to be the new NATO for the Middle East then the world is truly about to descend into barbarism on a scale not seen since the Second World War.

As US President Donald Trump hosts Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House this week on the agenda is the formation of a “NATO-style” alliance for the Middle East, according to reports.

As if one US-led warmongering alliance in Europe and the North Atlantic were not enough. Now the world will see a clone of NATO let loose on the already conflict-torn Middle East region, if the reported discussions materialize.

Feb 18 10:31


Feb 18 08:45

Germany Issues Stark Warning To Trump: Stop Threatening The EU, Favoring Russia

Two days after the Pentagon's new chief Jim Mattis appeared before a full conference room in Brussels, and issued an ultimatum to NATO to boost spending or risk a cut in US support, Germany's Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen "fired a salvo of warnings" back at Washington, cautioning it against hurting European cohesion, abandoning core Western values and seeking a rapprochement with Russia behind the backs of its allies. In a hard-hitting speech at the Munich Security Conference against President Donald Trump's administration, German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen urged the United States not to take transatlantic ties for granted.

Feb 18 07:27

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Claims She Was Unaware BND Spied on 'Friends'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel famously said there must be "no spying among friends" after it was revealed the NSA snooped on her and other German officials. However, it has been revealed the BND has spied on targets in allied nations for many years - and Merkel was aware of their activities in 2015.

Feb 17 09:57


An official announcement last week that the Bundesbank had pretty much repatriated half its gold reserves ahead of schedule has once again sent the rumor mill into overdrive.

Feb 17 09:19

Merkel Might Lose After All

With just six months until Germans go to the polls, Angela Merkel's re-election is looking less certain by the week. Martin Schulz is a dangerous adversary and his Social Democrats are full of the kind of enthusiasm that the chancellor's party lacks.

Feb 16 13:21

Hundreds Of Germans Form Human Chain To Halt Far-Right Rallies On WWII Dresden Bombing Anniversary

Hundreds joined hand in hand to form a lengthy human chain in the inner city of Dresden, in defiance to far-right gatherings on the anniversary of the World War.

Feb 16 13:20

German Intel Clears Russia On Interference

After a multi-month, politically charged investigation, German intelligence agencies could find no good evidence of Moscow-directed cyber-attacks or a disinformation campaign aimed at subverting the democratic process in Germany. Undaunted, Chancellor Angela Merkel has commissioned a new investigation.

Feb 16 10:55


A hotel in Cologne, the scene of disgusting migrant gang attacks on females on that infamous New Year’s Eve, is under threats for allowing the eurosceptic Alternative for Germany party to hold their conference at the venue.

The Maritim Hotel is under pressure and threat for hosting Germany’s third most popular party.

Feb 16 10:38

Acid fumes leave hundreds injured as German factory leaks dangerous chemicals

A HUGE chemical cloud has left at least 150 people suffering from respiratory issues after a catastrophic leak from a German plant.

Emergency services were forced to evacuate the surrounding neighbourhood in western Germany after huge amounts of sulphuric acid escaped into the atmosphere after employees pumped hydrochloric acid into the wrong tank.

As toxic fumes spread, after the mistake by staff at the Hamm Chemie-owned plant, Oberhausen’s authorities requested the help of neighbouring cities to tackle the problem.

Disaster relief units are expected to arrive shortly from Kleve, while the city’s fire brigades are being reinforced by emergency workers from Essen and Duisburg.

Feb 16 10:34

MERKEL REBELLION: Ex-minister QUITS and says embattled German Chancellor is the reason

A TOP German politician has quit Angela Merkel's party after finding out the Chancellor was running for election again.

Horst Metz, Saxony’s former Finance Minister, has resigned from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) citing Mrs Merkel as the reason.

Mr Metz told the Sächsische Zeitung: "When Angela Merkel explained that she was running again (for the election), it was clear to me that I was leaving.”

The veteran politician, 71, who had been a member of the party for 48 years, added: “I have the feeling that this is no longer my CDU”.

Feb 16 09:29


This particular article was right at the top of the list this past week of articles that people sent in. And it's worth having a few "record corrections" here. Frau Merkel, it seems, has been rather busy. In short, spokesmen for the Chancellorin have been forced to deny that there are no plans for Germany to acquire nuclear weapons as a component of the "all European army" it has been pushing for.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Once all the Germans were warlike and mean,
"But that couldn't happen again!
"We taught them a lesson in 1918
"and they've hardly bothered us since then!"
--Tom Lehrer, the MLF lullaby

Feb 16 09:22

Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: January 2017

Tolerating a "rape culture" to sustain a politically correct stance on mass migration

Feb 14 19:02

72nd anniversary of the slaughter-bombing of Dresden

Today, Feb. 14, is the 72nd anniversary of the Allied Aschermittwoch (“Ash Wednesday”) slaughter-bombing holocaust against the art city of Dresden, Germany, where upwards of 100,000 civilians were incinerated, and the priceless art treasures of the historic city were forever obliterated. Even if we limit concern to aesthetics alone, the savage fire-bombing of this mostly medieval German city wiped out a fairy tale architecture of awesome beauty.

Feb 14 11:24

GERMANY IN CHAOS as Muslims are burning down their own refugee centers

MUSLIM MIGRANTS posing as refugees in Germany have been behind a series of destructive arson attacks on refugee centers where they are housed. Why would Muslims do this to their own shelters? They don’t like the accommodations and want to be placed in nice homes and apartments of their own.

Feb 14 09:26

END OF MERKEL: Chancellor ‘will be BOOTED OUT of office by coalition’, shock poll finds

ANGELA Merkel will be ousted from office by a gaggle of opposition parties, the latest set of opinion polls has found in yet another blow for the under fire Chancellor.

Feb 14 09:25

Security Personnel to Be Permanently Stationed at Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is to introduce stringent new security measures amid ongoing security fears, with worshippers’ bags being searched and private security drafted in.

Feb 14 09:23

Germany growth SLOWS: Merkel facing dire economy news as EU uncertainty over Trump grows

GERMANY'S economy grew at a disappointingly slow pace in the final three months last year - and at a far lower rate than Britain - data showed today.

The eurozone's powerhouse expanded by only 0.4 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2016, behind expectations of 0.5 per cent, according to initial estimates from the Federal Statistics Office.

In another blow, the GDP for the third quarter was revised lower to just 0.1 per cent.

In comparison, Britain grew by a bumper 0.6 per cent in the three months to December, as the economy continued to boom following the vote to leave the European Union (EU).

Feb 14 09:16

Syrian refugee teen hits out at Angela Merkel for welcoming 'TOO MANY' migrants

A SYRIAN refugee has bashed Angela Merkel for accommodating “too many” migrants and spoken of his family’s aspirations of assimilating into German society.

Feb 14 09:15

‘For God’s sake Angela, go!’ Merkel blow as TWO-THIRDS of Germans say fresh face is needed

ANGELA Merkel’s desperate attempts to cling onto power were looking increasingly forlorn today as a bombshell poll revealed two-thirds of Germans think it is time for her to go.

Feb 14 07:50

Someone Will Make A $100 Million Profit If Le Pen Wins

A payout of more than 100 million euros ($106 million) may be beckoning for options investors if the German 10-year yield drops to zero in the aftermath of France’s elections.

Feb 13 15:57

Global Shipping Meltdown Mauls German Banks, Retail Investors, Taxpayers

Germany holds 25% of global shipping loans as industry collapses.

Feb 13 09:44

"He Beat Fake News Rap" - Exclusive Interview With Attorney Who Represented Holocaust Revisionist Ernst Zundel

In an exclusive interview with, Southern California Attorney Bruce Leichty said that Zundel's arrest by American authorities in 2003 violated his civil and constitutional rights as a resident and prospective permanent resident of the United States. "The arrest, which his U.S. citizen wife and I reasonably called a kidnapping, was obviously related to his controversial speech, even though federal authorities postured that it was because he had missed an interview to process the immigration petition of his wife," said Leichty. Zundel had never been notified of the interview. You may recall Leichty as the attorney who later represented 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani. They were both sanctioned for allegely 'anti-Semitic' "deeply troubling personal slurs" against U.S. District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein, simply for objecting to the judge's conflict of interest Israeli connections.

Feb 12 09:39

Germany's ex-Foreign Minister Steinmeier likely to become president

Germany's former Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who has censured US President Donald Trump, is the overwhelming favorite to win a parliamentary assembly election and become the next president.

Feb 12 09:39

Merkel Forced To Deny Plans For European Nuclear Superpower

In the wake of President Trump's comments that NATO is "obsolete", and European 'leaders' renewed calls for a European army, Angela Merkel has been forced to deny Germany is interested in acquiring nuclear weapons amid calls for it to lead a European "nuclear superpower."

Feb 12 08:16

Merkel's Conservatives Divided as Campaign Begins

There was a moment on Monday, during the joint press conference held by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Bavarian Governor Horst Seehofer, when the facade of banal bonhomie almost came crashing down. Following two days of meetings between the party leaders of Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) and Seehofer's Christian Social Union, the CDU's Bavarian sister party -- a conclave called to smooth over deep differences between the two parties ahead of this year's general election scheduled for Sept. 24 -- a journalist wanted to know if the two were planning any joint appearances on the campaign trail.

Feb 11 17:24

Germany brings back 300 tons of gold it had been keeping in an underground vault in New York since the Cold War

Germany has completed an effort to bring home 300 metric tons of gold stashed in the United States, part of a plan to repatriate gold bars kept abroad during the Cold War.

The German central bank said it brought 111 tons of gold back from the Federal Reserve in New York last year, concluding in September - the last of 300 tons slated for return.

Feb 11 11:12

GERMANY IN CHAOS: Reports of series of arsons while refugee centre also goes up in flames

MIGRANTS have been accused of starting a series of fires across Germany in a series of destructive arson attacks.

Feb 11 07:12

German Intelligence Report: Alleged 'Kremlin Disinfo' Plot Was a Bad German Fairy Tale

A congenital liar might successfully sell one whopper after another for a while, but what inevitably happens is that this only makes the liar careless. He begins to lose a sense of perspective, partially believing his own feverish imagination, and then, when he’s in a tough spot, he’ll tell such a wild one that even those who were taken in previously, will see through it, and begin to question everything the liar has been saying going way back.

And this is precisely what is occurring around the world, but with a particular vengeance in the US.

Feb 10 21:36

Germany hit by MORE swimming pool sex attacks: Seven schoolgirls 'assaulted by migrants'

In the first incident in Bad Oldesloe, in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, two men aged 23 and 24 allegedly assaulted five underage girls after grabbing them in the water and sexually assaulting them.

The terrified girls raised the alarm with lifeguards, who had not observed what was happening, who threw them out and then called the police.

Officers confirmed later that they had managed to arrest the two who were identified as asylum seekers living in nearby refugee accommodation.

The officers said an investigation was currently underway on sexual assault charges.

In the second incident, which happened in the Aquapark in the city of Oberhausen in North Rhine-Westphalia, two girls aged 13 and 15 were allegedly sexually assaulted in a swimming pool by two men aged 20 and 22 from Afghanistan.

Feb 10 21:30

Haven't they learnt a thing? Merkel’s government 'hoping to bring in 12 MILLION migrants'

Just last week the under-fire German Chancellor placed a ban on the families of as many as three million people who arrived in Germany during the migrant crisis joining their relatives.

The ban, which also applies to women and children and elderly relatives from war torn countries, has been put in place for two years after the country revealed the crisis will cost £37bn this year.

Now just days after the Bundestag voted to speed up deportation and mandatory finger printing, it's emerged they have outlined the country needs 300,000 people a YEAR for the next 40 years to stop population decline.

A leaked report from Mrs Merkel's government said Germany would need to take in 12m migrants over the next four decades to keep Germany’s population size stable.